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Update Your Online Profile for Big Sunday Dating After New Year’s Eve with Talia Goldstein

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Talia Goldstein is CEO and founder of Three Day Rule, a modern take on matchmaking for busy professionals. For more information on Talia’s Three Day Rule visit her website or follow her on Twitter @ThreeDayRule, Instagram @ThreeDayRule or Facebook.

Data Recorded on Voice-Activated Amazon Echo Sought by Prosecutor in Arkansas Murder Trial

“There’s nothing on the Amazon Echo that will hurt us,” Weber said. Different expectation of privacy? Not that she’s terribly worried. Attempting to mine a smart speaker for information may be a first, though. The men decided to get into Bates’ hot tub and Bates said he went to bed around 1 a.m. Weber is adamant in her assertion that devices like the Echo are designed to make life easier around the home and “shouldn’t be used against you.” While Fordham’s Reidenberg understands the sentiment, he expects attitudes to change as the devices become more ubiquitous. While some might argue that voice technology such as Echo, Siri or Google Home, which assist users with queries and tasks, come with a different expectation of privacy than, say, social media postings or Internet searches, Reidenberg said he feels such an attitude is naive. “Amazon will not release customer information without a valid and binding legal demand properly served on us,” it said in a statement. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Amazon is pushing back against an Arkansas prosecutor’s demand for information from a murder suspect’s Echo smart speaker, setting up another legal battle over investigators’ quest for technology-based evidence and American privacy rights. It’s an accident,” she said, adding that she feels calling the case against her client circumstantial would be giving it too much credit. Weber argues the amount of water was unremarkable and nearly equal to the amount of water used in the home 12 hours earlier, she said. It is also genuinely creepy.”


