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Michigan’s Attorney General Says He’s Filing Request to Stop ‘Frivolous’ Election Recount

President-elect Donald Trump ended up winning Michigan’s 16 electoral votes by just 0.2 percentage points, or just under 10,000 votes out of over 5.5 million cast. — A.G. Jill Stein. (Credit: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Michigan’s attorney general announced Friday he would file suit to stop a recount requested by Green Party candidate Dr. The state’s top law enforcement official said that he had “filed an emergency motion with the Michigan Supreme Court to bypass the Court of Appeals to ensure a timely process.”
Schuette’s office later put out a statement explaining the motion. (Credit: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Michigan’s Attorney General Says He’s Filing Request to Stop ‘Frivolous’ Election Recount

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is seen in a photo on April 20, 2016. “But without having the evidence, aren’t you actually contributing, perhaps unfairly, to that lack of confidence in the system itself?” Cooper asked Stein. “Today I am filing suit to stop @DrJillStein’s frivolous, expensive recount request,” Bill Schuette, a Republican, wrote on Twitter. It is inexcusable for Stein to put Michigan voters at risk of paying millions and potentially losing their voice in the Electoral College in the process.”
Stein had filed a request last week for a recount of Michigan’s vote in the 2016 election after a razor-thin margin made the state the last to be called. “We have asked the court to end the recount which Stein is pursuing in violation of Michigan laws that protect the integrity of our elections. Bill Schuette (@SchuetteOnDuty) December 2, 2016

-84.555535 “What we have are predictors that if tampering took place, it would be most likely to be discovered in the three states where we are looking,” she said on “Anderson Cooper 360.” “Unless we actually look, we would never know,” she said. “And I don’t think the FBI has done that.”

Today I am filing suit to stop @DrJillStein's frivolous, expensive recount request. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette is seen in a photo on April 20, 2016. “Michigan voters rejected Stein’s candidacy by massive margins but her refusal to accept that state-verified result poses an expensive and risky threat to hard-working taxpayers and abuses the intent of Michigan law,” Schuette said. “What the voting technology experts tell us is that you cannot tell unless you’re actually counting paper votes,” she said. Stein defended her decision to request a recount in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — three traditionally blue swing states that proved critical to Trump’s upset victory — in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Donald Trump Expected to Preside Over Richest Cabinet in U.S. History

20, 2016 in Bedminster Township, New Jersey. But the New York businessman has tapped a slate of people very much in his own vein to serve alongside him — billionaires and multimillionaires, including Wall Street financiers, industrialists and scions of the super-rich. Trump won the election by appealing to America’s disaffected working class, promising to drain the Washington swamp of insiders, and railing against segments of the financial elite. (Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Dight Eisenhower surrounded himself in the White House with such wealthy individuals that his Cabinet was mockingly referred to as “nine millionaires and a plumber.”
President-elect Donald Trump is about to do him one better. 20, 2016 in Bedminster Township, New Jersey. Click here to read the full story on “Trump’s appointees will probably wind up being the most wealthy group of people who have served in a presidential Cabinet in history,” said Robert Spitzer, author of five books on American presidents and chairman of the political science department at SUNY in Cortland, N.Y. (Credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Donald Trump Expected to Preside Over Richest Cabinet in U.S. History

President-elect Donald Trump, left, and investor Wilbur Ross pose for a photo following their meeting at Trump International Golf Club, Nov. 38.907192
-77.036871 President-elect Donald Trump, left, and investor Wilbur Ross pose for a photo following their meeting at Trump International Golf Club, Nov.

