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Dramatic Photos Show Goose Attacking High School Golfer on Michigan Golf Course

-84.037166 “They were aware of a goose nest on their left which they were looking at but not bothering when from behind them and to the right came the guard goose (protecting the nest).”
Then came a rather alarming escalation. @Madison_Golf @BlissfieldGolf
— Blissfield Athletics (@BlissAthletics) April 22, 2018

As Couling attempted to flee the chaos he tripped, allowing the goose a clear coup de grâce. And you thought golf was boring? By all accounts, Couling was fine — as he told the Detroit News, “I did par that hole. Said Blissfield Athletics on Twitter: “And you thought golf was boring?”
Devon Pitts of Blissfield was the photographer who caught the inspiring and terrifying moment of nature in action. “The group just finished teeing off on hole #7 and were walking down the fairway,” Babbitt told CNN in an email. CNN has reached out to Couling for further comment but has not yet heard back. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
A high school golfer was upended on a golf course near Blissfield, Michigan, recently, in an incident that gained attention after photos of it were posted on social media. The Blissfield Athletics Twitter account explained that Couling was caught off guard by the charging bird as he was keeping an eye on another goose. Isaac Couling, a member of the Concord High School golf team, was competing in the Madison Tournament at the World Creek Golf Course in Adrian, Michigan, when the 16-year-old was attacked, according to Blissfield Golf Coach Steve Babbitt. “You can say [she] was at the right place at the right time,” Babbitt said.

Police Didn’t Give Medical Aid to Diante Yarber After Shooting Him in Barstow Walmart Parking Lot, Family Lawyer Alleges

Read the full story on Times: L.A. Barstow police have insisted their officers opened fire after Yarber shifted into reverse and hit a patrol car. The scene of a fatal police shooting in a Barstow Walmart parking lot is taped off on April 5, 2018. An attorney for the family of a black man who was shot to death by Barstow police said that an independent autopsy reveals Diante Yarber was struck by at least 10 rounds before he asphyxiated on his own blood. They say he accelerated again toward officers standing near their vehicles. Barstow police failed to render medical aid after Diante Yarber shooting, family lawyer alleges
— L.A. Lee Merritt also told reporters Monday that witnesses say officers never attempted to render aid to the dying man. Now (@LANow) April 24, 2018



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Family of Man Fatally Shot by Police in Barstow Walmart Parking Lot Says Gunfire Was Excessive
1 Killed, 1 Wounded by Police Gunfire in Barstow Walmart Parking Lot: Sheriff’s Officials Yarber, 26, was behind the wheel of a black Ford Mustang in a Walmart parking lot when officers fired 30 rounds at the vehicle on April 5. (Credit: Victor Valley News Group)
Family attorney S.

NRA Supporters Target Yeti Coolers, Blowing Them up on Video in Protest Over Canceled Discounts

“Here’s the famous YETI,” he said of the high-end ice chest. “So this is what I think of YETI,” he said, and opened fire. Gov. “When we notified the NRA Foundation and the other organizations of this change, YETI explained that we were offering them an alternative customization program broadly available to consumers and organizations, including the NRA Foundation. “This YETI ain’t ready.”
After his friends drove the cooler to the middle of the field, Atkinson got down on one knee, readied his rifle and fired. That certainly isn’t sportsmanlike. They loaded their weapons in a North Carolina field and fired at the Tannerite-filled cooler, blasting it into bits. The stunt, posted online Monday, is just one of a number of instances of National Rifle Association supporters destroying their YETI-branded coolers, mugs and related products in recent days amid a controversy over the company’s perceived lack of support for gun owners. “There’s the famous 22 pounds of Tannerite,” he said, referring to the explosives often used for firearms practice. “They will only say they will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation. In another video Joe Krawtschenko of Aegis Tactical in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, admitted his YETI coffee mug actually works pretty well. Three days later, YETI slammed that statement as “inaccurate” on its Facebook page. Why NRA supporters are mad
YETI products are popular among those who love the outdoors and a cool (or hot) drink, making them a favorite with hunters, fishermen, campers and tailgaters. He then opened the top of the cooler, revealing a duct-taped cardboard box. Rallying around the hashtag #YetiCoolerChallenge, they posted videos of themselves using guns to destroy YETI products. 33.836081

