Does Visible support VoLTE?

Visible doesn’t access any network older than Verizon’s 4G LTE so it uses LTE for all calls. Whether customers were using an older device with poor support for the full range of LTE bands offered by a carrier or if they lived in an area with spotty coverage, VoLTE needed some time to mature. Best answer: Yes. A small number of phones also support Wi-Fi calling. VoLTE is the new normal

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What is VoLTE? In fact, Visible only supports VoLTE for calls since it has no support for networks older than LTE. As the name implies, voice over LTE, or VoLTE uses 4G LTE networks to transmit the audio for a call over an LTE data connection. Previously, phone calls would fall back to the older network to make a call without data. The rollout of VoLTE (most of us say it like “volty”) wasn’t as smooth or straightforward as it could have been on other carriers.