Can I use a PlayStation Store gift card to buy EA Access on PS4?

… EA Access is a digital game subscription service that gives you access to a catalog of EA-published and developed games. Members also receive a 10% discount on EA digital purchases and are allowed to take part in 10-hour free trials of newly released games. EA Access will cost $4.99/month or $29.99/year. How much is an EA Access subscription? This is no longer the case, but many people still think it is. When EA Access first came to Xbox One, there was a time that you couldn’t use Xbox Store gift cards towards a subscription. Why wouldn’t we be able to use gift cards to buy it? While you cannot purchase it on PlayStation 4 until the summer, you can sign up to receive updates on when it becomes available. Good for nearly everything: PlayStation Store Gift Card (From $10 at Amazon)

What is EA Access? Best answer: If the program is keeping parity with its Xbox One counterpart, then yes, you should be able to use a PlayStation Store gift card towards your EA Access subscription.