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L.A. “(If) YETI can’t stand behind the NRA, I ain’t standing behind YETI no more,” he said in the video. The outcry comes after many companies, including banks, rental car agencies and airlines, severed ties with the powerful gun lobby in the wake of February’s mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. Councilman Wants to Cut Ties With Companies Linked to NRA
NRA Claims March for Our Lives Was Organized by ‘Gun-Hating Billionaires and Hollywood Elites’
‘Gun Control Saves Lives’: Lt. Most of the company’s coolers sell for hundreds of dollars, and the most expensive option costs $1,300. NRA supporters’ problem with YETI started Friday when former NRA president Marion Hammer wrote a letter on behalf of the NRA-Institute for Legislative Action, saying that YETI had suddenly and without prior notice declined to do business with the NRA Foundation. Videos show YETI coolers and mugs being destroyed
But for some gun owners, that statement was too little, too late. In one video posted Monday, the users behind the YouTube account Camo4x4s stood next to a soon-to-be-destroyed YETI cooler with guns perched on their shoulders. With Facebook Live already rolling, Bryan Atkinson stepped out of a pickup truck into an empty South Carolina field and spoke to the camera. These facts directly contradict the inaccurate statement the NRA-ILA distributed on April 20,” YETI said. Gavin Newsom Touts Gun Reform Law Prop 63 While Addressing Protestors in Santa Ana “So we do not support YETI,” another adds. The company said it notified the NRA Foundation and a number of other organizations that they were eliminating outdated discounts. In fact, YETI should be ashamed,” Hammer wrote. With a resounding boom, the remains of the cooler exploded into the air. But the company’s NRA decision had changed his mind on using the mug, he said. The company went on to defend its record of supporting hunters and others who love the outdoors. “Moreover, YETI is unwavering in our belief in and commitment to the Constitution of the United States and its Second Amendment,” the company wrote. “YETI does not support the NRA,” one woman says.

World’s First Successful Penis and Scrotum Transplant Performed on Wounded Veteran in Maryland

“Genitourinary injury, where the male service members’ external genitalia are lost or severely damaged, is one such ‘unspoken injury of war.’ ”
In order to perform the transplant, the team had to obtain the necessary tissues — consisting of a penis, scrotum and part of the lower abdominal wall — from a deceased donor, according to Dr. “While war injuries cause great suffering, disfigurement and disability, they have also provided the impetus for medical discoveries,” said Dr. The transplant is an example of a type of procedure called vascularized composite allotransplantation, or VCA. He is up walking, and the graft shows no signs of infection or rejection,” Redett said. During the procedure, three arteries, four veins and two nerves were connected under microscopic guidance in order to provide adequate blood flow and sensation to the transplanted tissue, Redett said. VCA refers to the transplantation of multiple types of tissue such as skin, muscle and bone, according to the American Society of Transplantation. Rick Redett, clinical director of the Johns Hopkins genitourinary transplant program and another surgeon on the case. “We performed multiple surgical rehearsals of transplant in cadavers. “In 2013, we assembled a team of plastic surgeons, urologists, transplant specialists, psychologists and bioethicists and began the preparation for genitourinary transplantation,” he said. “While extremity amputations are visible and resultant disability obvious, some war injuries are hidden and their impact not widely appreciated by others,” Lee added. “Since 2009, New England Donor Services has requested and received permission 13 times from families for VCA donation resulting in the transplant of 19 VCA grafts,” she added. “To perform the transplant, we procured the necessary tissue from the donor to restore normal anatomy in the recipient,” Redett said in a statement. “Just over five years ago, the first quadruple amputee survivor in Iraq, US Army Sgt. New England Donor Services is a federally designated organization that helps to coordinate organ and tissue transplants in the Northeast region, according to Glazier. W.P. According to Lee, the transplant serves as the culmination of over five years of research and collaboration between multiple medical disciplines at Johns Hopkins. “Our patient is recovering from the transplant well. Andrew Lee, chairman of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins University and one of the surgeons in the case, in a news briefing. The world’s first successful total penis and scrotum transplant was completed at Johns Hopkins Hospital on March 26, according to a news release issued Monday. Eric Lund, who lost both arms just below his shoulders from a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.”
Nearly one month after the procedure, the penis transplant recipient appears to be recovering well and is expected to be discharged later this week, according to Redett. Brendan Marrocco, received a double arm transplant at Johns Hopkins,” Lee said. As a family, we are very supportive of all the men and women who serve our country and grateful for the job you did for this nation.”