One Year Later: Remembering the Victims of the San Bernardino Terror Attack

Sierra Clayborn was vibrant and always smiling. But there was more, so much more to him, his family said Friday. He loved telling stories,” his girlfriend Mandy Pifer said. “I’m so grateful … I have a piece of him that will always be in my life,” she said. There was an employee of the San Bernardino environmental health department who left behind six children. She left behind her parents and three sisters. One of the survivors of the massacre said Johnson covered her during the shooting and was her hero. HARRY BOWMAN
Harry Bowman grew up in Pennsylvania, and moved to California about 15 years ago, the Los Angeles Times reported. All 14 victims of a deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino on Dec. He didn’t make it out alive. Now her seat is empty. New York Giants football player Nat Berhe said the two are cousins, and his family is at a loss. 2, 2015, are pictured at a memorial. He was 45. JUAN ESPINOZA
Juan Espinoza grew up in Mexico, and moved to California in his 20s, according to the Los Angeles Times. “The waiting was excruciating, because you’re trying to hold out hope,” Jennifer Thalasinos told KTLA. He loved his new life in his new country, where he worked as a supervising environmental health specialist and doted on his two sons and one daughter. “He was her best friend. He was the kind of man who chatted up strangers in checkout lines at grocery stores, said his boyfriend, Ryan Reyes. NICHOLAS THALASINOS
Nicholas Thalasinos was passionate about his beliefs, a friend said. Authorities later discovered that the couple had been inspired by extremist ideology, had talked about jihad and sympathized with ISIS. AURORA GODOY
Aurora Godoy was married to her high school sweetheart. ISAAC AMANIOS
Isaac Amanios left Eritrea 15 years ago in search of a better life in California, the Los Angeles Times reported. He had two daughters, the newspaper reported. He was an amazing father and was loved by all,” said Celia Behar, a friend who spoke on behalf of the family. “When I think of Sierra, only one word comes to mind: She was a lady,” Mary Hale, manager of the apartment complex where she lived, told the Los Angeles Times. “Everything she touched bloomed,” Verdehyou said. “She was a bright young girl who showed a caring heart to everyone,” colleague Omar Bashir said. Those killed ranged in age from 26 to 60, with stories of their loved ones’ heartbreak just as varied. BENNETTA BETBADAL
The mother of three moved to the United States from Iran to escape religious persecution. “I got you,” co-worker Denise Peraza said he told her as he shielded her from bullets. “Damian loved Notre Dame, and often volunteered time with us as a member of the football team ‘Chain Gang,’ ” the school said in a statement. So much so, that his last gesture on Earth was one of kindness. They had a 2-year-old son. “Shannon was a generous, fun-loving soul, who very much loved his family and friends. “He let me know that he loved me very much,” she said. Shannon was friendly and easy to know, making friends everywhere he traveled,” his family said in a statement. She was 27. Meins was a graduate of Notre Dame High School in Los Angeles, where the football team put his initials on their helmets Friday night. She loved her life and her job. An easygoing 27-year-old woman with sparkling eyes and a quick smile. She described the talk as “calm and collected.”
After reports of the shooting emerged, Thalasinos’ wife said she hoped for a miracle. MICHAEL WETZEL
Michael Wetzel’s wife, Renee, described the father of six as “the most amazing person” she knew. After putting himself through college, he got a job as an inspector for the San Bernardino County health department. He will be missed.”
He was 58. Godoy was 26. (Credit: KTLA)
In addition to killing 14 people, the attackers, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, injured 21 others before they were killed in a shootout with police as they tried to flee in their SUV. “The man could have a 30-minute conversation with a cashier about his cats … and I would literally have to pull him away,” he said. TIN NGUYEN
Tin Nguyen was part of a big extended family that met every Sunday for dinner, the Los Angeles Times reported. It said his family wanted to protect his privacy. She was at the facility for a meeting when gunfire erupted. Amanios was 60. A new father who was about to go on a trip to Disneyland with his young daughter. YVETTE VELASCO
Yvette Velasco had sparkling eyes and an easy, contagious smile. And he loved her more than anything on Earth.”
She wants her husband to be remembered as someone who was positive, generous, helpful and loved everyone. He also loved dressing up as Santa to the delight of children at a local school. “One of those guys that everybody loved, got along with everybody, the life of the party, always funny, always creative.”
Kaufman was 42. 34.108345

