Dying Light 2 for PS4 combines satisfying zombie melee combat and parkour

Survive the Virus

Dying Light 2

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Survive the Zombies

Techland is bringing us more zombies, more parkour, and more complex choices in Dying Light 2’s gameplay. It left the starting gate to lukewarm reactions, but it eventually drummed up a head of steam and went on to be played by millions of gamers worldwide. Here’s everything you need to know about Dying Light 2. Now it’s time to take everything they’ve learned and put out a sequel that just might be able to compete for Game of the Year honors once it launches. The world may be dying and it’s claustrophobic to think we are down to just one city in this game but that one city is a massive open world to explore. Parkour + Zombies = a very exciting zombie survival game. The original Dying Light was the sort of success story that makes you smile. … While the core of the game was always solid fun, a wealth of updates and expansions since launch have given players an insane amount of content to enjoy in this sandbox.