Dauntless for PlayStation 4: Top tips and tricks to help you get ahead

Dodge cancel to keep actions charged

If you’ve got an action charged and ready to go, like a Hammer’s concussive shot or the War Pike’s blast, and the Behemoth moves out of your line of shot, you can actually save the charge without wasting the bullets by dodge canceling out of the attack. We’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you conquer any monsters you come across along the Shattered Isles. Just remember to go in prepared and you and your team should make quick work. Any time before… Hop into Dauntless and get a little taste of the Monster Hunter experience without spending a dime. Use your wits and skill to your advantage. Fighting Behemoths more difficult than you anticipated? And don’t worry if you do fail a mission, because there aren’t any penalties. There are plenty of Behemoths awaiting across the Shattered Isles. Free-to-play


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Take down monstrous Behemoths with friends

Tired of all the new free-to-play games being battle royales?