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The Amazon Echo entered the November 2015 murder case because someone present on the night of Collins’ death allegedly recalled hearing music streaming through the device that evening. Collins’ blood-alcohol content at the time of death was .32, four times the legal limit to drive in Arkansas, she said. Bates had invited two friends — one of them former Georgia police officer Victor Collins, 47 — over to his Bentonville home, where they watched college football, drank beer and shot vodka, according to the search warrant affidavit filed in Benton County Circuit Court. Weber said Amazon did provide prosecutors with Bates’ subscriber information. “I think Amazon is likely going to lose that motion if it goes up the chain of appellate courts,” he said. The Echo is shown in a handout press image. According to Amazon, Echo works by constantly listening for the “wake word” — “Alexa” or “Amazon,” by default — and then records your voice and transfers it to a processor for analysis so that it can fulfill requests or answer questions. “That could change tomorrow,” he said. The case was highlighted by the technology news website on Tuesday, drawing attention nationally. His office made two attempts to obtain the data from the Echo, but Amazon refused both times. “How is that any different from you sitting at your keyboard typing?” Reidenberg asked. The trial of Justin Ross Harris, the Georgia dad convicted of leaving his young son in a hot car to die, regularly delved into texts, Google searches and Reddit posts. Amazon: Demand ‘overbroad’
Smith, the prosecutor, told CNN that the data the Echo captured on the night of Collins’ death could provide clues as to what happened. Investigators contend in the affidavit there were signs of a struggle, including injuries to Collins and Bates, a broken shot glass, dried blood inside the home, and indications the patio and hot tub had been hosed down before police arrived. “We’re not fearful of anything being provided, if Amazon does indeed respond.”
Orwellian implications? “It’s not a murder at all. A discovery hearing in his case is scheduled for March. When he awoke in the morning, Collins was floating face-down in the hot tub, the affidavit says. “These are the perfect surveillance devices, if they aren’t treated with care.”
Another question, he said, is how a device that’s “always listening” processes what it hears. “I don’t think they’re a bad company or anything, but I don’t think they want to release it because they want to sell more of them.”
Investigators have routinely obtained warrants for suspects’ phones, computers, even their blood, he said, so “there’s not a rational or legal reason that we shouldn’t be able to search that device.”
Amazon disagrees. “It is unreasonable to expect consumers to monitor their every word in front of their home electronics. As technology has become more and more integral to daily life, authorities have increasingly sought evidence from mobile phones, laptops, social media, even the Warcraft video game. The recordings are streamed and stored remotely, and can be reviewed or deleted over time, Amazon says. We’ve already witnessed it with mobile phones, he said. “Americans do not expect that the devices in their homes will persistently record everything they say,” EPIC warned the Justice Department. The company declined to comply with a search warrant, he said. “That’s just today’s architecture for it.”
The Electronic Privacy Information Center has long been concerned about “always-on” devices and wrote in a July 2015 letter to the US Justice Department that such machines are “increasingly prevalent in the ‘Internet of Things,” the term used for the networking of common, everyday objects, allowing them to send and receive data. “They’ll say it’s for privacy reasons, but I don’t believe they have a legal leg to stand on,” he said. The attorney also noted that the documentation that comes with the Echo states that Amazon cannot guarantee that “its functionality or content … is accurate, reliable, or complete.” To try to enter an Echo’s recordings as evidence is “crazy,” given the disclaimer, she said. “By introducing ‘always on’ voice recording into ordinary consumer products such as computers, televisions and toys, companies are listening to consumers in their most private spaces. Bates’ defense attorney, Kimberly Weber, says there is nothing useful on the device and applauds Amazon for protecting her client’s privacy. Along with the Amazon Echo, other technology cited in EPIC’s letter were Samsung smart televisions, Google’s Chromium browser, Mattel’s “Hello Barbie” doll, Microsoft Kinect for the Xbox, Nest Cam security cameras and Canary Connect home security devices. (Credit:, Inc.)
Benton County Prosecuting Attorney Nathan Smith hopes the voice-activated Echo — which answers users’ questions, plays music, reads news and connects to other smart devices — will provide information on how a man came to be found dead in 31-year-old James Bates’ hot tub. Bates’ attorney, Kimberly Weber, says Collins was Bates’ friend, and his death was a tragic accident, possibly stemming from his drinking. Sure, Amazon says the Echo records only after users utter the wake word, but, Reidenberg asks, will that always be the case? Another smart device, Bates’ water heater, points to an exorbitant amount of water being used in the early-morning hours, in what investigators believe was an attempt to cover up a crime, the affidavit says. “Amazon objects to overbroad or otherwise inappropriate demands as a matter of course.”
The company’s representatives did not respond to a follow-up email asking why Amazon did not feel the search warrant constituted a valid legal demand. Bates, who was arrested in February on suspicion of first-degree murder, is presently free on a $350,000 bond. The 2015 mass shooting in San Bernardino pitted Apple, which built the shooters’ mobile phone, against the FBI, which wanted the tech giant’s help cracking the device’s PIN code. Joel Reidenberg, the founding academic director for Fordham University’s Center for Law and Information Policy, told CNN it’s the first such case he’s seen, but he isn’t surprised that smart speakers are already the subject of a court battle. “We haven’t yet seen, but we will see, the same kind of things happening with these voice-activated home devices,” he said, predicting the content of smart speakers will soon be regularly featured in divorce cases.

Spend New Years Eve with Loni Love at The Brea Improv

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Magnitude-4.0 Earthquake Hits Morongo Valley Area

Weak-to-light shaking was felt as far away as northern San Diego County and the California-Arizona border, according to USGS. It struck at a depth of 6 miles. Geological Survey reported. (Credit: USGS)

Magnitude-4.0 Earthquake Hits Morongo Valley Area

A small earthquake struck the Morongo Valley area on Dec. A small earthquake struck the Morongo Valley area on Dec. The temblor was centered in the San Bernardino Mountains, about 10 miles northwest of Morongo Valley and 11 miles southeast of Big Bear City, USGS reported. There were no initial reports of any damages or injuries. (Credit: USGS)

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.0 struck the Morongo Valley area shortly before 10 a.m.  