-76.612189 (Credit: Courtesy of Johns Hopkins Medicine)
The procedure lasted 14 hours and involved nine plastic surgeons, two urological surgeons and a team of anesthesiologists, nurses and surgical technicians, according to the release. We are so thankful to say that our loved one would be proud and honored to know he provided such a special gift to you. The transplant recipient, who wished to remain anonymous, is a young US serviceman who sustained injuries to his lower pelvis, lower abdominal wall and lower extremities in an improvised explosive device blast while serving in Afghanistan. “It is our hope that such a life-enhancing transplant will allow him to regain urinary and sexual function and lead a more normal life.”
After the announcement of the surgery, the donor’s family, which also was not mentioned by name, also released a statement thanking the recipient for his service: “We are all very proud that our loved one was able to help a young man that served this country. Members of the medical team who performed the first successful penis and scrotum transplant at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. “These life-changing VCA transplants can only occur when a donor family looks past their grief and gives to someone in need,” said Alexandra Glazier, president of New England Donor Services, in a statement. But the current case is the first to include transplantation of the scrotum and parts of the lower abdominal wall, according to Lee. The term often refers to the transplantation of body parts such as arms, hands, faces and — now — genitals. We took notes of what we learned, refined our techniques and devised a plan for both graft procurement and transplantation.”
In 2014, the first successful penis transplant was performed in South Africa by a team of physicians at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town and Tygerberg Hospital. “And just over five months ago, our team transplanted two new arms into Army National Guard Sgt. “In this case, we worked closely with our colleagues at the Living Legacy Foundation, the organ procurement organization serving most of Maryland, to facilitate and coordinate the recovery of this unique donation for transplant by the Hopkins team.”
According to Lee, the Comprehensive Transplant Center at Johns Hopkins has been a pioneer in many of the recent advancements in VCA procedures.

‘I Couldn’t Fight Him Off’: Andrea Constand Testifies She Was Awaken by Bill Cosby Sexually Assaulting Her

“No,” she replied. Before the alleged assault, she never asked him for money — beyond reimbursement for a train ticket — and thanked him for professional connections he’d helped her make by buying him Temple gear, including hats, T-shirts and sweatshirts, Constand testified. “He got the picture.”
After that encounter — but before the early 2004 incident — “I had no question about my ability to fend off a person that was hitting on me or making a sexual advance on me,” Constand testified. Cosby was a Temple trustee and alumnus. She didn’t call him back, she testified. During a spirited cross-examination, Cosby’s defense attorney, Tom Mesereau, asked why a passage in Dickinson’s 2002 book about the Lake Tahoe visit does not say she and Cosby had sex. Other women describe ‘prior bad acts’
Constand is Cosby’s chief accuser in a case that lacks virtually any forensic evidence. His first trial ended last year in a mistrial after a Pennsylvania jury couldn’t come to a unanimous decision. Andrea Constand, the key witness in Bill Cosby’s retrial on indecent assault charges, testified Friday that she drank wine and took three blue pills at Cosby’s urging in January 2004, then lost consciousness and, sometime later, was “jolted awake” to find the entertainer sexually assaulting her. “Were you able to verbalize and tell him to stop?” state prosecutor Kristen Feden asked Constand. “I felt his fingers going inside of my vagina, going in and out, very forcefully,” she said. In describing the alleged assault at Cosby’s home near Philadelphia, Constand explained that after she took the blue pills, she felt “very weak” and was “slurring my words.” Cosby “placed me on the sofa on my left side, and he put a pillow under my head and said just relax there,” she said. “It says possible intercourse, but you didn’t tell them that?” Mesereau asked. I couldn’t say anything. And I was really confused,” Constand added. “I wasn’t under oath when I wrote that book,” she testified. 41.203322