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Memorials to Mark 1-Year Anniversary of San Bernardino Terror Attack
Key Questions Still Unanswered in Year Since San Bernardino Terror Attack
One Year After San Bernardino Terror Attack, Some Victims Say County Has Abandoned Them She was on the verge of becoming engaged, her family told the paper. “She looks just like him. Nguyen’s “heart was bigger than the sun,” her friend Kim Oanh Pham wrote on an online fundraiser page for funeral and other expenses. “She worked hard and never gave up on her dream.”
Devastated relatives said they are “still processing this nightmare.”
“Yvette was an intelligent, motivated, and beautiful young woman, who was full of life and loved by all who knew her,” her family said in a statement. “His death has affected our community deeply. Last December 2, more than a dozen people died in a massacre in San Bernardino, California, when a married couple opened fire at a holiday party in the Inland Regional Center, a state-run social services agency. “You were taken too soon,” she said. Wetzel worked for the San Bernardino environmental health department. He was 46. The married father of two loved his family and his job. Nguyen’s parents fled Vietnam when she was a child, and she was part of a close-knit family, the paper said. “He was an amazing guy, we’ll all miss him,” former co-worker Dottie Merki told The Press-Enterprise. She was a super, super lady.”
In a Facebook post, her sister, Tamishia Clayborn, said she was devastated. DANIEL KAUFMAN
Daniel Kaufman worked at a coffee shop at the site of the shooting, and he had a larger-than-life personality. SHANNON JOHNSON
Shannon Johnson was fun, loving and kind, his girlfriend said. Adams was 40. DAMIAN MEINS
Damian Meins worked at the environmental health services agency. “You couldn’t help but fall in love with her addicting personality.”
Nguyen was 31. Bennetta Betbadal first settled in New York, and she eventually moved to California with her husband, Arlen Verdehyou. “My heart is broken.”
Clayborn was 27. Her husband, James Godoy, told the paper he is still in shock and trying to process her death. He loved going for walks, attending concerts and “hanging out at his favorite tattoo parlor,” the family wrote. “That’s not a word I use lightly. Thalasinos was 52. Shannon was a protector to all of those he loved. “Anyone that ever met Robert would say that he had an excellent sense of humor,” she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper. Espinoza was 50. Here are the people killed and what we know about them:
Adams, a father of one, was a prankster who loved his family. “The biggest heart ever,” she said. The couple married 15 years ago and had their daughter, Savannah, while they were in their late 30s. Stephens said that a few days earlier, she had called Thalasinos when he was in the middle of a conversation with the man later identified as the gunman. He was 37. Johnson rose before dawn each day to travel more than 60 miles between the Los Angeles home he shared with his girlfriend and his San Bernardino office, according to a statement from the Los Angeles mayor’s office. “She went above and beyond.”
She was 46. Adams met his wife, Summer, at church more than two decades ago when they were teenagers. So much so, Thalasinos had a “heated, passionate conversation” about politics and religion with the gunman days before the shooting, Kuuleme Stephens said. “My cousin’s name is Isaac Amanios and he was a great human being,” Berhe tweeted. “Everyone who knew him just adored him,” Behar said. She said the first thing that went through her mind when she learned of Johnson’s death was how lucky she was to have had him in her life. “He loved people. He was planning on taking his daughter to Disneyland the week after the massacre.

Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay More Than $1 Billion Over Defective Artificial Hip Replacements

At least one had received double hip implants. A lawyer for the six plaintiffs said they suffered “serious medical complications caused by defective” metal-on-metal Pinnacle implants. 32.776664
-96.796988 “DePuy acted appropriately and responsibly in the design and testing of ULTAMET Metal-on-Metal, and the product is backed by a strong track record of clinical data showing reduced pain and restored mobility for patients suffering from chronic hip pain.”
This is the third bellwether — or test — trial of thousands of similar lawsuits filed against the companies. In the first trial, in 2014, a jury ruled in favor of the medical companies. “Once again, a jury has listened to the testimony of both sides, and returned a verdict affirming what we’ve known all along: a responsible company would settle these cases and take care of their injured consumers, rather than forcing them through expensive and vexatious litigation just to delay justice,” said lead attorney Mark Lanier of the Lanier Law Firm in Houston. Jurors ruled that Johnson & Johnson and DePuy were negligent in designing the implant; failed to warn physicians and patients about concerns over the product; failed to recall it; and intentionally misrepresented the product’s effectiveness to patients and their doctors. Johnson & Johnson and DePuy have appealed that ruling. The judge in that case, who also presided over this week’s ruling, later reduced the amount of awarded damages to $154 million, citing Texas law. “We have no greater responsibility than to the patients who use our products, and our goal is to create medical innovations that help people live more active and comfortable lives,” said Mindy Tinsley, spokeswoman for DePuy. The jurors found that the companies failed to warn patients and their doctors about risks related to the defectively designed product. The jury awarded more than $30 million in actual damages and more than $1 billion in punitive damages. A fourth bellwether trial is scheduled for September 2017. Each of the patients had to undergo a second, or revision, surgery to replace the devices and repair tissue damage and bone erosion. “This jury spoke loud and clear, and I hope J&J will finally listen.”
Both Johnson & Johnson and DePuy denied wrongdoing and said they will appeal. In March, a Dallas jury awarded more than $500 million to a group of plaintiffs who suffered similar complications from the hip implants. A federal jury in Dallas has ordered Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics to pay more than $1 billion to a group of plaintiffs over artificial hip replacements.