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Former Student Who Fathered Child With High School Teacher in New York Accused of Killing Her, 4-Year-Old Son

Police investigators this week confirmed that Infante was the student and the father of Barahona’s child. The sexual relationship with the student resulted in her pregnancy, a Special Commissioner of Investigation for the New York City School District (SCI) report shows. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

A 23-year-old man who as a high school student fathered a child with his teacher is facing two counts of murder after his former lover and their son were found dead, according to New York police. The SCI report, released in 2012, never identified the student by name. CNN has been trying to reach Infante for comment but it was not clear Wednesday morning whether he had legal representation. According to the police, Barahona was never arrested. A 911 call from the building superintendent brought police to the apartment Monday. Other reasons included Infante drinking alcohol in Barahona’s apartment and his intentions to take the baby he had fathered to visit his family, according to the report. Isaac Duran Infante, whose relationship with Barahona five years ago while he was a student and she was a teacher led to her being fired, was arrested Tuesday. The bodies of Felicia Barahona, 36, and her 4-year-old son Miguel were found Monday in Barahona’s Upper Manhattan apartment. According to the report, he did “not get along” with her daughter, one of the reasons for their breakup. The child was discovered underwater in a bathtub. DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx terminated her teaching position, saying she had invited a high school student to her home multiple times since late 2011. The 2012 report stated that teacher and student had sexual encounters about five times a week and the student eventually moved in with her in January 2012. 40.811550
-73.946477 The SCI report also said Barahona planned to marry him and had bought wedding rings before they ended the relationship. Barahona died from strangulation and Miguel of asphyxia, according to Julie Bolcer of the New York chief medical examiner’s office. Both were pronounced dead at the scene, police said. The report was specific in its details: “When he tried to use a condom, Barahona told him that she did not like condoms and not to worry,” it said. For some, the tragic discovery brought back memories of Barahona’s dismissal in 2012 after her relationship with Infante was discovered. Barahona, unconscious and unresponsive on her living room floor, had a telephone cord wrapped around her neck. The report mentions Barahona had a younger daughter when she met Infante.

‘You Don’t Deserve to Have a Son’: Pennsylvania Mom Posted Suicide Note on Facebook Before Killing Baby, Herself

You will never see your son again. And even now, all I can think about is leaving this world. Which is what is going to happen.”
It continued:
“I’m tired of being a single parent in a 2 parent home. I’m confused, just torn down, hardly ever go out in public anymore, don’t socialize with people, I’ve become a hermit. I’ve been through Hell and back and still had a smile. I’m tired of trying to hold someone accountable for their actions or should say empty promises. Officers had responded to the residence after being alerted to a Facebook post in which the mother had threatened to shoot herself, according to KTLA sister station WPMT in Harrisburg. I feel that the ONLY thing I have to live for is this little guy asleep in my arms right now, John. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has some tips on what to do if you see a suicidal post on a social media site. Police believe the infant had been intentionally suffocated by Shermeyer before she took her own life, the station reported. I wouldn’t have known that there was anything going on, so just to know that behind closed doors, things were that rough,” Jason Lanius said. I’ve lost too many people; family, friends, pets, jobs etc. “It’s such a sad thing. It’s a shame that something happened, and it was kind of too late,” Lanius said. Autopsies for the mother and son were scheduled for Wednesday. Suicide prevention experts say if it appears a friend or family member is considering suicide, talk with them. The post read in part:
“I always thought of myself to be a strong person. Putting a gun in my mouth and leaving. It says any posts that mention wanting to die, having no reason to live, or increased drug or alcohol usage are posts that should be reported. I’m tired of being told the grass is greener somewhere else, tired of crying, tired of being threatened with divorce, tired of being physically ignored, tired of being emotionally abused, tired of not being able to eat or sleep, tired of the stress, tired of the headaches, tired of it all … The bodies of 40-year-old Sheri Shermeyer and her 1-year-old son, John, were discovered inside a home on Monday afternoon in Shrewsbury Township by state police. So, you can have the single life back.”
Hours after the note was posted, Shermeyer was found deceased in bed with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, according to WPMT, citing police and coroner officials. “I saw them outside during the summer and late fall, playing and having a good time. You don’t deserve to have a son, to have a legacy … Just from reading the stuff on Facebook, it was obvious that there were a lot of people that really loved her, and cared about her. I have been slowly dying inside. He is the only reason why I haven’t blown my head off right now. They say it may be a difficult subject to bring up, but talking about their thoughts and feelings may save a life. But as of late I don’t feel so strong. “You never really know what people are going through.”
He added that he wished there had been signs before so that people could have reached out to help. She was always really happy, it seemed like. He was just a year old. The incident is being investigated as a murder-suicide. One neighbor who spoke with KPMT told the station he was stunned by the deaths. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

A mother in Pennsylvania left an apparent suicide note on Facebook, telling her husband she was “tired of being a single parent in a 2 parent home” and that he didn’t “deserve to have a son” before killing their baby and then herself the day after Christmas, authorities said.

