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Prosecutor Says Shotgun on Beach, Bounced Check Are Key Clues in Carrie Jean Melvin’s Killing

Michele Hanisee told jurors, Obioha had been notified that Melvin filed a claim with the state Labor Commission after his $1,620 check – for 87 hours of work she did — bounced. Carrie Jean Melvin is shown in a photo posted to her Facebook page on July 4, 2015, the day before she died. 34.092809

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Man Charged With Murder in Hollywood Shooting of Carrie Jean Melvin Over Business Dispute
Alleged Gunman Shot, Killed Woman in Hollywood Whom He Owed ‘Several Hundred Dollars’: Report
Woman Shot, Killed in Hollywood Had Business Dispute With Suspect: LAPD They asked whether anyone had a beef with Melvin. Click here to read the full story on After the attack, detectives interviewed Melvin’s boyfriend, Anyimalik Howell. Carrie Jean Melvin and her boyfriend were walking to a Thai restaurant in their bustling Hollywood neighborhood one July evening last year when they heard footsteps behind them. Without a word, he fired one round into her face from about 10 feet away and fled. Atty. When they turned to look, a man in dark, baggy clothing raised a black pistol-grip shotgun. Days before the killing, Dist. On Wednesday, a prosecutor told a downtown Los Angeles jury that the mysterious gunman was Ezeoma Obioha, a security guard at a marijuana dispensary and the owner of a clothing line who owed Melvin money for marketing his business on social media and had developed a romantic interest in her.

Hackers Access 1.3 Million Google Accounts in ‘Gooligan’ Attack

According to Check Point, here’s the list of potentially infected apps:
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-95.712891 On Wednesday, Google confirmed to CNNMoney the nature and extent of the problem. But some people insist on visiting unofficial app stores — typically on shady websites — because they offer free, counterfeit versions of popular apps. This fraudulently inflates their reputation, according to Check Point researchers. “Not surprisingly, a malware, spread in unofficial markets, can create real damage,” said Zuk Avraham, the founder of another cybersecurity firm, Zimperium. Google says it has blocked 150,000 versions of this kind of nasty cyberattack. But the problem persists. The massive hack appears to be a criminal enrichment scheme. Another 13,000 devices are getting infected and breached daily, according to Check Point researchers who have been tracking this type of cyberattack since last year. (It requires you to enter your Google email address, gives you a response, and offers the company’s “ZoneAlarm” product.)
Alternatively, Android users could check to see if they have downloaded illegitimate versions of any of the apps listed at the bottom of this article. Hackers have gained access to more than 1.3 million Google accounts — emails, photos, documents and more — by infecting Android phones through illegitimate apps. Google has its Google Play store. On Tuesday, Google stressed that users should avoid downloading outside of Google Play. Google has already removed the legitimate apps from its official store that have benefited from this ratings conspiracy, according to a blog post by Adrian Ludwig, the company’s director of Android security. Infected Android smartphones begin to install other, legitimate Android apps — then rate them highly. Smartphone owners are advised to only download certified computer programs from official repositories. Once again, hackers are showing why you should never, ever download apps outside official app stores. They’ve nicknamed the hacking campaign “Gooligan.”
Check Point has set up a website — — for people to check if their devices have been hacked. The malware also installs malicious advertising software that tracks users, a potential boon for data-hungry marketers. But according to Google, hackers have not yet tapped that information and stolen it. That discovery comes from computer researchers at Check Point, a cybersecurity firm. The hackers have managed to steal digital “tokens” that give them access to Google services, like a person’s email and photo collection. Apple has its App Store.

3-Year-Old Girl Dies After Accidentally Tangling Window Blind Cord Around Neck in Utah

