Can you use third-party keyboards with the Galaxy Fold?

On the Galaxy Fold, both Gboard an… When you see a text box, you tap on it, the on-screen keyboard pops up, and you begin typing away. But Samsung still produces its own keyboard, thinking that its customers will have a better experience. Samsung’s first foldable: Samsung Galaxy Fold ($1980 at Samsung)
Two types of typing

You shouldn’t have to think about typing on a phone these days. Most phones come with one of two keyboards by default: Gboard, made by Google, and SwiftKey, owned by Microsoft. Best answer: You can use third-party keyboards like Gboard and SwiftKey on the Galaxy Fold, but they’re not optimized for the phone’s two display sizes. While third-party keyboards force you to use the same layout for both screen sizes, Samsung’s keyboard offers a traditional layout for the cover screen and a tablet-optimized thumb typing experience for the larger one. Instead, you should learn to use Samsung’s keyboard, as it provides dynamic sizing between the cover and tablet displays.