Everything I would do to improve the PlayStation VR for the PlayStation 5

The PlayStation VR is one of the easiest ways to get into the VR with a large library of games and a low price point. VR for the masses

PlayStation VR

$250 at Amazon

Room scale VR at a low price. With devices like the Oculus Quest offering untethered VR for an excellent price, the new PSVR will need to up its game to compete. I love the PlayStation VR, but it needs fixing. If you own a PlaySta… Thankfully we have news of the new PlayStation 5 and from everything we know so far it is going to be a VR powerhouse. Currently, my only room scale VR is the PlayStation VR and I really enjoy it. The price point and the availability of the hardware to run it make it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start their VR journey. While the PSVR is an excellent entry point to VR, its age is starting to show. After all, 40 million people already have a PS4, and with the PSVR being as low as $199 in some sales you can see why 4 million people have made the leap. Here are some ideas.