The Parents for Window Blind Safety tweeted condolences to the Mahe family. While the swelling in her brain reduced, they discovered she had also contracted an unspecified illness and was experiencing seizures. Sunny played volleyball and was an All-American freshman, and Reno played football. Reno said that every positive indication was countered with a negative one. Doctors gave Elsie a breathing test as well as a neurological death exam, according to her mother. A family friend started a GoFundMe page, which also included updates on Elsie’s condition. The updates shared how Elsie’s heart rate would drop and she would respond positively when her parents came to sing to her as she remained sedated. But she remained unresponsive. At times, she was able to breathe on her own, but not for long. Reno and Sunny have seven other children together. The results from her MRI indicated that her “upper lobes went without oxygen long enough to be devastated,” according to an earlier update from the family. “Unconsciousness can happen within 15 seconds and death within two to three minutes,” said Kim Dulic, public relations officer for the safety commission. There was hope when she began breathing on her own, was taken off sedation and moved her leg when her knee was pinched. Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart have committed to do the same by 2018. She was flown to Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. They were both athletes at BYU. The family shared the update on social media. Window covering cords are one of the top hidden dangers in the home, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. At the hospital, Elsie was unconscious, sedated and breathing on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. “In some incidents, children were reportedly imitating superheroes or using the beaded chains as necklaces.”
The commission recommends cordless coverings or those with inaccessible cords around young children. She suffered from seizures and was no longer able to breathe without the ventilator Monday night. This year, the Window Covering Manufacturers Association announced that it would develop a revised standard for window covering safety by the end of this year. They are dangerous because strangulation can happen quickly and quietly in areas normally thought to be safe, like bedrooms or living rooms. “Reno and I wept with gratitude to our Heavenly Father that Elsie would be granted a peaceful passing and would be able to save lives through her physical body still,” Sunny posted on Facebook. Her friend ran and told Elsie’s mom, Sunny, who immediately started CPR. Chairman Elliot Kaye has praised retailers like IKEA, Target and Select Blinds for selling only blinds and shades that are safe for children. “The incident data show that children climbed on beds, chairs, tables, and other furniture to interact with the window coverings,” according to a commission staff report on the cords. A GoFundMe account has been set up up for the girl’s family. 40.760779
-111.891047 In fact, a window-covering strangulation death occurs about once a month. The family plans to donate her organs in order to save other lives. He spent five seasons in the NFL playing for the Philadelphia Eagles before returning to BYU as a coach this year. Elsie Mahe, the 3-year-old daughter of Brigham Young University running backs coach Reno Mahe, died Tuesday, more than a week after accidentally tangling a window blind cord around her neck. Click here for more information. These are especially dangerous as children progress from walking to running and climbing. Kaye has been addressing the window covering cord safety issue, which he refers to as a “30-year hidden hazard,” since he became chairman in 2014. “CPSC is aware of incidents that have occurred while others, including parents, were in the same room.”
Pull cords, looped bead chains, nylon cords, the inner cords of Roman shades and lifting loops of roll-up shades all pose strangulation hazards, according to the commission. Children as old as 9 have been involved in these incidents. Elsie Mahe is seen in a photo posted to a GoFundMe account. A week earlier, Elsie was playing with a friend when the incident happened, according to a Facebook page created in support of the Mahe family by one of their neighbors.

Key Questions Still Unanswered in Year Since San Bernardino Terror Attack

-117.289765 Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook were photographed at O’Hare Airport in July 2014. In the year since Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik killed 14 people in a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, authorities have conducted more than 600 interviews, gathered more than 500 pieces of evidence and served dozens of search warrants. 2, 2015, attack at the Inland Regional Center. (Credit: Chicago O’Hare Airport via CNN Wire)
They launched an unprecedented legal battle with Apple in an effort to unlock Farook’s iPhone and deployed divers to scour a nearby lake in search of electronic equipment the couple might have dumped there. Click here to read the full story on From the beginning, agents have tried to figure out whether others might have known something about Farook and Malik’s plans, since the couple spent months gathering an arsenal of weapons and building bombs in the garage of their Redlands home. But despite piecing together a detailed picture of the couple’s actions up to and including the massacre, federal officials acknowledge they still don’t have answers to some of the critical questions posed in the days after the Dec. Most important, the FBI said it is still trying to determine whether anyone was aware of the couple’s plot or helped them in any way.

The Mission Inn 24th Annual Festival of Lights

Valid Sunday through Thursday only. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

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The Mission Inn celebrates the 24th anniversary of its Festival of Lights holiday celebration through January 7, 2017. Enter promo code “KTLA“ for 25% off standard rooms during Festival of Lights.

Legal Marijuana Backers Fear Possible Battle With Trump’s Attorney General Pick Jeff Sessions

(Credit: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)
Marijuana industry leaders in the state and around the U.S. have launched an opposition campaign to the Senate confirmation of the Republican senator from Alabama and are appealing to the Trump camp to make sure the president-elect’s policies are consistent with his campaign comments that he favors allowing states to decide how to enforce marijuana laws. Jeff Sessions, a staunch foe of pot legalization. 10, 2016, in Ambridge, Pennsylvania. Backers of laws allowing marijuana use in California are girding for a possible political and legal battle against President-elect Donald Trump’s pick for attorney general, Sen. Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions pledges his commitment to Republican candidate Donald Trump before he speaks to supporters at a rally on Oct. Sessions said at a legislative hearing in April that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” a drug that he said is “dangerous.” He went on to say, “We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized.”
Click here to read the full story on 38.581572
-121.494400 Sessions has a strong record of opposition to marijuana reform,” said Bill Piper, a senior director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a national legalization group that supported California’s Proposition 64, which legalizes recreational use of marijuana. “We are very concerned, because Sen.

