Fingerprint and facial recognition breach leaks records of 1 million people

The AEOS just happens to be used in 83 countries worldwide and 5,700 organizations, including governments, banks, and the UK Metropolitan
Police. The vulnerability has now been closed and the company is doing an in-depth evaluation of the information. Biostar 2 is a biometrics lock system developed by the security company Suprema that integrates with the AEOS access control system. Last week, Israeli security researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar discovered a mostly unencrypted publicly accessible Biostar 2 database online. Rotem and … The Biostar 2 system is used by governments, banks, and the UK police. What you need to know

Two Israeli security researchers discovered an unencrypted Biostar 2 database with 23GB worth of data
Included in the data were fingerprints, facial scans, usernames, passwords, and other personal information of over 1 million people. The database included fingerprints, facial scans, usernames and passwords, and personal information of over 1 million people.