Wednesday Forecast: Sunny Skies and Warmer Temps

-118.243685 28, 2016. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Kaj Goldberg has KTLA’s forecast on Dec.

Ex-California Lieutenant Governor Under Consideration to Run Agriculture Department Is Set to Meet With Trump

Gov. (Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)

Ex-California Lieutenant Governor Under Consideration to Run Agriculture Department Is Set to Meet With Trump

Former California Lt. Abel Maldonado is seen in a file photo. Abel Maldonado to lead the Agriculture department, a move that would bring greater diversity to the Republican’s Cabinet. Trump spokesman Sean Spicer noted that Maldonado, owner of Runway Vineyards in the Santa Maria Valley, comes from three generations of farmers and has “strong roots in the agriculture industry of California.”
Trump will also meet with Dr. 37.090240
-95.712891 Abel Maldonado is seen in a file photo. (Credit: Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times)

President-elect Donald Trump is considering former California Lt. Gov. Gov. Maldonado, 49, was once considered to be the kind of Republican who could break through the party’s struggle to attract widespread Latino support. Elsa Murano, the former president of Texas A&M; University and a former Agriculture undersecretary for food safety, in connection to the post, one of the few Cabinet positions yet unfilled. A Santa Barbara County farmer whose parents were Mexican farmworker immigrants, he served as mayor of Santa Maria before being elected to the state Assembly in 1998. Click here to read the full story on Former California Lt. Maldonado will meet with Trump on Wednesday at his Palm Beach, Fla., estate.

Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Won’t Call Witnesses, Present Any Evidence to Spare His Life

He was represented by a lawyer during the guilt phase of the trial. Dylann Roof, 21, listens to proceeding with assistant defense attorney William Maguire during a hearing at the Judicial Center July 16, 2015 in Charleston, South Carolina. The judge said prosecutors have submitted the names of 38 potential witnesses. (Credit: Randall Hill – Pool/Getty Images)
He told a federal judge he still plans to represent himself at the penalty phase of his trial, which starts Tuesday. On Wednesday, he was in court for a scheduled hearing. “First of all if I can … I do intend to do an opening statement after the theirs,” Roof said, after the judge said prosecutors would give an opening statement first. 32.776475

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Mass Shooter Dylann Roof Laughed While Confessing to South Carolina Church Massacre: FBI Video He said would make an opening statement but would call no witnesses or present any evidence. Dylann Roof, the admitted white supremacist who could face the death penalty for killing nine black churchgoers, was back in court Wednesday morning. His lawyers have challenged the federal death penalty. The same jury that convicted him will decide his fate. Roof confessed to the killings and was convicted December 15 on all 33 charges in the June 2015 shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Police: Georgia Man Who Gave Personal Info to Store in Caught-on-Video Theft Is Arrested

The judge has already signed the warrant. Police in Marietta, Georgia, put up a humorous post on Facebook, addressed to a shoplifter at a pawn shop who apparently still has a lot to learn about the theft game. When you make it this easy it takes all the fun out of chasing bad guys!”
The next day, Marietta police tweeted that the guy — accused of stealing a military knife worth $200 from the pawn shop — had been caught. Cops: Man gave ID to Cobb pawn shop before leaving with stolen item
— AJC (@ajc) December 27, 2016

-84.549933 “Please at least try to hide. Then the officers issued the man a challenge — and chided him for making their job a little too easy. “Sir, you must have forgot that you gave the clerk your driver’s license with ALL of your personal information as well as providing him with your fingerprint when completing the pawn ticket before you stole from him which, by the way was also all on camera,” the post reads. He was picked up by our Morning Watch Officer after a search, it was quite short …”
Police identified the man as Dale Jonathan Tice and said he was arrested at a local motel on theft and drug charges. “Fortunately (for us) he turned out to be just as bad at hide & seek as he is at stealing.

