Can your Quest survive a fall?

Best Answer: For every-day wear and tear, the Quest is quite durable, but be mindful of the cameras and lenses in particular. This begs the question, can it survive a fall? But, let’s take a look into more of the every-day accid… In regards to the Quest, the headset is an all-in-one device instead of relying on a PC, so it may often be used in unfamiliar areas. In many ways, VR headsets are designed to be quite durable. It could be susceptible to more damage than a headset confined to your at-home playspace. Untethered VR experience: Oculus Quest (From $399 on Amazon)
VR durability

The Oculus Quest will expose many new users to VR. As such, consumers should be aware of the limits of their new headsets in order to prevent damage. The outer shells are typically a durable plastic, which may collect dings and scratches, but will stand up to general accidents. If you dropped it off of a tall building, it most likely is not going to survive. In other ways, they can be extremely delicate.