China Air – Rose Parade Float

Mikado Pheasant, “The King in the Mist” and Muller’s Barbet, “colored elfs in the Forest” (people also called it “colored bird”), are the two leading roles of the float design. Dimensions: 30’H x 18’W x 55’L
Float Title: Return to the Beauty of Taiwan
Float Theme
The focal point of the float is Taiwan Lily, which has characteristic of strong adaptability and represent the indomitable spirit alongs with Muller’s Barbet and Mikado Pheasant. With the great efforts that Taiwan devote to do environmental protection and ecological conservation, it leads to a successful results of rehabilitation and also corresponds to the theme of “Echoes of Success”. The float deck will be an array of pink, red and white roses with large floral accents of viburnum, lilies, eucalyptus and assported greens. The tree branches will be an assortment of barks and seeds. Flowers/Materials used
The lilies will be a combo of white coconut, yellow strawflower, ground green split pea and yellow roses. The master vision of grandeous and elegant Mikado Pheasant (with scientific name as Syrmaticus Mikado) and Muller’s Barbet (with scientific name as Megalaima oorti, people also called it Colored Bird) ensembles with the Taiwan Lily (with scientific name as Lilium formosanum) pass on the message of how precious Taiwan natural biological/creatures are. All text and information courtesy Pasadena Tournament of Roses.