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Janice Dickinson Testifies She Remembers Feeling ‘Anger, Disgust and Ashamed’ After Alleged Rape by Bill Cosby Constand is expected to retake the stand Monday when court resumes. Mesereau asked Constand whether she told police that Cosby had “inflicted possible intercourse” on her the night of the alleged assault, as it says in one police report. I was trying to get my hands to move, my legs to move and the message just wasn’t getting there. Constand’s testimony came on the ninth day of Cosby’s retrial on three charges of aggravated indecent assault. Recounting that phone conversation, Constand said, “‘You put your fingers inside my vagina, and you touched my breasts, and you took my hand and put it on your penis,’” she testified. “My life was never the same,” she said. “He was also a community leader, … and that made him a very well-respected person at Temple, and I was grateful for (him) helping me in any way that he did.”
Bill Cosby departs the Montgomery County Courthouse after a preliminary hearing, May 24, 2016, in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Cosby’s defense attorneys have worked to point out inconsistencies in their stories. Constand said she has no further legal action pending against Cosby, who, in that case, admitted he got prescription sedatives to give to women with whom he wanted to have sex. “I wanted to hit him, I wanted to punch him in the face,” Dickinson said. Cosby had sexually violated me, that he had given me three blue pills and he had sexually violated me without my consent,” Constand testified. Among the “prior bad acts” witnesses was TV star and supermodel Janice Dickinson, who testified Thursday that she confronted Cosby and wanted to strike him after she said he drugged her and raped her in 1982 at a hotel in Lake Tahoe. Heidi Thomas, Chelan Lasha, Janice Baker-Kinney and Lise-Lotte Lublin have each testified over the past few days that Cosby incapacitated them with drugs or wine and then assaulted them in separate incidents decades ago. “He smelled like cigars and espresso and his body odor,” she said. Defense looks for inconsistencies
Following an afternoon break, Cosby defense attorney Tom Mesereau began his cross-examination of Constand by asking her about inconsistencies in her statements to police about the alleged assault. Cosby has said their sex was consensual, and has pleaded not guilty. Over the next months, Constand and Cosby spoke “just to check in with sport and scores,” she said, noting that such interaction was part of her job at Temple. I was weak, I was limp and I couldn’t fight him off.”
Andrea Constand, plaintiff for the Bill Cosby trial, arrives at the Montgomery County Courthouse for the sixth day of his sexual assault retrial on April 16, 2018, in Norristown, Penn. “I can remember feeling anger, disgust, and ashamed.”
Dickinson, now 63, said Cosby gave her a blue pill shortly before she began to feel lightheaded and had trouble speaking. “My thoughts were that he was a well-respected Temple advocate and trustee,” she told the court. Constand also gave Cosby’s phone number to her mother, she testified. After that, Constand called two lawyers in Pennsylvania to discuss the incident and reported it to police, she said. Constand why are you here?” Feden asked the chief witness on Friday. Then, a year after the alleged assault, Constand “woke up crying,” she testified. Constand said she considered Cosby a mentor from whom she sought career advice. Cosby’s defense attorneys argued this week that Constand was a con artist obsessed with Cosby’s fame and money. (Credit: Matt Rourke-Pool/Getty Images)
That said, Constand “thought it was a little bit absurd, given that Mr. She sipped the tea, took the top of the muffin and drove herself home. Constand said she did not. “I wanted it to stop. “I was mistaken,” Constand said in response. Constand aims ‘for justice’
Leading up to Constand’s retelling of the alleged assault, the former Temple University employee on Friday traced her relationship with Cosby, whom she said she met while handling operations for the school’s women’s basketball team. Constand began her testimony Friday as prosecutors this week opened their case: by acknowledging that Cosby paid her $3.38 million as part of a civil settlement. Prosecutors in his retrial were allowed to seek testimony from as many as five other women who claim Cosby also drugged and assaulted them. Replied Constand: “For justice.”
‘My life was never the same’
Cosby, who is 80 and legally blind, hung his head as Constand testified and gave no visible reaction. Several other women told jurors this week they believe Cosby drugged and molested them. “I couldn’t move, I felt like I was rendered motionless.”
“Here was America’s dad on top of me, happily married man with five children and how very wrong it was,” she said. Cosby was just a little bit younger than my grandfather, he was a married man,” she testified. After some back and forth about whether there was time to pursue certain lines of questioning, the parties decided to go home a little early instead. Cosby then got on top her, she testified. “The next thing I recall is, um, I was kind of jolted awake, and felt Mr. Constand offered brief details of seven social encounters she had with Cosby before the alleged assault, including one in which she said he put his hand on her thigh and another when she said he tried to “unbutton my button on my pants.”
“I mentioned that I wasn’t here for that, and he respectfully stopped and we never talked about it again,” Constand said of the latter incident. Testimony for the day ended as the lawyer was questioning her about her job at Temple and whether she had complained about the pay and tried to make additional money through other sources. “I felt my breasts being touched, and he took my hand and placed my hand on his penis and masturbated himself with my hand. “Ms. “My next memory was getting up off the couch, seeing, my bra was up around my neck and my pants were kind of half unzipped,” Constand continued. Cosby on the couch beside me, behind me, and my vagina was being penetrated quite forcefully,” Constand testified. Their stories aimed to bolster prosecutors’ argument that Cosby’s attack on Constand wasn’t a singular error but part of a pattern of misbehavior. Cosby called us back the next day,” she said, and “admitted” to what he did and apologized to her and her mother. “Mr. The defense raised the same issue with Constand during her testimony in Cosby’s first trial. “And after a very short time on the telephone with my mom there, he eventually apologized for what he did.”
Constand said she then received several voicemail messages from Cosby representatives, including the comedian’s one-time attorney, Marty Singer, who spoke about setting up an education fund for Constand. I called my mother and I told her just what had happened to me in 15 words or less.”
“I told her Mr. (Credit: Dominick Reuter-Pool/Getty Images)
“I was really humiliated. I was in shock. Constand said she also spoke with Cosby to arrange tickets for her family to attend one of his shows. “That’s correct,” she said. And I was not able to do a thing to fight back. Mesereau noted that one report said the alleged assault took place in March, while other police reports said it occurred in January. “I had to kind of get myself together … and started walking toward the door.”
Cosby told her there was a muffin and tea on the table, Constand testified. “I had a really bad dream.

