Everything you need to know about your SD card and Adoptable storage

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What is Adoptable storage? It’s slower than the actual internal storage, can fail if used too much, and once you do it you can never remove the card again unless you reset your phone. That’s because system f… That’s why many Android device manufacturers don’t enable the option. It’s a good idea that has been around a long time, but there are some pretty serious drawbacks to doing it. Android has always supported external storage and SD cards, but with Android Marshmallow we saw a new way to use them: adopt them into the system to act as non-removable storage just like the storage that is already inside your phone. The first thing you need to know is that once you adopt an SD card as system storage, you can’t remove it unless you want to factory reset your phone. Best answer: Adoptable storage is when you use a regular microSD card and have it act as if it were internal (non-removable) storage on your phone.