Every way you can customize the Astro C40 TR Controller software

The Astro C40 TR Controller is quite possibly the best peripheral available for the PlayStation 4. New kid on the block

Astro C40 TR Controller

$200 at Amazon

Symmetrical or assymetrical? There are a lot of options, but the first step always begins with making sure you have the latest software. For example, you can change the vibration intensity and brightness. This is the first controller from a major manufacturer to offer this functionality and i… This adaptable controller allows you to customize the location of its thumbsticks and D-pad. Aside from the superior build quality and interchangeable thumbsticks, the device contains a slew of software features which allow you to customize it further. We’ll take you through what you can change on the C40 controller below, and tell you how to easily do it. Change it however you want. You can download the Astro C40 TR Configuration Software on the manufacturer’s website. Connect your controller to a PC, and switch it to USB mode.