‘My Parents Are Grateful I’m Still Alive,’ Says Hawaii Shark Attack Victim Who Also Survived Bear and Rattlesnake Bites

I didn’t know where the shark was, and I didn’t know if he would come after me again,” he told the Star-Advertiser. The bear bit his skull, grabbed his head and dragged him about 12 feet from where he was sleeping. Dylan McWilliams, 20 of Grand Junction, Colorado, was bitten by a shark Thursday while swimming off the island of Kauai. The bear was later euthanized. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
A Colorado man attacked by a shark in Hawaii last week also survived earlier encounters with a bear and a rattlesnake, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported. The Star-Advertiser reported McWilliams was also bitten by a rattlesnake while hiking in Utah about 3 1/2 years ago. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

-159.526124 This was not McWilliams’ first painful bite from a wild animal. McWilliams said he believes a tiger shark bit him. He suffered several cuts to his leg, KTLA sister station KDVR in Denver reported on Saturday. In fact, it was his third. In July, he was attacked by a bear in Colorado. “That was the scariest part. “My parents are grateful I’m still alive,” he told the newspaper.

Marijuana Growers and Manufacturers Have Yet to Get Approval from City of Los Angeles

(Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)
More than 100 shops have already gotten city approval in Los Angeles, but not the companies that have historically furnished them with cannabis, which were supposed to be second in line under a complex set of city regulations passed in December. As 4/20 rolled around Friday — the informal holiday for pot enthusiasts — there was no official word on when that would happen. L.A. Months after California legalized the marijuana business, pot growers and manufacturers lament that they are still locked out of the legal industry in Los Angeles. That has aggravated marijuana growers, manufacturers and other cannabis companies seeking to do business legally in Los Angeles. had originally planned to finish processing their applications by April but has not even started accepting that paperwork. Brown: California Could See a $643M Marijuana Tax Haul in First Full Year of Legalization
City Councilman Mitch Englander Calls for Marijuana ‘Amnesty Boxes’ at LAX Read the full story on In this file photo from December, L.A. City Council President Herb Wesson speaks before a vote on new municipal regulations for the marijuana industry. Legal Weed Industry Generated $9B in Revenue in 2017
Gov. Under California law, they cannot get state licenses if they do not have local authorization. And if they don’t have a state license, it is illegal for newly licensed shops to buy their products. 34.052234

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Tenn. Waffle House Shooting Suspect Had Guns Taken Away Twice — Once After Breaching White House Security Barrier

The rifle stayed in the vehicle and no one at the pool asked to press charges, the officer said in the report. “This is an informational report showing the state of mind of Travis Reinking,” the report said. An officer also called Reinking’s father, who was out of state. The pool director told the responding officer that a man in his 20s barged into the pool wearing a pink women’s housecoat, the report states. 35.517491

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Tennessee Waffle House Shooting Suspect Taken Into Custody
Suspected Gunman in Waffle House Shooting Showed Delusional Behavior, Thought Taylor Swift Was Stalking Him Officers gave the firearms and ammo to Reinking’s father, who said he would keep them away from his son, the report states. Reinking, 29, owns at least four firearms, and he’s had his guns taken away from him at least twice. Jeffrey Reinking told the officer he had taken three rifles and a handgun away from his son before and locked them up “when Travis was having problems,” the report states. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
Travis Reinking, the suspect in the Nashville-area Waffle House shooting that left four people dead, was still at large Monday after being added to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s “Top 10 Most Wanted” list. Reinking was living in an apartment above his father’s business, a crane-rental company in Tremont, Illinois. Authorities are warning the public to keep their doors locked and eyes open while he is on the loose. Of those four weapons, one was the Bushmaster AR-15-style rifle recovered from the shooting scene at the Waffle House. The swimming pool incident
The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released this photo of 29-year-old Travis Reinking, who is a suspect in a shooting that took place at a Waffle House in the Nashville area on April 22, 2018. He was arrested in early July 2017 in Washington, DC, after he breached a White House security barrier and told the US Secret Service he wanted to meet with President Trump. Later in the day, the officer said in his report, “I called back Jeff Reinking and advised him of what happened and when he gets back home he might want to lock the guns back up until Travis gets mental help, which he stated he would.”
The White House incident
Reinking’s guns were taken away again a few months later. The employee told police that Reinking yelled, “Is this what you f—ing want?” before he threw his rifle in his vehicle’s trunk and left. The two other guns could still be in Reinking’s possession, police said. Another firearm was recovered Sunday from Reinking’s one-bedroom apartment. Police also fear he’s still armed with a rifle and a handgun. In August, the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office seized four firearms and ammunition from Reinking’s apartment along with his state firearm owners identification, according to an incident report. The man dove into the pool, took off the coat and swam around in his underwear. “The officers did not believe they had any legal authority to withhold the weapons,” said Tazewell County Sheriff Robert Huston on Sunday. After his arrest, the FBI and the Secret Service coordinated with local law enforcement to investigate Reinking and remove firearms from his possession, said Matthew Espenshade, Assistant Special Agent in Charge of FBI’s Nashville office. Later that day, the Tremont Police Department responded to a call at a public pool, according to another incident report. The first time, Reinking’s guns were apparently taken away by his own father. When he got out of the pool, he shouted at lifeguards that he was a man and exposed his genitals to them, the report states. An employee at the business called the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office in June 2017 to report that Reinking came down from his apartment wearing a pink dress and holding a rifle, an incident report states. Meanwhile, several members of the Tazewell County Sheriff’s Office went to the crane-rental business to speak with Reinking. “We need to be on solid legal ground in order to seize someone’s property.”
Investigators now believe that Jeffrey Reinking returned the guns to his son.

