Dog Chained Up in Yard for Most of His Life Rescued After Nearly Freezing to Death in Kansas City

A German Shepherd who was chained up for most of his life and found nearly frozen to death was recovering after being brought to a local veterinary clinic in Kansas this week. Caesar’s right hind leg may need to be amputated. They are hopeful he will someday be healthy enough for adoption. Severe malnutrition, muscle atrophy and chronic wasting have made it almost impossible for him to support his own weight, according to television station KCTV in Kansas City. He was nearly frozen to death when his owner surrendered him to KC Pet Project. Caesar spent Monday night with an emergency vet at the Blue Pearl Emergency Clinic in Overland and was placed on pain medicines. “We believe he will conquer the cruelty and neglect he’s suffered his entire life, and will be able to recover and find a loving, forever home he so richly deserves,” a Facebook post from the organization stated. He has a bad back right leg and he can not stand on it, it’s extremely painful to the touch, and he is starved, so that doesn’t happen in just a few days,” Nancy Campbell with Missouri German Shepherd Rescue told WDAF. Rescuers checked his microchip to confirm who owned him. Veterinary workers believe with some tender loving care, Caesar could make a recovery. “His teeth are very worn from most likely chewing on a chain,” said Brad Twigg of the Veterinarian Plaza Animal Control. Rescuers believe he lived his life locked outside. According to KC Pet Project, over 200 animals were taken in last week, including a huge surge during the weekend’s winter storm. $40 dog adoptions and $20 adult cat adoptions. “One of his eyes is sunken, so he’s had an eye disease of some type for a very long time. A German Shepherd is recovering after being left outside in freezing weather in Kansas City. The dog’s organs “looked good,” according to the group. 39.114053
-94.627464 The area had been hit with snow and freezing temperatures over the weekend. According to KTLA sister station WDAF in Kansas City, the owner of the dog admitted to having chained the dog up in the backyard for his entire life, even in below zero weather. KTLA’s Tracy Bloom contributed to this story. Rescuers said it difficult to watch him struggle to walk. He is heartworm positive. (Credit: WDAF)
According to a Facebook post by the Missouri German Shepherd Rescue group, the dog —  now named Caesar — is expected to survive. “His left leg is swollen, most likely from laying on it for an extended period of time because he couldn’t get up,” Twigg said. They will be open on Christmas Eve from noon-3pm. Because the KC Pet Project is at capacity, they are holding an adoption special through Christmas Eve.