Homes Before the Holidays With Lucy Pet Foundation

Today only, Friday, December 2nd, from 8am to 10am, the foundation sponsored pet adoptions and pet grooming for anyone adopting a shelter animal. For more information, contact:
East Valley Shelter
14409 Vanowen Street
Van Nuys, CA 91405
(888) 452-7381 
Spay & Neuter Mobile Clinics
The Lucy Pet Foundation
919 Lawrence Drive
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
(855) 499-5829 
If you have questions, please feel free to call Gayle Anderson at 323-460-5732 or e-mail Gayle at Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Gayle Anderson was live in Van Nuys for HOMES BEFORE THE HOLIDAYS sponsored by the nonprofit organization The Lucy Pet Foundation.

U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops 4.6 Percent, Lowest Level Since 2007

Wages rose 2.5% in November from a year ago, though that marked a slight slowdown from October. It was Trump’s first key, post-election victory. It’s the lowest rate since August 2007. The U.S. economy added 178,000 jobs in November, the Labor Department reported Friday, and the unemployment rate fell sharply to 4.6% from 4.9% in October. “The upshot is that the labor market appears to be approaching full employment,” says Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. Trump’s broader message behind the Carrier deal was to increase the number of manufacturing jobs in America. “The headline numbers here are okay but the underlying numbers are less rosy.”
It’s the first major sign of the economy’s health since the surprise victory of President-elect Donald Trump. November was the 74th consecutive month America added jobs. A rate hike is a sign that the economy is improving. Trump’s jobs promises have been in the spotlight this week. economist at Capital Economics. Manufacturing employment was flat in November, and it’s been down most of the year. The drop in the unemployment rate was a bit mysterious. More people stopped looking for work in November compared to October, which sometimes explains why the unemployment rate drops. But such a large drop isn’t entirely explained by people leaving the workforce. Unemployment has been at or below 5% for nearly a year as more people have returned to the job market and hiring has maintained momentum. “Our best answer here is that more people stopped looking for work,” says Steve Chiavarone, portfolio manager at Federated Investors. 38.907192
-77.036871 It would be the Fed’s first and only rate hike this year and its already highly expected that the Fed will raise rate in two weeks. That could prove difficult. He reached a deal Tuesday with Carrier to keep about 1,000 jobs in Indiana that were slated to go to Mexico. More than 250,000 jobs will be lost this year due to plant closing announcements, according to Challenger, Gray and Christmas. America kept hiring amid election shock. The solid overall jobs numbers also clear the way for the Federal Reserve to raise its key interest rate on December 14 when its two-day meeting ends.

Donald Trump Starts Thank You Tour in Ohio; Supporters Chant ‘Lock Her up’