Driver Arrested After Multiple Pedestrians Struck in Downtown L.A.

Just after the crash, investigators had said possibly five people were injured. A man is in custody Monday morning after he struck several pedestrians with his vehicle following a dispute in downtown Los Angeles, according to Los Angeles Police Department officials. The driver suspected in the crash was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, LAPD Officer Madison said. (Credit: OnScene.TV)
The incident was reported just before 2:30 a.m. He said the driver then plowed into the five of them. Authorities investigate a crash that left multiple pedestrians injured in downtown Los Angeles on April 23, 2018. Video from the scene showed a white vehicle involved in the incident had come to a stop after crashing into a fence. KTLA’s Alexandria Hernandez and Alberto Mendez contributed to this report. Earlier in the day, the crash had only been described as “potentially intentional,” as it was still being investigated, LAPD Sgt. Pazzulla said. 34.052234
-118.243685 near the intersection of East Cesar Chavez Avenue and North Vignes Street. He may have been parked and resting just before getting into a dispute with a group of pedestrians, Sgt. Custard said the pedestrians “made contact” with the driver and then a dispute began, though he didn’t say what it was about. Kevin Custard said.

These States Are Observing Confederate Memorial Day Today

A Georgia lawmaker tried to revive Confederate Memorial Day in name in 2017. In Georgia the day has been called “State Holiday” since 2015, when Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. “I’m troubled that in a state made up of 40% people of color, our leadership continues to openly sanction the use of taxpayer funds to endorse a neo-Confederate agenda,” Mississippi Rising Coalition President Lea Campbell said last year in a Facebook post promoting protests of the holiday. Lee’s birthday were struck from the state calendar. It’s been nearly 153 years since the Confederate Army surrendered to Union forces, ending the American Civil War. But it sought to recognize the “four-year struggle for states’ rights, individual freedom and local government control.”
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant issued a proclamation in 2016 declaring April as Confederate Heritage Month in his state. A year later he signed another proclamation with similar language and declared April 24 Confederate Memorial Day to “honor those who served in the confederacy.”
“It is important for all Americans to reflect upon our nation’s past, to gain insight from our mistakes and successes, and to come to a full understanding that the lessons learned yesterday and today will carry us through tomorrow if we carefully and earnestly strive to understand and appreciate our heritage and our opportunities which lie before us,” the proclamation reads. The proposal, which did not gain traction, made no direct reference to slavery or the Civil War. Amid backlash, he defended the proclamation, saying “history deserves study and reflection, no matter how unpleasant or complicated parts of it may be,” according to his spokesman. (Credit: Hal Yeager/Getty Images)
Some Southern states still commemorate those who died fighting for secession from the United States over slavery and states’ rights. State government offices are closed today in Mississippi and Alabama for Confederate Memorial Day. The state holiday list says the official holiday is April 26, but this year it is being observed today. The change in Georgia came amid debate in the South over what to do with Confederate symbols after the killings of nine black parishioners in a Charleston, South Carolina, church, by a white supremacist in 2015. But historically, some residents of these states have taken issue with the holiday. In some parts of the South, the debate has prompted a counter-effort to honor Southern heritage and preserve symbols of the Confederacy. A monument to volunteers of the Army of the Republic stands next to a confederate monument covered up by the mayor of Birmingham in Linn Park August 18, 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama. “It is time to move forward,” she wrote. “We can be proud Southerners and honor our heritage and the sacrifices made by our ancestors without use of taxpayer funds to promote a racially unjust agenda.”

