Despite the Note 10, the Galaxy S10 is still a great buy for most

All-around flagship

Samsung Galaxy S10

$700 at Amazon


Much more affordable
Headphone jack and microSD
Small, pocketable design
Higher resolution display

Slower charging
No S Pen
The Galaxy S10 may be half a year old, but it still stands strong as one of the best options in Samsung’s lineup. It offers nearly identical specs as the newer Note 10 in a smaller body with a sharper display, and still features wired audio and expandable storage — though it’s missing the Note’s S Pen. We’ve been using Samsung phones since before the company even starting using Android, and we use our experience to give you the best recommendations on which of the company’s phones are worth buying — and which to avoid. Superphone with a stylus

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

$950 at Samsung


Unique S Pen
Sleek new design
Faster 25W charging
Customizable power button

No expandable storage
No headphone jack
The Galaxy Note 10 repackages everything that’s great about t…