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Trump Meets With Vanity Fair, New Yorker Editors

Donald Trump gives two thumbs up to the crowd during the evening session on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Since winning the election, Trump has met in person with several media organizations that he has previously criticized, including The New York Times and representatives from television news outlets like CNN and NBC News. (Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Trump Meets With Vanity Fair, New Yorker Editors

Donald Trump gives two thumbs up to the crowd during the evening session on the fourth day of the Republican National Convention on July 21, 2016 at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. New Yorker editor David Remnick, who has written of Trump’s election as “an American tragedy,” was also there. The tone was civil and straightforward. They were joined by Robert Sauerberg, Condé Nast’s chief executive officer and president, as well as editors for all the Conde Nast titles. (Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

President-elect Donald Trump met with the top editors at Vanity Fair, The New Yorker and other Condé Nast magazines on Friday for a wide-ranging discussion on policy matters. Trump was joined by Kellyanne Conway, who will be counselor to the president once Trump takes office, and Hope Hicks, who he has tapped as his director of strategic communications. Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair who famously called Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian,” was in attendance. The meeting, which was organized by Vogue editor Anna Wintour, a Hillary Clinton supporter, marked a rare and perhaps fleeting truce between the incoming president and some of his most outspoken critics. Condé Nast Chairman Charles Townsend and Chairman Emeritus Si Newhouse were not in attendance. The meeting was off the record, but questions asked of Trump ranged from American policy toward Russia to women and abortion to race and hate crimes, sources with knowledge of the meeting told CNNMoney.

London Breaches Annual Air Pollution Limits in First Week of 2017

Pedestrians should have been warned, activist says
An environmental activist said an “incredible” level of pollution was detected on Brixton Road — a busy shopping and transport hub — and that bus services should have been suspended and pedestrians warned to leave the area. Nitrogen dioxide is a gas emitted by diesel engines that causes lung disease and respiratory problems. (Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

London Breaches Annual Air Pollution Limits in First Week of 2017

A general view of the London Skyline at twilight on October 26, 2016 in London, England. He pointed to a report issued this week by the International Council on Clean Transportation showing that emissions of nitrogen oxide from new diesel cars — which converts into nitrogen dioxide once it comes into the air — were more than double those from trucks and buses and more than six times the legal limit. European Union law stipulates that a maximum nitrogen dioxide concentration of 200 micrograms per cubic meter must not be exceeded for more than 18 hours over the year. (Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

London breached its annual air pollution limits five days into the new year, Mayor Sadiq Khan said Friday. Thursday. “London’s toxic air is a national embarrassment, which damages more than its reputation as a modern global city,” said Alan Andrews, a Brixton resident who is a lawyer for the activist group ClientEarth. People are becoming increasingly aware that air pollution is a problem,” said Caroline Russell, a Green Party spokeswoman on transportation and a member of the London Assembly. Most main roads in London breach legal limits
The network said pollution levels had generally improved since the EU limits were introduced in 2010, but the majority of main roads in London still regularly breach legal values for nitrogen dioxide. “Mayor Sadiq Khan has put forward some welcome proposals to tackle the problem, including introducing a bigger ultra-low emission zone in 2019 and plans to use the cleanest buses on the most polluted roads. An air monitoring site at Brixton Road in south London began recording levels of nitrogen dioxide above the threshold early Thursday and continued to do so beyond the 18-hour legal limit, according to data from King’s College London. The Brixton Road site measured its 19th hour above the threshold at 9 p.m. “He went for a walk around the block, got wheezy, and had a serious asthma attack triggered by this polluted air.”
Last year, the annual air pollution limit was breached eight days in to 2016 — on Putney High Street in southwest London, according to London Air, a monitoring network run by King’s College. It’s essential he delivers on these plans and that the national government fully supports him.”
But Ian Colbeck, a professor of environmental science at the University of Essex, said trucks and buses are not the only problem. “One woman I spoke to this morning has a son with asthma, and she explained how completely debilitating it is for him,” Russell told CNN during a visit Friday to Brixton. Simon Birkett, founder and director of the Clean Air in London campaign, said in a statement: “Hourly nitrogen dioxide concentrations reached an incredible 347.7 micrograms per cubic (meter) in Brixton Road at 9 p.m. “When conditions are as bad as they were on Thursday, bus services should be suspended, drivers should be advised not to drive and pedestrians should be warned to avoid the area.”
However, Gary Fuller of King’s College said the reading was “high but not that incredible.” He told CNN: “In 2016 we measured nine hours above 400 micrograms per cubic meter alongside London’s roads.”
Health concerns among residents
“There is huge concern here. The mayor announced plans Friday for 10 low emission bus zones deploying the “greenest” buses on the capital’s most polluted routes to cut nitrogen oxide emissions. A general view of the London Skyline at twilight on October 26, 2016 in London, England.