In Reversal, Sen. Kamala Harris Announces She Will Reject Corporate PAC Cash

So I’ve actually made a decision since I had that conversation that I’m not going to accept corporate PAC checks. It also means that all five of the Senate’s top potential candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination — including Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts — have said they will not accept corporate PAC cash. “It doesn’t make it wrong.”
She continued, acknowledging the legitimacy of his concerns, then explaining her thinking. “I think that money has had such an outside influence on politics, and especially with the Supreme Court determining Citizens United, which basically means that big corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money influencing our campaigns, right? “I appreciate the reason that you’re asking it. I just, I’m not.”
In Sacramento earlier this month, Harris demurred when an audience member asked if she would say “Thanks, but no thanks” to a “corporation or a corporate lobbyist (who) wants to give you money for a campaign.”
“Well, it depends,” Harris replied. (Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
The decision marks a reversal from Harris, who refused at a town hall in Sacramento earlier this month to swear off corporate donations. When asked by co-host Charlamagne Tha God about her earlier response, Harris said she had reconsidered. “And that’s why we have rules that require that any donation that anyone receives needs to be disclosed. Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. California Sen. Kamala Harris, D- California, listens to witnesses during a hearing about the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill on March 14, 2018. And I thought about it afterwards,” Harris said. We’re all supposed to have an equal vote, but money has now really tipped the balance between an individual having equal power in an election to a corporation. Kamala Harris will join other leading Democrats in rejecting corporate PAC money, she announced in an interview on Monday. Harris publicized her new position during a visit, taped Friday, with “The Breakfast Club,” a New York radio show. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York and Cory Booker of New Jersey. “I was asked that question (at the town hall) and I wasn’t expecting the question. “It depends.”
His arms crossed at the waist, her questioner declared this the “wrong answer.”
“Well, that’s not the answer you want to hear,” Harris said. So that you can do an assessment, and the voters can do an assessment, and look at where the contributions come from and make your decisions about whether those contributions have influenced the way that people act and the way that people vote.”
But her position rankled the party’s increasingly influential progressive wing. They promised to forswear corporate PAC money in separate announcements, just a few hours apart (Gillibrand going first), back on February 13. 36.778261
-119.417932 The RNC website still has a page up, with the clip, titled, “Corporate Kamala.”
Harris’ decision follows those of her colleagues and fellow 2020 Democratic presidential prospects Sens. I do appreciate that,” Harris said. Republicans pounced, too, with the conservative America Rising PAC emailing out video and a transcript of the exchange to reporters.

Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s Pick to Be Secretary of State, Faces Key Senate Committee Vote

Need more Republicans!” Trump tweeted. This has been discussed among some Democrats, however, aides say that as of this point, almost certainly will not occur. Doug Jones of Alabama and independent Sen. “Hard to believe Obstructionists May vote against Mike Pompeo for Secretary of State. RELATED: Pompeo sets an irreversible course to meet Kim that Trump may not want
There’s a difference between voting against a nominee and blocking other, non-committee senators from their own vote on the floor, the aides point out. Trump tweeted about the opposition Pompeo in the hours before his vote. Joe Donnelly of Indiana released a statement supporting Pompeo. Sen. Pompeo can still — and is expected to — advance for a full floor vote, where his supporters believe he’ll be able to advance, as three Senate Democrats have said they’ll vote for him. They are maxing out the time on approval process for all, never happened before. That means even if Sen. The Dems will not approve hundreds of good people, including the Ambassador to Germany. Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican who has voiced concerns about Pompeo, ends up voting no, Pompeo should still be able to win confirmation. But Republicans have countered that the opposition is driven far more by Democratic dislike for the President than the nominee himself. There are two other currently undecided senators who caucus with the Democrats who are viewed as on the fence and possible yes votes: Sen. Of the committee’s 21 members, all 10 Democrats plus one Republican, Sen. Joe Manchin, a West Virginia Democrat, tweeted Monday that he’d support Pompeo as well. It’s something supporters have touted as another example of why Pompeo is ready for the job as the country’s top diplomat. Rand Paul of Kentucky, have said they’ll vote against him. That means if all who are opposed to the nomination are opposed to sending it to the floor at all, even unfavorably, Pompeo has a really big problem. Heidi Heitkamp, a North Dakota Democrat, is a “yes,” which means he’d have the votes if all other Republicans — minus Paul — vote in favor. Angus King of Maine. Sen.  


