China Returns Seized U.S. Underwater Drone; Pentagon Investigation Continues

USNS Bowditch (T-AGS 62) is shown Jan. (Credit: U.S. 22, 2013, during an effort to safely recover the minesweeper USS Guardian, which had run aground off the Philippines. Navy / Aircrewman Tactical Helicopters 3rd Class Geoffrey Trundell)
“After friendly consultations between China and the United States, the transfer of the US underwater drone was smoothly completed,” a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Defense said. Underwater Drone in Front of American Crew; Pentagon Demands It Back The Chinese government has returned the US unmanned underwater drone it seized last week in the South China Sea, according to Chinese and US officials. Developing story – more to come. The Pentagon said the United States would continue to investigate the events surrounding the incident. 15.488092

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