Christmas Tree May Have Played Role in Fire That Killed 2 Young Boys in South L.A. Home, Police Say


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A Christmas tree may have played a role in a fire Tuesday night that killed two young boys and left a man in critical condition in the Green Meadows neighborhood of South Los Angeles, police said. Video posted to Facebook showed smoke billowing from the home as neighbors tried to get in. The cause of the fire was under investigation, but a police officer at the scene said a Christmas tree may have played a role. Neighbors said the father had gone back into the home to try and rescue the boys after the fire started. Firefighters had to fight through security doors and window bars to get into the home, where they rescued two boys and a man believed to be their father. Fire crews are seen at a home that erupted in flames in South Los Angeles on Dec. The home did not have working smoke alarms, according to investigators. (Credit: OnScene.TV)
The fire broke out about 9 p.m. Neighbors also made attempts to get into the burning home before firefighters arrived, but were unsuccessful. One neighbor did help rescue a 4-year-old girl who was expected to be OK. and quickly engulfed the home in the 800 block of East 113th Street, , according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. “I’m calling for the kids … ‘Where are you, where are you?’ And I wasn’t getting any response,” he said. The boys, said to be 3-year-old twins by LAFD Public Information Officer David Ortiz, were taken to a local hospital in grave condition. 27, 2016. The boys were later pronounced dead at the hospital, family members told KTLA. The man was hospitalized in critical condition. “It was just too much heat and the smoke was just really unbearable,” said neighbor Ronny D., who called to the kids as he attempted to reach an emergency window. An adult woman was also found with non-life threatening injuries following the fire.

Rose Parade Preview #8 at Fiesta Parade Floats

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Gayle Anderson was live in Irwindale to continue our series of ROSE PARADE PREVIEW reports at Fiesta Parade Floats. Gayle Thank you for watching! I will reply as soon as I can. Today, Gayle gave us a sneak peek of the following Rose Parade Floats:
*California Milk Advisory Board, “Legacy of Generations” 
*The Live on Green Rose Parade Float
*Northwestern Mutual, “Waves of Hope”
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*The Tournament of Roses Parade is Monday, January 2nd.

‘I Was So Scared’: Girl Who Filmed Michigan Middle School Students Chanting ‘Build a Wall’ Opens Up About Incident