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CIA Director Mike Pompeo Secretly Met With Kim Jong Un in North Korea: Source
Trump Fires Rex Tillerson, Names CIA Director Mike Pompeo as Next Secretary of State Democrats, for their part, have raised concerns with what they view as Pompeo’s hawkish posture on foreign policy and lack of willingness to stand up to Trump, who has a well documented close relationship with the current CIA chief. Several senior Democratic aides CNN has spoken to say it’s unlikely that path will be pursued. In the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, however, the numbers on the panel are against him. As for the full Senate vote, senior GOP aides are comfortable Pompeo will win enough support in his floor vote, after three Democrats said they’ll vote for him. Keep an eye on this piece of protocol: the committee technically has to approve sending the nomination to the floor unfavorably. That puts Pompeo in line for a historic distinction: the first secretary of state nominee not to win a favorable recommendation from the committee, according to the Senate Historian’s office. And shortly after, Sen. President Donald Trump’s pick to be secretary of state faces a key committee vote Monday evening, where Mike Pompeo is not expected to have enough support for a favorable recommendation, a distinction not seen before in recorded US history for a nominee to be the nation’s top diplomat. Pompeo, a former congressman who graduated first in his class from the US military academy and received a degree from Harvard law, has moved into a central role in the Trump administration’s negotiations with North Korea, secretly meeting with the country’s reclusive leader Kim Jong Un earlier in the month.

After Losing 2 Sons in One Night to Opioids, Indiana Mother Makes It Her Life’s Work to Fight the Crisis

Keeping their memory alive
After their first speaking engagement, more speaking requests came in. “Everything just kind of seemed like a blur that day,” Becky Savage said. In the meantime, she continues to spread her message to protect other families and keep her sons’ memories alive. “He was unresponsive. Savage now estimates that she has spoken in front of 23,000 students. Savage says the boys had never been in trouble with drinking or drugs. They started the 525 Foundation, named after the boys’ hockey numbers (Jack’s 5 and Nick’s 25) in order to share their story and prevent “another family from having to endure the pain” they experienced. She also wants to spread awareness about the abuse of medication. So, I agreed to do it, and over 200 people showed up. “By me telling their story, they’re still able to make a difference in the lives of others. And when you think that one of those pills could take a life, that could potentially be a lot of lives saved.”
Savage hopes to install permanent pill drop-off boxes across her community soon. There can’t be a better goal than that.”

-82.907123 “We’ve talked to our kids about drinking, but we had never talked to them about prescription drugs, because it wasn’t even on our radar.”
As the Savage family continues to spread their message, they are finding that they are not alone. It was just overwhelming.”
That’s when the family realized the impact their story could have on others. The first responders arrived and tried to resuscitate Jack, and then Savage noticed one of them going downstairs to the basement. I called 911, and I remember hollering for Nick, for him to come up, and how he never came.”
Nick, her eldest son, was downstairs sleeping in the basement with friends. “If you think about how much one pill weighs, that’s a lot of pills collected. They did not discuss their loss publicly until Becky was asked to speak at a local town hall about underage drinking. “In different communities, there are still people who are unaware of the dangers. The determined mother hopes to influence lawmakers to create stricter laws around prescription drugs. They’ve teamed up with local law enforcement to hold pill drop-offs, where people can safely dispose of unused prescription drugs to prevent them from getting into the wrong hands. “Your mind is not really meant to process something that extreme.”
The Savage family, from left to right: Justin, Nick, Mike, Matthew, Becky and Jack. They just happened to make “a bad choice that unfortunately cost them their lives.”
For the next year, the Savage family — Becky, husband Mike and two younger sons, Justin and Matthew — worked on healing and picking up the pieces. After I get done talking to them, the first thing they say is they’re going to go home and clean out their medicine cabinets.”
Taking it to the streets
One of the biggest ways the Savage family and the 525 Foundation are making a difference is by trying to help clean up their own community. She was also invited to testify before a US Senate committee dealing with the opioid crisis. The Indiana mom’s two oldest sons, Nick and Jack, were celebrating at high school graduation parties the night before. The boys came home about 12:30 a.m. That’s the last thing that I remember that day.”
A tragic consequence
The boys were pronounced dead. Both had accidentally overdosed on hydrocodone and alcohol. Someone at one of the graduation parties had passed around the prescription pills. “I had never spoken publicly before, and I was assured there would be maybe between 15 and 20 people there. The day Savage is describing is June 14, 2015. The Savage family decided to turn their tragedy into a positive force. and checked in with their mom, who had been waiting up. After only three of these events, they’ve collected over 1,500 pounds of pills. And then I remember one of them coming up and asking for a coroner. “I had no idea at that point what they were doing in our basement. The next morning, as Savage was picking up laundry in Jack’s room, she noticed that he wasn’t stirring as she tried to wake him.

Monday Forecast: Slightly Cooler, Still Plenty of Sunshine

Henry DiCarlo has KTLA’s forecast on April 23, 2018. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
Look for plenty of sunshine Monday with temperatures slightly cooler than they were over the weekend. 34.052234