“We didn’t break it, we shattered it!” Trump said. He billed the deal as just the first step of a nationwide revival. The ostensible purpose of the event was to stress a message of national unity after a fractious campaign and to lay out a road map for Trump’s presidency. But the President-elect showed that the heavy burdens of office that are about to settle on his shoulders and the behavioral constraints that normally apply to a head of state are not going to cramp his quintessential political style. In fact, the only thing different from a pre-election rally was that when Trump was announced by Pence as “the next President of the United States” — it did not represent a seemingly distant hope — it was a statement of fact. Trump also rebuked critics who have criticized him for nominating billionaire businessman Wilbur Ross as Commerce Secretary. “We are not going to be divided for long, I have always brought people together, I know you find that hard to believe.”
“We did have a lot of fun fighting Hillary didn’t we?” Trump said, as the crowd uniformly and loudly chanted “Lock her Up! He also took advantage of his stop in Ohio to take a dig at the Republican governor, who has been a vocal Trump opponent. Anyone who thought that Trump would preview a new, soberer, presidential version of himself just 50 days before he takes the oath of office was mistaken. (Credit: Ty Wright/Getty Images)
The President-elect emerged from three weeks closeted in Trump Tower and his private resorts where he is building his Cabinet, for a full bore, campaign style rally, before a fired up and adoring crowd on the first leg of a pre-inauguration “thank-you” tour through key battleground states with Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Bank Arena on December 1, 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The chants and the applause lines and the freewheeling Trump were all familiar. “I am just really the messenger, although I have been a pretty good messenger,” Trump said. “The bottom line is we won!” a triumphant Trump declared to a rowdy throng that half filled a hockey arena in downtown Cincinnati, in a state, Ohio, which Trump won by nearly nine points on election night. Matt Bevin quoted Winston Churchill who one said after World War II that the British people were lions and he had simply been chosen to roar for them. And in renewing his bonds with his loyal, vocal supporters, who chanted “Build the Wall” and “Lock her Up” in reference to Clinton, he sent a warning to opponents in Washington, even members of his own party, that he plans to marshal his unique political power base throughout his presidency. Trump’s senior political adviser Stephen Miller beseeched the crowd to “stay engaged for the next eight years.”
“It is going to take energy, dedication and passion that I know each and every one of you have to support our President-elect so he can finish the job.”
Trump also used the rally to double down on bedrock campaign themes. The thank you tour begins as Trump puts together his Cabinet, after naming nominees to head the Treasury, Commerce and Transportation departments, part of the huge task of standing up his administration before the inauguration in January. Kentucky Gov. President-elect Donald Trump acknowledges the crowd after speaking at U.S. “It’s time to remove the rust from the Rust Belt and usher in a new industrial revolution,” Trump said. He doubled down on controversial campaign vows to build a wall on the border with Mexico, to restrict Muslim immigration into the US and to repeal and replace Obamacare. The short repeating soundtrack including Trump’s campaign anthem “You Can’t Always Get Want You Want” by the Rolling Stones was the same. “Every single day, you will be the agents of change,” Trump told the crowd. In apparent diversions from his teleprompter, he lashed the “dishonest” media, jabbed Ohio Gov. He couldn’t resist breaking his own embargo on the announcement that is coming Monday that he will name hard-charging Marine General James Mattis to run the Pentagon. And perhaps more than anything else, Trump was having fun, reveling in being back as the rhetorical general of his grass roots army, riling his foes and commanding the spotlight surrounded by a worshipful crowd. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

-84.512020 Donald Trump delivered an unmistakable message Thursday in his first big speech since election night — the unconventional, impulsive and unscripted person who won a stunning victory is the one that America will get as its President. “We are going to appoint Mad Dog Mattis as our secretary of defense,” Trump said, joking with the crowd, “We’re not announcing it until Monday — so don’t tell anybody. He also, several times, apparently tongue-in-cheek indulged his famous ego, such as when he told the crowd he was simply a vessel to give voice to their frustrations. “The guy knows how to make money, folks,” Trump said, before musing on the rest of his cabinet “Greatest killers you’ve ever seen — it’s time.”
The rally also provided a preview of the way that Trump will seek to keep his supporters motivated throughout his presidency, in case his agenda is stalled or challenged by establishment Republicans in Washington. John Kasich who refused to support him, crowed at his victory over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Lock Her Up!”
Trump has said since the election that he will not pursue an investigation into the former secretary of state’s private email server. “You are the lion and you have chosen Donald Trump and Mike Pence to deliver the roar,” Bevin told the crowd. “Hey, in the great state of Ohio, we didn’t have the upper echelon of politician either did we?”
“I will say this, it was very nice, your governor, John Kasich, called me after the election, he said congratulations, that was amazing.”
Trump’s call for unity came as his supporters called for Clinton to be put in jail — underscoring that even when he seeks to ease the political divisions he tore open in the nation during the election, his own history political style and performance makes his task many times harder. Speaker after speaker before Trump arrived made similar points. While the rally lacked some of the fury and seething sense of revolt that marked the final days of the election campaign, it was if nothing had changed since Trump became President-elect. He renewed his promise to prioritize American interests over the rest of the world and warned that a knife attack at Ohio State University by a radicalized student on Monday was the result of lax refugee policies backed by “stupid people.”
“People are pouring in from regions of the Middle East — we have not idea who they are, where they come from what they are thinking and we are going to step that dead cold.”
The President-elect arrived in Ohio from Indiana where he highlighted the deal he made with Carrier, a heating and air conditioner firm to save 1,000 jobs that had been set to move to Mexico — fulfilling a campaign promise. He’s the closest thing we have to Patton and it’s about time.”
Trump described a highlight reel of moments on election night, recalling how he had seen how state after state, including Democratic bastions like Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania vote for him, and mocked media analysts who said he couldn’t break Clinton’s blue wall. He boasted about his election win, which defied the pundits who said he had no path to 270 electoral votes.

