Baby in Texas Is First to Be Born in U.S. After Uterus Transplant, Hospital Says

The Baylor team had input from the Swedish researchers in its current clinical trial. How a uterus transplant works
A uterus transplant involves several steps, according to Baylor’s website outlining its uterus transplant clinical trial. The transplanted organ is not designed to be permanent, since recipients have to take anti-rejection drugs. Last year, Baylor researchers performed the first living donor uterus transplants in the US in four women. This could be because the women were born without the organ, lost the uterus or has one that no longer functions. The procedure was unsuccessful for the first three patients, who had the organs removed. A baby born at a Texas hospital is the first in the US to be birthed from a mother who had received a uterus transplant, according to the Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas. Before the surgery, a recipient undergoes in-vitro fertilization to retrieve eggs from her ovaries. A baby born as a result of a uterus transplant is shown in a photo provided by Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. The transplant was carried out as part of a clinical trial to study new infertility treatment options for women who don’t have a functioning uterus. The patient and her family have also asked for privacy at this time, according to the hospital. The Cleveland Clinic performed the first uterus transplant in the US in February 2016, but the patient developed complications and the organ was removed. It’s an irreversible condition, called uterine factor infertility, affecting as many as 5% of women worldwide. 32.789937
-96.780054 After that, she receives a uterus and cervix transplant from the donor. After the first or second pregnancy, the donated uterus is to removed. A 36-year-old woman gave birth after receiving a uterus transplant from a 61-year-old, unrelated donor. Her eggs would then be fertilized in the lab with sperm. For a year after the transplant, the medical team checked to see how the recipient’s body reacts to the new organ. The world’s first baby born from a transplanted uterus was born at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden back in 2014. Since then, the Swedish hospital has had a total of eight babies born to mothers who’ve received uterine transplants. The women selected for the study had to be healthy with working ovaries. Giuliano Testa, the principal investigator of the uterine transplant clinical trial at the hospital called the birth a “milestone” and “a beautiful moment of love and hope for a mother who had been told she would never be able to carry her own child,” in a statement. If all goes well, an embryo is transferred to the transplanted uterus and then closely monitored until a cesarean delivery. The hospital has not revealed many details surrounding the birth, including when the baby boy was born.