Does the Raspberry Pi 4 need a heatsink?

Best answer: Under normal conditions, the Raspberry Pi 4 runs great without any sort of external heatsink and the software throttling keeps everything within safe operating temperatures. Thermal throttling is when a computer’s software detects that temperatures have risen above a predetermined safe reading and the CPU is manipulated so that it uses a slower clock speed. The Raspberry Pi won’t slow to a crawl when it gets throttled because it was designed for use in the open air or a roomy enclosure. When you’r… However, if you’re using custom software or are overclocking, you probably want to use a set of quality heatsinks. This happens on every computer, but you notice it more on some than others. The perfect small PC board: Raspberry Pi 4 B ($35 at Newark Electronics)
Keep things cool: Raspberry Pi 4 Heatsink Kit ($5 at CanaKit)
Heat protection is built in

The Raspberry Pi 4 may be the size of a smartphone, but it couldn’t be more different, and that includes how heat is handled.