iHeartRadio App’s New Paid Plans Might Offer More Value than Satellite, Spotify

They’re hand made just for the service. One time on vacation in Palm Desert my wife and I tuned into a station from Hawaii just to get that expensive “island vacation” feel. There is also the ability to save a song to your favorites to play again later, and you can search for a specific song or artist and immediately play those tracks. Save songs you love to listen to later. One song after another, without any breaks, intros, or background on what you’re listening too. Plus, you can still play a custom station you create with an artist or track you love. The word from iHeartRadio is that Plus and All Access users will not hear or see any pre-roll or display ads in custom artist radio station or their playlists. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! For $10 dollars a month, you basically get a Spotify-type service as well. These features are powered by Napster. When it’s over you’ll just get dumped back into the live station in progress. They also have what I call national stations – and the quality of these rivals satellite radio offerings from SiriusXM. For instance, if you grew up in the New York Area like I I did and still want to listen to Z100’s Elvis Duran in the morning, you can tune in. The combination of local radio stations – and curated national stations creates a really nice listening experience for many people. You can instantly replay the last three songs you listened to on a live radio station. Finally, you can skip songs an unlimited number of times. iHeartRadio has two new paid plans available – one is called iHeartRadio Plus, the other is iHeartRadio All Access. Personally, I love the idea of someone doing the work of discovering music for me. Right now you can sign up for a free 30 day trial of either level of service so you can check out the new features for yourself. You’ll get tech news, cool apps, gadgets, tips and tricks delivered regularly. They almost seem too robotic and forulatic. Finally, you might be wondering about the big question – are there ads? With iHeart Plus, you pay $5 dollars a month and get some interesting features, including replay. On Google Play they charge $6 a month. Sure, they have tons of playlists, but sometimes it nice to have a DJ guide you along and explain the background of a new song or provide a little chitchat. I’ve often found that playlists and stations in Google Play or Spotify leave a bit to be desired. Subscribe to the Rich On Tech podcast! It’s actually really slick – you can listen to pretty much any iHeartRadio station and others from around the country. Or you can listen to a station from Alabama, Alaska, or wherever. I also find that on the custom national stations ads are few and far between. Also, you can listen to KTLA 5 News through the iHeartRadio App, which is a good way to stay connected to our TV station on your morning commute. You might find it tough to pay for radio but at $5 a month it is a good value for a music service that works everywhere. ×
iHeartRadio App’s New Paid Plans Might Offer More Value than Satellite, Spotify

The iHeartRadio App is getting a big upgrade – starting now you can pay to access music in more ways than just streaming radio stations. Plus, iHeart Radio Apps are optimized for many in car systems, your phone screen and even Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Your best bet is to do the free trial now through the app stores and then cancel before it’s over. iHeart is sort of the best of both worlds. It feels like there are real humans behind iHeartRadio versus more algorithms and computers for the pure music subscription services. The big difference between iHeart and something like Spotify or Google Play Music is soul. It has none of that old fashioned lean back radio experience. Just an FYI – if you sign up for a trial through Google Play or the App Store you will pay a higher monthly fee. You can’t skip while listening to live stations, which makes sense. Of course, this only works when you are listening to a custom radio station. As far as I know we are the only TV station simulcast on the service. This means you can listen to whatever you want, build playlists and most importantly, listen offline. You’ll still hear ads when listening to live radio although when you do you can just hit the “scan” button to find music playing on a similar station. It’s a neat offering that comes at a better price point than SiriusXM and offers many of the same features – including the super handy ability to save cool songs you hear for later. First, a little background on the iHeartRadio App if you haven’t used it. This is because of app store processing fees. You can re-subscribe through the iHeartRadio website in January when that functionality is live. iHeartRadio Stations
There are stations like The Classic Rock Channel, iHeartCountry Radio, Indie Radio, and my personal favorite – iHeart Eclectic Radio. So how does iHeartRadio compare to everything else out there?