The school district superintendent made sure police were on campus to protect students and calm parents’ fears. “I felt like an animal.”
Josie and her family also encountered a sentiment that she was making too much of the incident and that kids were just being kids. He would not say what disciplinary action was taken against them, citing student privacy policies. I shouldn’t have to pick her up crying. … I was so scared.”
This is the first time both girls have shared their story with the media. They were eating with several other Hispanic friends when, Isabelle said, all of a sudden, she heard some kids chanting. She and others felt that it was directed toward her and the other Hispanic students. “But what you can’t do,” she added, “is hurt someone or intimidate someone based on their race. The couple has been co-parenting with Josie’s biological mom since Josie was young. There is something wrong in that equation.”
During our visit to Royal Oak, Josie finished her first week of classes at her new school. This time, a noose was found in a boys’ bathroom at the school. And this is a straight-A student who excels academically,” Alicia Ramon said. People would see me in the hallways and turn around and walk the other way,” she said. “We’ve got great people coming to the table with us now to say, ‘Hey, we want to help.’ We’re listening to them. The school acknowledged that it investigated that incident and subsequently removed the video. She was funny. “Then you hear what they’re saying, and then they’re beating their hands against the tables,” she said. Trump! “You’re going to need to stand in line, because people are going to be here to find out how you truly have a school district and schools that prepare students for being citizens of a global community where all students, the contributions of all persons, are not just valued but celebrated, not just welcomed but integrated into the fabric of what we do each and every day.”
This is welcome news to Josie but, unfortunately, comes too late. Within hours, the video went viral and was viewed millions of times over the next few days. We’re taking their ideas, and we’re going to build a plan moving forward … so that we are that school community where there is no one who is ‘other.’ ”
What does he hope Royal Oak will look like in five years? “We’re moms, and we want the best for our children, and that doesn’t mean just academic accomplishments,” said Danielle Atkinson, a mom of five. “It was on Facebook and the parents’ PTA group. That’s not OK.”
At school, Josie said, she became the focus of negative attention, instead of the students who did the chanting. “If you look at decades of research about representative bureaucracy in public schools, increasing diversity in the staff improves the outcomes for students, not only outcomes for minority students but all students because it contributes to diversity of thought.”
Added Carmen Wargel, a mom of two, “It’s important that we make clear that this isn’t who Royal Oak is. The seven-second video would be viewed on social media millions of times and held up by media outlets as an example of the post-election harassment toward children of color observed in schools across the country following the election. “He said he could say the ‘n’ word because he has a black friend. “I feel like seeing a weight that was lifted off her shoulders.”
Josie says she likes her new school, even though she has to wear a uniform now and the homework load has increased. The attention that generated violent comments to the social media post, condemnations of the entire school and community, threats against the school and community brought an unwelcome level of attention that was very disruptive.”
Parents of children who were showcased in the video worried about their children’s safety; parents of children who were not in the video were also fearful because outsiders were angry at the school community for the “build a wall!” chant. Rose Castilla, Isabelle’s mom, shared another incident that she said occurred in a school hallway as she passed a student. And it’s disheartening, and it hurts me physically.”
Isabelle and her mom, who is a paraprofessional at Royal Oak Middle School, said they have also heard racially derogatory comments at the school. “I started to cry again from that moment.”
A school telecast that went up on YouTube included a joke of the day, which on one occasion was about Mexicans, the girls said. It got louder and louder: “Build a wall!”
“You look around, and half the cafeteria is doing it,” Isabelle said. Many of the responses posted on social media were angry, threatening and “quite frankly sickening,” said Shawn Lewis-Lakin, superintendent of Royal Oak Schools. And although the past six weeks have been incredibly painful and have resulted in a “huge cost,” she said she would do it all over again if necessary. People were pointing the finger and saying she should be expelled and she should be prosecuted for endangering children,” Rose Castilla said. “I think what happened here is a learning experience,” said Alicia Ramon, who is married to Josie’s dad. They make jokes about blacks. “But whenever there’s an experience of a child that causes even one individual student to feel unwelcome or causes one individual student to question their value, it’s going to be a big deal,” he added. Together for One Royal Oak
The back-to-back incidents have sparked a movement of mothers in this community who, along with Alicia Ramon, want to use the pain to bring positive change. CNN reached out to the Royal Oak school district to learn about how schools try to heal following incidents of racial harassment related to the presidential campaign. They chose to talk because they and their families are hopeful that positive change is possible, even after something so negative. “And I just needed evidence so it wouldn’t be my word against theirs.”
“Build a wall,” she texted her mom with crying emojis under the video. For Josie and Isabelle, the noose incident only heightened their anxiety. “I think if I had to go through this again to help everybody else who’s Mexican-American, I would do it a thousand, a million, a quadrillion more times, because I want everybody to be happy no matter what.”