Ex-Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Medically Evacuated From the South Pole After Condition Deteriorates

Amundsen-Scott is one of three year-round stations operated by the National Science Foundation in Antarctica. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second person to walk on the moon in 1969, is being evacuated from the South Pole after his medical condition deteriorated, according to a release by the National Science Foundation. Researchers there are studying the atmosphere and dark matter using two radio telescopes, as well as an observatory that monitors subatomic particles produced by black holes and other cosmic incidents. From there, another flight will take Aldrin to New Zealand. The tourism operator made a request for a medical evacuation to the National Science Foundation today and they agreed. They are a member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators, which was founded in 1991 with the purpose of advocating private-sector travel to the Antarctic that is safe and environmentally responsible. The White Desert doctor said Aldrin’s condition was stable. A US Antarctic Program doctor is traveling with him. White Desert specializes in Antarctic tours and has operated there for 10 years. Aldrin was placed on the first available flight to McMurdo Station, which is located on the Antarctic coast. Aldrin’s family has been notified, and both White Desert and the NSF will provide updates as they come in. Other medical evacuations have taken place in recent years at Amundsen-Scott and 850 nautical miles away at McMurdo Station. -75.250973

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American Legend and Hero Buzz Aldrin tell us about his new book “Mission To Mars” That flight will be scheduled as soon as possible, according to the NSF. Aldrin was part of a tourist group visiting Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station through luxury tourism operator White Desert. The NSF uses cargo planes equipped with landing skis, called LC-130s, and they are operated by the 109th Airlift Wing of the New York Air National Guard. Although his condition has not been disclosed, a White Desert doctor and the US Antarctic Program doctor decided an evacuation would the best precautionary measure, according to a release from the company. Americans have occupied the South Pole for research purposes since 1956 and Amundsen-Scott was built in 1957 but has been updated and redeveloped over the years.

Thursday Forecast: Strong Winds, Cool Temps

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Henry DiCarlo has KTLA’s forecast on Dec. 34.052234
-118.243685 1, 2016.

Man Suspected in Fatal Shooting of Tacoma Police Officer Killed After Standoff

According to CNN affiliate KIRO, dozens of police officers lined up outside the hospital to pay their respects. They formed a procession to take the officer’s body to the medical examiner’s office. local time, has not been released. Unfortunately, such a horrible situation, this could have ended a lot worse,” Troyer said. The name of the officer, who died around 9 p.m. “Trudi and I send our thoughts and prayers to the family and loved ones of the Tacoma police officer killed tonight in the line of duty,” Gov. “The suspect’s deceased. One day, two officers shot
On the opposite side of the country in North Carolina, the Raleigh Police Department is conducting an investigation on the events that led to an officer being shot. 47.252877
-122.444291 A Pierce County sheriff’s deputy killed the suspect, who had been using two children as a shield, Detective Ed Troyer said. “We didn’t want the kids to get hurt on top of everything that happened. Inslee said. Washington Gov. Authorities believe the suspected gunman is now alone inside the home, although at one point there were other people inside, including children. He was a 45-year-old man who joined the department in 1999, Tacoma Police Chief Donald Ramsdell said. Police are maintaining a large perimeter outside the home, the Tacoma Police Department said on its Twitter account Thursday morning. The officer, who has not yet been publicly identified, was responding to a domestic dispute Wednesday afternoon when he was shot. Jay Inslee sent his condolences to the family of the slain officer via Twitter. Witnesses told CNN affiliate WRAL that they heard gunshots and then saw a police officer on the ground. Authorities respond to a standoff in Tacoma, Washington in an image provided by CNN. The suspected shooter is being treated at the same hospital and is in critical but stable condition. “We have the house surrounded, but we have not been able to confirm that he is inside, so we have locked down the neighborhood,” Tacoma police spokeswoman Loretta Cool said Wednesday night. “We were able to remove some of the people that were in the house,” Cool said, adding that gunshots had been heard inside the residence. The officer was responding to a residential break-in, authorities said in a statement. Authorities have not released any detailed information about the incident. (Breaking news)
A man who shot a Tacoma police officer was killed after a standoff with authorities that lasted for hours, officials said. The kids are safe. The officer is being treated for non-life threatening injures. That’s really what we’re very thankful for.”
(Previous story)
Police in Tacoma, Washington, surrounded a home Thursday morning where they believe the gunman who fatally shot a fellow officer is holed up, authorities said.