Cancer Returns for Kansas Boy Whose Father Got Matching Scar Tattoo

But he felt self-conscious about the horseshoe-shaped scar that was left behind. Josh Marshall and his son Gabriel are seen in a photo released by the St. “Pretty much we were told that the tumor is becoming more active,” Gabe’s dad Josh Marshall told CNN affiliate KWCH. In June, a young Kansas boy named Gabe received life-saving brain surgery. Both bald, dad and son held strong. ×
Cancer Returns for Kansas Boy Whose Father Got Matching Scar Tattoo

Josh Marshall and his son Gabriel are seen in a photo released by the St. “Because of the location that it’s at, it’s inoperable.”
Marshall says the painful experience has been a roller coaster ride — ineffable even. “Got my son’s scar tattooed to help his self-confidence,” Marshall wrote with his photo submission at the time. Baldrick Foundation in June. “He is my superhero,” Marshall says of his son. His dad, realizing the impact it was having on Gabe, got a tattoo on his head to match his son’s incision. He’s knows what he needs to do in order to fight the cancer again. 39.011902

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Dad Gets Tattoo to Help Son Feel Better About Cancer Surgery Scar The father was hopeful then, just as he is now. “He has (shown) me what life really is about and how to cherish the most out of everything,” he told KWCH Thursday. “Keep up the prayer,” Gabe says. But for the young boy, there are no what if’s. Who would have though six months ago, that Gabe would be the one keeping his dad together as they face their toughest fight yet. Baldrick’s Foundation, a childhood cancer charity. Baldrick Foundation in June. “The not knowing is what really hurts,” he told the station. “And I’ll get through it.”
Back over the summer, the father and son won a contest sponsored by the St. Now, six months later, the two must be stronger than ever: Gabe’s brain cancer is back.

Strong, Damaging Winds, Cool Temperatures Expected Throughout SoCal

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Strong, cold and damaging winds are blowing through Southern California Friday into Saturday, the National Weather Service reported. Saturday. A red flag warning is also in effect into Saturday as humidity levels decrease, according to the weather service. Strong winds also bring the threat of downed trees, power outages and hazardous driving conditions. A high wind warning and a wind advisory are in effect until 2 p.m. 2, 2016. The combination of low humidity and strong winds will bring extreme fire danger to the reason, especially when associated with downed power lines. (Credit: InlandNews)
The strongest winds are likely to occur all day Friday and into Friday night, according to the agency. Strong winds blow in Fontana on Dec. Cold temperatures are expected during the wind event, but warmer conditions are in the forecast starting Saturday afternoon. Wind gusts between 60 to 80 mph are expected in the Ventura County mountains, while coastal valleys will see gusts between 40 and 60 mph. 34.052227

Mike Pence’s Temporary Neighbors Put Up Rainbow Flags in Protest of Vice President-Elect’s Anti-Gay Policy Positions

“A respectful message showing, in my case, my disagreement with some of his thinking,” Ilse Heintzen told WJLA, a CNN affiliate. But Democrats, along with traditionally right-leaning business organizations, rallied against the change. The flag represents a symbol of pride in the LGBT community. In 2014, Pence and Indiana conservatives attempted to amend Indiana’s constitution to ban same-sex marriages. While some have praised Trump for his support for the LGBT community, Pence’s history of conservative positions related to gay rights have alarmed others. “The Constitution of the United States and the Indiana Constitution both provide strong recognition of the freedom of religion but today, many people of faith feel their religious liberty is under attack by government action,” Pence said at the time. “I would still have a problem with it because there’s no question, to mainstream homosexuality within active duty military would have an impact on unit cohesion would have an impact on recruitment, an impact on readiness, that’s been established and written about and chronicled for many many years,” he told MSNBC. And during his 2000 congressional run, Pence had a statement on his website that suggested support for conversion therapy, a controversial attempt to change people’s sexual orientation that has been dismissed and criticized by major health organizations. Some neighbors have put up rainbow flags since the Indiana governor moved in to protest what they call his anti-gay policy positions. Back in 2010, then-Congressman Pence also criticized efforts to repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” the federal policy banning openly gay Americans from serving in the military. Roughly half-dozen pride flags are outside of homes on the block where Pence lives and neighbors say more are on the way. (Credit: CNN)

