Best Fire Tablet Deals for May 2019

Best Deal on the Upgraded Amazon Fire 7 Tablet: $49.99

Amazon just announced an upgrade to its affordable Fire 7 Tablets a few days ago. These are tablets that are not meant to drain your wallet but still give you access to all the stuff you love to do with tablets – play games, watch movies, and do it all on the go. These hot tablet deals. Know what’s really fire? They now feature a faster processor, twice the storage capacity, and come in all-new colors! Luckily, Amazon stepped into the fray with the Fire lineup. Fire Deal

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

With a faste… You have your choice of a lot of Android tablets, but with so many options it can be hard to tell what ones are worth purchasing. Pre-ordering one before their release on June 6 will score you a $10 Amazon Appstore promo credit which can be used towards the purchase of apps, games, and in-app items. Amazon has its own wide variety of tablets within its lineup featuring smaller sizes, kids editions, HD versions, and more.