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Oklahoma Man Arrested After 11-Year-Old Relative Finds Child Porn on Borrowed Apple Watch

Investigators also say Orozco was “manufacturing” child pornography by using hidden cameras to take videos of minors. Orefice said the girl who reported the photo on the Apple Watch did the right thing by telling her mom. David Orozco was booked on charges of possessing child pornography, manufacturing child pornography, and lewd acts with a child. In some videos, authorities say he can be seen testing out the cameras. According to the affidavit, Orozco said there were “likely more images of nude children still on his phone” and “he has looked at numerous images of nude children via the internet over the last year.”
“We located over 1,500 images of child pornography and I think, approximately, it was 210 videos,” Orefice said. “We went to the suspect’s business and asked him if he would come up here to the police department to give us a statement,” said Orefice. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
An Oklahoma man was arrested in Bethany after an 11-year-old girl made a disturbing discovery on the Apple Watch she borrowed from him, according to police. “An underage female, borrowed an iPhone watch from the suspect, not knowing there was child pornography on it,” Bethany Police Department Lt. Angelo Orefice told KTLA sister station KFOR in Oklahoma City. “Just by downloading and extracting his phone, we were able to get over 250 to 300 different names,” he said. According to court documents, Orozco loaned his 11-year-old relative his Apple Watch. “She was trying to text message and it came up.”
The girl told her mother and her mother called police. Through the investigation, authorities say a 13-year-old girl also told them that Orozco sexually assaulted her. 35.518668

Possible Rape Suspect Dies After Apparently Poisoning Himself at End of Pursuit in Ventura: CHP

-119.229032 A motorist who led CHP officers on a pursuit in Ventura County was found dead in his vehicle on the 101 Freeway in Ventura Wednesday morning, apparently after ingesting some type of poison, the California Highway Patrol said. 21, 2018. Officers approached the stopped vehicle and thought the driver had been shot, but soon realized no weapons had been fired, either by CHP or the suspect, according to Denharder. A suspect was found dead in a vehicle after a pursuit ended in Ventura on Feb. CHP pursued him into Ventura until he pulled over to the right shoulder just north of Seaward Avenue, he said. Instead, investigators believe he took some kind of poison. The discovery of the deceased man came about 9:45 a.m., more than two hours after LAPD contacted CHP to alert them about the suspect, the Ventura County Star reported. 1 and 2 northbound lanes have been shut down while CHP investigates, leaving only one lane open on that side of the highway. Then, the man’s car appeared to drift across all lanes of the northbound 101 Freeway until it ended up in the center divider. It was unclear how long the lane closures would last. Authorities have not identified the suspect, nor did they release any more details about the incident. KTLA’s Steve Bien contributed to this story. (Credit: KTLA)
The suspect, who was being sought by the Los Angeles Police Department as a “possible rapist,” was first spotted driving on the northbound 101 in Oxnard, according to CHP Officer Kevin Denharder. The Nos.

1 Person Dead After Fire in Tent Encampment in Ventura Riverbed

Firefighters arrived and extinguished the blaze, then searched the tent homes after reports that occupants were unaccounted for. One person was killed in a fire that destroyed three tent homes in the Santa Clara riverbed in Ventura early Wednesday morning, authorities said. One fatality was confirmed. Three tents were destroyed and a fourth was damaged.  


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Parents of Missing Ventura County 3-Year-Old Charged With Murder The tents were ablaze and the flames had spread to the surrounding brush when the Ventura Police Department responded to the fire at 2:48 a.m., according to a news release. The Santa Clara River is seen from the 101 Freeway near Ventura in a Google Maps image. The Ventura Police and Fire Department are investigating the circumstances of the fire. ×
1 Person Dead After Fire in Tent Encampment in Ventura Riverbed

The Santa Clara River is seen from the 101 Freeway near Ventura in a Google Maps image.