Mike Pence’s Temporary Neighbors Put Up Rainbow Flags in Protest of Vice President-Elect’s Anti-Gay Policy Positions

Some Washington residents who disagree with Mike Pence's positions on gay rights are making their values known to their new neighbor. (Credit: CNN)

Some Washington residents who disagree with Mike Pence’s positions on gay rights are making their values known to their new neighbor. The business community — including Apple and the NCAA — protested the move, and some companies threatened to boycott Indiana. “Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior,” Pence’s website said. “I have no idea what (the vice president elect) will think about, but I hope he will change his mind,” she added. Some faith-based organizations also protested. “The federal government has not business getting involved in issues of this nature,” Pence said in a statement in May. The Disciples of Christ church group threatened to pull their convention out of Indianapolis. Some neighbors have put up rainbow flags since the Indiana governor moved in to protest what they call his anti-gay policy positions. Some Washington residents who disagree with Mike Pence's positions on gay rights are making their values known to their new neighbor. “I am confident that parents, teachers and administrators will continue to resolve these matters without federal mandates and in a manner that reflects the common sense and compassion of our state.”

-77.036871 Along with many other conservatives, Pence opposed Obama’s directive and said it was a state issue. The Indiana governor attracted significant national attention in March 2015 when he signed into law a measure that would allow businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers to protect the businesses “religious freedom.” Indiana was the first state to enact such a measure. Until he moves into the Naval Observatory after taking office, the vice president-elect is renting a $6,000-a-month home in Chevy Chase, a swanky neighborhood in the Northwest quadrant of the nation’s capital. It was not the first time Pence was involved in significant policy issues impacting the LGBT community. Pence’s spokesman recently told The New York Times that it is “patently false” that the vice president-elect supports conversion therapy. The flag represents a symbol of pride in the LGBT community. The flag represents a symbol of pride in the LGBT community. More recently, Pence pushed back on guidelines issued by President Barack Obama’s administration directing school districts to allow students to use the bathroom reserved for the gender in which they identify. Some neighbors have put up rainbow flags since the Indiana governor moved in to protest what they call his anti-gay policy positions. In April 2015, Pence signed a new version of the measure that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, a move that infuriated many of Indiana’s social conservatives.

Tech Report Test Drive: Chevy Bolt EV

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Rich was one of the first to test drive the Chevy Bolt E-V at the L.A. Follow KTLA Tech Reporter Rich DeMuro on Facebook or Twitter for cool apps, tech tricks & tips! Auto Show which was just named Motor Trend`s 2017 Car of the Year.

Man Sentenced to Prison in Connection With Fatal Stabbing of Transgender Woman in Van Nuys


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Man Turns Himself in to Police After Van Nuys Fire, Fatal Stabbing Death of Transgender Woman
Person Found Dead With Multiple Stab Wounds After Fire at Van Nuys Apartment Click here to read the full story on 31, 2015, slaying of Yasmin Vash Payne. (Credit: KTLA)

A Van Nuys man was sent to prison Thursday for fatally stabbing his live-in partner, a transgender woman, and torching their apartment. A transgender woman was found dead in an apartment after a fire in Van Nuys on Jan. 31, 2015. 19 of voluntary manslaughter and arson, according to Ricardo Santiago, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Ezekiel Jamal Dear, 27, was convicted Oct. (Credit: KTLA)

Man Sentenced to Prison in Connection With Fatal Stabbing of Transgender Woman in Van Nuys

A transgender woman was found dead in an apartment after a fire in Van Nuys on Jan. Dear appeared in Van Nuys Courthouse, where a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge imposed a prison term of 12 years and 8 months for the Jan. 31, 2015. Dear stabbed Payne, 33, several times before setting the apartment ablaze, prosecutors said.

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