Dreams is now in early access on PlayStation 4

Atmospheric stealth game? What is Dreams? Because of the nature of the game, Dreams can practically be anything you want it to be. Thanks to the tools at your disposal through developers like Media Molecule, you can create your own games simply by owning a PlayStation 4 and having an active imagination. Create anything

Dreams Early Access

$30 at PlayStation

Let your imagination run wild

Leap into Dreams Early Access and start creating anything you can imagine with the tools that it provides. Dreams intends to break down the barrier of what once seemed impossible without devoting years of your life to school and make it accessible to nearly everyone. You got it. The better question—and one that’s harder to answer—is what isn’t Dreams? With its wide open sandbox, nearly anything is possible. Action-adventure? You can do that, … Let your imagination run wild in Dreams. You don’t need a degree or several years of schooling to start creating video games right now.