Can you watch Disney+ on a tablet?

All the Disney you can watch: Disney+ (From $7/mo. Thankfully, Disney+ is going to be available on a wide variety of devices, which includes tablets. This means that you may be tempted to check out your favorite new releases on long train commutes, or to keep the kids occupied during long car rides. It also includes phones, game consoles, desktop browsers, and even Apple devices. This means that catching up on your favorite Disney shows and movies will be more accessible than ever before. Best answer: Disney+ will be available to watch right from your tablet, provided it’s an Android tablet or iPad. You can also watch using a bunch of other devices, including your Android phone. There hasn’t been any mention of support for Amazon Fire Tablets and Amazon Fire TV. However there is a catch. Additionally there hasn’t been any news about limitations on OS or older devi… at Disney+)
Disney goes mobile

Disney+ is going to launch with tons of awesome movies and plenty of TV Shows as well.