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‘Speak English. “They were just excited for their candidate, and I don’t have a problem with that. “We are mapping out where we’ve been with our professional development for staff and looking for gaps,” Lewis-Lakin said. “I was angry,” Josie said. Lewis-Lakin, the superintendent, called the incident “profoundly troubling as a parent (and) as a community member.”
The student who placed the noose was swiftly identified and expelled, and all students at the school were addressed on the Monday following the Friday incident, he said. She sent the video privately to a few middle school parents. Josie’s dad, Alex Ramon, has lived in Royal Oak since 1994 and says it’s always been a welcoming and progressive community. “And I feel badly every day that I left Isabelle behind.”
“Do you know what it’s like to pick up a child from school because they’re at the bathroom crying? The day of the “build a wall!” chant, a student called Isabelle “taco,” she said. Trump!’ I would have nothing to say, absolutely nothing to say,” Alicia Ramon said. We are better than this.”
‘We’re going to build a plan moving forward’
The school district is in the process of surveying all students in grades K-12 about their school experiences, both good and bad, and consulting with local, state and national experts. (A school spokesman said that whenever there has been an incident where a student felt unwelcome, the school responded, investigated and addressed the situation.)
So this time, Josie took out her phone and recorded what she witnessed, sending the video to her mom via text. “The kids, they seemed to be so happy and excited that they were saying this … and it was hurtful,” said Josie, who couldn’t hold back the tears. “That also means a society and community that’s supportive of who they are as individuals.”
Members of the group, named Together for One Royal Oak, said they are working with the school district, encouraging a review of the curriculum, more diversity training, mentoring programs for teachers and students and diversity in district hiring practices. When Josie saw Isabelle run crying from the lunchroom, she began recording the chant on her phone. “If they had been chanting ‘Trump! Another parent — not Alicia — shared it on Facebook. “She was joking. Alicia Ramon already sees the difference. You’re in America’: Woman’s Racist Rant at Kentucky JCPenney Caught on Camera; Mall Responds
Reports of Hate Crimes and Racist Graffiti, Including in California, Following Trump’s Election Win
Pro-Trump ‘Build the Wall’ Messages at UC San Diego Latino Center Spark Outrage ‘I was so scared’
What may have started out as a typical day in the Royal Oak Middle School lunchroom for 12-year-old Josie Ramon and her best friend, Isabelle Castilla, quickly turned into an experience that would rupture their sense of safety and security. While Isabelle remains at Royal Oak Middle School, Josie felt so ostracized that she ultimately decided to withdraw and enroll in a private school. “I couldn’t take it any longer,” Josie said. You can’t infringe on someone else’s rights in order to have your speech be heard.”
“I empathize with parents,” Lewis-Lakin said. “Mom, they were chanting it.”
Alicia Ramon said she was shocked and concerned when she saw Josie’s text. “We have a pretty homogenous staff in the district,” said Erin Case, a mom of two. As for the children responsible, Lewis-Lakin said the school identified the students who did the chanting, notified their parents, talked with them and held them accountable. She feels safe and welcome, she says, two things she didn’t feel at Royal Oak Middle School. “And we’re going to respond, investigate, follow through, have accountability and make sure the students involved in those situations do not repeat them.”
Another controversy rocks the school: A noose
A week after the “build a wall” chant, another controversy rocked Royal Oak Middle School. “When that video went viral, it brought a lot of attention,” Lewis-Lakin said. “We made clear that … (students) all heard from us that every single one of them is valued and included and an important part of our community,” Lewis-Lakin said. “I just felt sick to my stomach. “That attention that prompts us to grow and to improve is worth my attention. “I’ve had people make jokes about me and my culture,” Josie said. I tapped him on the shoulder, and I said, ‘Nobody gets to say that word. The city is part of Oakland County, Michigan, a county that voted 51% to 43% in favor of Hillary Clinton for president. And if that somehow sends that message across the country and helps other districts and helps other parents and other students to go through this a little easier if you will, then, ‘Amen,’ that’s what I would hope, that something great comes from this.”
Growing tension
Josie said this is not the first time she has experienced racism at the middle school, which is predominantly white, over the last year and a half. What we found was a community in pain, dealing with the backlash of social media, the struggle of schools striving to be safe havens for all children and the collateral damage — the children — that can be left behind. The video was seen around the world. I was afraid that they’re going to hurt me or Isabelle,” Josie said. Build a wall!” the day after Donald Trump won the presidency. Shot in a school cafeteria at Royal Oak Middle School, just outside Detroit, you can hear seventh grade students shouting, “Build a wall! Don’t say it again.’ ”
Josie said she had reported incidents of racism in the past to counselors at the school but felt they were either ignored or dismissed as pranks. “We have to figure out what to do, and I think we’re doing that. “There are parents who are concerned about the negative attention that has come to their children’s school. “This is a kid that should be celebrated. “I was terrified. I was so scared. She ran to the bathroom in tears. She was back to her usual self, a kid I hadn’t seen since this happened,” she said. No, that is unacceptable. “It was so hard to look and just watch and not being able to do anything because I was afraid. Parents concerned about worldwide attention
The backlash toward the students doing the chanting began almost instantly. The chant matches what many of Donald Trump’s supporters yelled throughout the presidential campaign whenever the Republican candidate, at rallies, promised to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. “They make jokes about Mexicans. Another type of backlash
There was also a growing feeling of some parents in the community that Josie had put the lives of students in danger by recording the video and that she should be held accountable. “When I walked into the room, people would walk out of the room for some reason.

L.A. Considers Playground Ban on Single Adults

Christina Pascucci reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Dec. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell has proposed a motion that would only allow playground access at Los Angeles area parks to adults that are accompanying children in the play areas. 28, 2016. 34.052234