14 Arrested in Suspected Gambling Operation Bust in Westminster

Cameron Knauerhaze confirmed. 21, 2018. 33.759176
-117.989706 (Credit: OnScene.TV)
Officers with a warrant conducted a search of the Café Picasso Vietnamese restaurant located in the 15600 block of Brookhurst Street at about 1:30 a.m., Westminster Police Department Cmdr. “This type of activity attracts criminal element and it affects the quality of life for those wishing to conduct legal business and live peacefully in Westminster,” Knauerhaze stated. Officials seized multiple illegal gaming machines as part of the operation, according to Knauerhaze. Those arrested would be taken back to the station to determine what charges they may be facing, Sgt. The machines appeared to be large, arcade-style games, video from the scene showed. Knauerhaze said he hopes the arrests send a statement to other possible operations. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
More than a dozen men and women were taken into custody early Wednesday morning when authorities busted a suspected gambling operation in Westminster. Officers take more than a dozen people into custody following a gambling ring bust in Westminster on Feb. Scott Gump said. A total of 14 people were arrested and at least two firearms were found at the scene, according to Knauerhaze.

The “Netball” Craze

Netball has similarities to European Handball, Korfball and Ultimate Frisbee. To get involved as a player, volunteer, become a sponsor, or get Netball into your school, call (888)221.3650 or click HERE. There is no dribbling; no running with the ball; 7 players; ball passed within 3 seconds; ball & basket slightly smaller; no backboard; players designated to certain areas. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
The President of Netball America, Sonya Ottaway, joined us live to tell us all about this sport that’s becoming more and more popular in the U.S. Netball is similar to basketball although the rules, equipment and team numbers are different.

KTLA 360 Video: The 119th Golden Dragon Parade

Experience the festivities up close in 360 as part of KTLA’s #LAsVeryOwn series, powered by Jeep. 360 Video: The Golden Dragon Parade has danced down the streets of L.A.’s Chinatown to celebrate the Lunar New Year for 119 years. Live Steamers Railroad Museum
KTLA 360 Video: Peninsular Pronghorns at the L.A. Zoo
KTLA 360 Video: The Port of L.A. Showcasing local performers, the parade ends with a massive firecracker display to ward off evil spirits. 34.062334

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Cold Weather in Southern California is Prompting Residents to Bring Out Their Winter Coats

21, 2018. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
People are bundling up for winter weather in Southern California, where temperatures in Woodland Hills dipped to as low as 38 degrees. The National Weather Service put out a freeze warning for the Greater Southern California area which expired at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday. Wendy Burch reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Feb. 34.165357

When You Co-Sign For Someone, What Are Your Legal Rights?

  Please enable Javascript to watch this video
Legal Expert Alison Triessl joined Lu Parker and Glen Walker on the KTLA 5 News at 3p to discuss legal rights for people who have co-signed with a friend, family member or business partner.

L.A. Bureau of Sanitation Wants More Money for Homeless Encampment Sweeps

Because there can be multiple calls to clean up the same site, officials say there are far fewer than 6,000 encampments. Also, some of the requests may be closed if a preliminary visit shows no sign of a camp. Clean Streets Los Angeles, a program started by Mayor Eric Garcetti, has nearly 6,000 requests pending to clean encampments citywide, according to data through early February. 34.052234

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L.A. The city of Los Angeles has a mounting backlog of requests from the public to clean homeless encampments, prompting the city’s Bureau of Sanitation to seek millions of dollars more to pay for the sweeps. A Bureau of Sanitation report on the backlog released last week cites a rising homeless population and an informed public that increasingly knows how to call for cleanups. The city gets about 1,900 requests a month for cleanups, a nearly threefold increase over two years ago, according to the report. Read the full story on County Homeless Population Continues to Grow Despite Billions From Tax Measures
Judge Gives Permission for Officials to Begin Clearing Homeless Out of Santa Ana Riverbed

