City of Alhambra – Rose Parade Float

Helmet: xmas red mums, underneath of red fine cut strawflower. Dalmation: Helmet and jacket- xmas red mums, underneath of red fine cut strawflower,jacket of tan paper bark, eyes of white fine ground rice and black seaweed, eye line of black onion powder, nose of black seaweed, lips and nose line of black onion powder, tongue of light pink spice, inside mouth of black onion seed, body of white powdered rice and spots of black seaweed. Mustache of tan uva grass, black buffalo grass, mouth of black ground onion seed, teeth of white fine ground rice, hair of tan uva grass, jacket of tan paper bark, stripes of yellow button mums. An oversized mustachioed firefighter represents all firefighters with his classic fire hat,gloves and jacket with hands firmly on the trucks oversized steering wheel. His similarly adorned passenger holding on for the ride is a classic Dalmatian fire dog. Floral Gardens of dark lavender gerberas, bright yellow roses, peach roses, dark lavender roses, dark blue iris and orange roses. The Alhambra Fire Department is one of many “echoes” of success behind the City of Alhambra. Sculpted flower, petals of hot pink statice, backs of fine cut light pink strawflower, center of white button mums, leaves of ti-leaves and centers of white navy beans, backs and stems of green ground parsley flakes. Tree-Xmas Tree Greens, trunk of fine tan walnut shells. Dark grey inset trim of dark grey poppy seed, raised hub cap, dark grey poppy seed, hi-lites of light grey light lettuce seed and white fine ground rice, dark red inside truck-red fine cut strawflower. Yellow Emblem-face of yellow whole split peas, hi-lites of crème soy beans, edges of yellow whole split peas, strap of black seaweed. Tabby Kitten in tree: eyes of white navy beans and black beans, lips and nose of black beans and orange whole lentils, whiskers of black beans, face, body and tail of orange fine ground lentil seed, red xmas red mums, dark orange beau mums and white mums. Flowers/Materials used
Fire Truck: Main Body-red whole carnations, bottom of truck and top edge and around wood rear-xmas red mums, base chassis of truck, red fine cut strawflower, black area-black onion seed, yellow on bell, siren base, hoses and steering wheel-yellow fine cut strawflower, gold clover seed and white fine ground rice, window frame, front area -yellow mums, back area-yellow fine cut strawflower, siren light-whole red carnations, ladders of crème paper bark, front headlights and grill-dark grey poppy seed, medium grey light lettuce seed, shiny grey silverleaf, lights of clear lunaria, front license plate-white powdered rice and black onion powder. They help the elderly, save homes, and even rescue cats from trees! Overseeing all the commotion at the rear of the float in a tall green tree is a curious neighborhood tabby cat wondering what all the ruckus is about. Multiple floral arrangements: green foxtail fern, orange anthuriums, red roses and yellow billy buttons
All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses. No Call is Too Small for our Fire Department, and for that, they contribute to the success of the City of Alhambra as the Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley. Dimensions: 16’6″H x 18’W x 35’L
Float Title: No Call Too Small
Float Theme
The float concept is represented by a classic vintage fire truck outfitted with a floral covered clanging bell, emergency red light, ladders and Alhambra Fire Department Shield on each door. Face: eyebrows of uva grass, eyes of white fine ground rice, black onion powder and tan fine walnut shell, skin of light tan, dark tan and dark brown spices, nostrils of black onion seed. Tires: tread of black seaweed, backsides of black onion seed and white walls of white mums, insets of black beans, raised red area, red fine cut strawflower, hot pink fine cut statice and white fine ground rice.