Dolly Parton Starts Fund for Families Affected by Tennessee Fires

Her music career had a humble start there, where she began singing “barefoot on the front porch of her Tennessee Mountain Home,” according to her website. Several homes in Pigeon Forge melted as the flames devoured everything they came across, leaving only charred ruins behind. Parton’s “My People Fund”
Parton’s company tweeted a link Wednesday night asking for donations to support the assistance fund. As many as 700 structures were lost, many of them in Gatlinburg and other parts of the county, according to the National Park Service. “We want to provide a hand up to those families who have lost everything in the fires. I know it has been a trying time for my people and this assistance will help get them back on their feet.”
A native of Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains, Parton owns Dollywood, a theme park in Pigeon Forge. In 1995, she started the Imagination Library in honor of her father. Singer-songwriter Dolly Parton attends the 51st Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on April 3, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Credit: David Becker/Getty Images)
She’s created a fund through her Dollywood Companies and hopes to give each family affected by the wildfires $1,000 a month for six months to help them get “back on their feet.”
“I’ve always believed charity begins at home and my home is some place special,” she said in a video message released Wednesday. The property was spared from the firestorm, but others in Sevier County weren’t so lucky. She’s well known for her philanthropic efforts. State officials described the blazes as the “perfect storm.” On Wednesday, the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency reported seven deaths in Sevier County as a result of the fires. Parton, who has won the most awards as a female country singer, was raised in Locust Ridge in Pigeon Forge, her website says. 35.517491
-86.580447 More information on the fund is to come Friday, the site stated. The charity sends free books every month to preschool-aged children and has distributed almost 85 million books in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Country music star Dolly Parton says she wants to help families in her community in eastern Tennessee whose homes and memories were reduced to ashes this week.

Boy, 5, Killed When Suspected DUI Driver Crashes Into South L.A. Apartment

1, 2016. Nate Williams said. Inside the apartment, a letter the boy had written to Santa was found among the debris. Los Angeles Police Department Lt. The boy was asking Santa for a bike for Christmas in the letter. The father’s two teenage daughters and his wife were also in the home and were injured in the crash, Williams said. The driver of a vehicle traveling northbound on South Central Avenue claimed another vehicle cut her off, causing her to swerve into the apartment building, Williams said. 33.989112
-118.291487 Anyone with information was asked to call the Police Department’s Central Traffic Division at 213-486-6606. A letter to Santa was found following a crash that killed a 5-year-old boy in South Los Angeles. The woman driving the car that crashed into the apartment was also injured and is in custody on suspicion of driving under the influence, Williams said. Rescue crews respond to a deadly crash in South Los Angeles on Dec. (Credit: KTLA)
All five were taken to a local hospital, but the boy died from his injuries, Williams said. (Credit: KTLA)
The crash occurred in the 2800 block of South Central Avenue about 12:17 a.m. The cause of the crash was under investigation and authorities were searching for another vehicle that may have been involved in the crash and fled the scene, Williams said. A 5-year-old boy was killed when a suspected DUI driver crashed through the side of an apartment building where he was sleeping early Thursday morning in the Historic South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles. The vehicle crashed through a wall and ended up inside the apartment, pinning the boy and his father under the vehicle, Williams said.

Wheelchairs Set to Be Donated to Disabled Children and Adults in Indonesia Stolen From Van Nuys Nonprofit

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A truck filled with wheelchairs destined for disabled children and adults in Indonesia was stolen from the warehouse the Van Nuys nonprofit sending them on Tuesday night. 30, 2016. 34.189857
-118.451357 Click here to make a donation to the organization, Global Mobility. Rick Chambers reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Nov.

Debate Rages Over Mountain Lion Accused of Killing Pets at Agoura Hills Community Meeting

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Hundreds turned out Wednesday night for what turned into a contentious community meeting in Agoura Hills held to discuss how Santa Monica Mountain residents can better coexist with the local mountain lion population. 34.153340
-118.761676 30, 2016. Kimberly Cheng reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Nov.

Police Hunt Suspects Who Posed as Officers, Stole Victim’s Vehicle in Hollywood Hills

Mary Beth McDade reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Nov. 30, 2016. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Police are searching for a man who put a blue light on top of his car and pulled over a person on North Clark Street in the Hollywood Hills, proceeding to order him out of his car, handcuff him and steal the vehicle, authorities said.