Moms Demand Action, a Gun Reform Group, Protests at Georgia State Capitol

The legislation deals with where you can carry guns. State Senator Alan Powell was at the rally. Constitution. “I worry for the future generation and the kids that are going to school and are afraid to go to school now. school in just 2018 alone. The teen survivors of the shootings are speaking out on gun legislation in the days since the attack. “I hear the concern with the Mothers Against Gun Violence,” said Powell. The group spoke out on three pieces of gun legislation. 33.748994
-84.388111 In Minnesota, a similar scene unfolded as a group of fliers urging lawmakers there to support common-sense gun safety policies was circulated. He says more needs to be done on the issue of mental health but has concerns about the U.S. The hundreds of people who attended seemed to have a mix of emotions of anger, frustration, fear and determination. The group was formed after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Tuesday, at the Missouri state capitol, a group protested for tighter gun regulations, speaking out on a proposed bill to allow students, faculty and staff to carry a firearm on a college campus. The demand in enrollment for the group has prompted the forming of another initiative called “Students Demand Action.”
The shootings in Parkland, Florida, became the 17th shooting incident at a U.S. They’re trying to send a message to lawmakers that gun legislation is a must, television station WGCL in Atlanta reported. So we need something in place to help those students,” said Nikki Colwell, who attended the rally. As the debate on gun legislation continues to dominate conversation after a school shooting in Florida left 17 dead, the group “Moms Demand Action” hit the steps of the state capitol in protest on Wednesday. “But a lot of us have more concerns about the rights, the constitutional rights to have a weapon.”
The group “Moms Demand Action” has reportedly grown by more than 70,000 members since the deadly shootings in Parkland, Florida on February 14.

‘I’m Not a Crisis Actor’: Florida Student Responds to Trending YouTube Video’s Claim

It’s not the first time such allegations have surfaced. 1 trending video Wednesday morning until it was taken down following a CNN inquiry. It was the No. “He seemed unpredictable.”
YouTube later removed the video, saying the description on the post violated its policy on “harassment and bullying.”
“This video should never have appeared in Trending,” YouTube said in a statement. A top trending video on YouTube Wednesday suggested an outspoken survivor of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is an actor. Calls by student David Hogg for stricter gun laws in the days after last week’s massacre have made him the subject of smear campaigns and demonstrably false conspiracy theories. Some have suggested that Hogg’s father, a former FBI agent, coached his son to criticize President Donald Trump — an allegation that Donald Trump Jr. After the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, some conspiracy theorists said the massacre was staged by the government and accused victims’ families of being paid actos. “Because the video contained footage from an authoritative news source, our system misclassified it.”
The video-sharing site’s statement added: “As soon as we became aware of the video, we removed it from Trending and from YouTube for violating our policies. Hogg, 17, and many of his classmates have been outspoken about the need for stricter gun laws since they witnessed the massacre of 17 students and staff members at their Florida high school last week. “We felt threatened,” Hogg tells the reporter, speaking of his friend’s encounter with the lifeguard. “I’m someone who had to witness this and live through this and I continue to be having to do that.”
He added, “I’m not acting on anybody’s behalf.”

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The YouTube video, captioned “DAVID HOGG THE ACTOR,” is of a local television report from Southern California in which a young surfer gets into an argument with a Redondo Beach lifeguard after the youth is criticized for placing his boogie board on top of a trash can. 27.664827

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Florida Representative’s Aide Fired After Claiming High School Shooting Survivors Are Actors “I’m not a crisis actor,” Hogg told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on “AC360” Tuesday. Memes and other YouTube videos have surfaced with outlandish claims the students are anti-gun “actors” who travel around the country to the sites of mass shootings. We are working to improve our systems moving forward.”

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Still, other videos calling Hogg a crisis actor were still up on the video-sharing site. appeared to endorse on Twitter.

Tuesday Forecast: More Cold Weather

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Look for more cold temperatures as our weather system moves out of the area Tuesday. 34.052234
-118.243685 20, 2018. Henry DiCarlo has KTLA’s forecast on Feb.

The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing With Daniel H. Pink

The book is available on online and on Daniel Pink’s website. Why are sports teams that are slightly behind at halftime more likely to win? What is the ideal work schedule? Daniel can discuss why you should never have surgery in the afternoon? Please enable Javascript to watch this video
New York Times Best Selling Author, Daniel H. Why lunch, not breakfast, is the most important meal of the day? Pink,  joined us live to talk about his new book, “When – the Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing.” In “When”, Daniel shows us the essential keys to timing our decisions and actions so that we can thrive both personally and professionally. You can also follow Daniel on Facebook or Twitter. And so much more.

Water Main Break Floods Street in Hollywood Hills Area

Wendy Burch reports for the KTLA 5 Morning News on Feb. 34.117660
-118.352039 20, 2018. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
A 12-inch water main broke overnight, causing a portion of Cahuenga Boulevard near Odin Street to flood Tuesday morning.