Man With Gun Reported at Fox Hills Mall; Police Investigating

 Officers remain on the scene investigating. None of the callers were able to provide a description of the man, according to Sgt. Multiple officers responded to the reports around 5:30 p.m. Check back for updates on this developing story. 33.985441
-118.395128 No injuries have been reported and the mall is not on lockdown, police said. at 6000 Sepulveda Boulevard but the suspect has not been located. Officers walked the mall and parking structure and have not found any evidence of a man with a gun or shots fired, police said. Zerby. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Culver City police received nearly 30 calls on Saturday of a man with a gun at Westfield Culver City, formally known as Fox Hills Mall.

The Limited Stores Nationwide Officially Closed

And Sears said Friday that it’s shuttering 150 more Kmart and Sears locations. It operated more than 750 stores across the country. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

The Limited Stores Nationwide Officially Closed

Christmas week shoppers walk past signs offering sales at a Montebello shopping mall in Montebello, California on December 22, 2016. Christmas week shoppers walk past signs offering sales at a Montebello shopping mall in Montebello, California on December 22, 2016. Sun Capital Partners, a private firm, took over its management in 2007 — spinning the flagship brand off from the other L Brands labels. (Credit: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

The Limited, a once-popular women’s clothing brand that offers casual attire and workwear, no longer has any storefronts. But this isn’t goodbye.” The website will still be up and running and will continue to ship nationwide, the company said. (Credit: FREDERIC J. Limited Too was eventually acquired by Justice parent-company Tween Brands. The Limited is among a long list of brick-and-mortar retailers that once thrived in malls and strip shopping centers — but are now suffering at the hands of digital commerce giants like Amazon and fast fashion stores such as H&M and Forever 21. Two decades ago, The Limited was on fire. On Saturday, a message on the store’s website read, “We’re sad to say that all The Limited stores nationwide have officially closed their doors. Macy’s also brought bad news to mall shoppers. The brand acquired several others, including Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch, and it’s responsible for creating the massively popular children’s brand spinoff, Limited Too, in the 1990s. But The Limited brand fell on hard times in the mid-2000’s. On Wednesday, the company said it’s shutting down another 68 of its U.S. storefronts.

Missing Music Video Director Found Dead in Parked Car in La Cañada Flintridge

30. Jerry Montenegro said investigators believe Peterson died earlier Friday, in part because his car radio was still on when he was discovered. Trevor Peterson is shown in a family photo. (Credit: Los Angeles Police Department)

Missing Music Video Director Found Dead in Parked Car in La Cañada Flintridge

Trevor Peterson is shown in a family photo. Los Angeles County sheriff’s Sgt. Coroner’s investigators identified Travis Peterson, 40, through his driver’s license, which was found when sheriff’s deputies following a phone tip discovered the filmmaker’s silver Volvo in a garage in the 900 block of Foothill Boulevard in La Cañada Flintridge. Coroner’s Lt. (Credit: Los Angeles Police Department)
A  well-known music video director missing since late December was found dead in his parked car Friday night, and authorities are investigating the case as a possible suicide, officials said Saturday. They could not account for his whereabouts since he was reported missing on Dec. (Credit: Los Angeles Police Department)

Trevor Peterson is shown in a family photo. Click here to read the full story on “That’s the mystery; we don’t know,” Montenegro said. David Smith said there were no signs of foul play.

Unsolved San Bernardino Shootings Leave Families Grasping for Answers

His girlfriend, Rosa Isela Chavez, 17, was months away from finishing her senior year. Click here to read the full story on Chavez died at a hospital. They were teenagers in love. 34.108345
-117.289765 Unlike many shootings in San Bernardino, which in 2016 had  one of its most violent years in decades, the deaths of Bojorquez and Chavez didn’t appear to be gang-related, police said. They were driving on a sunny April afternoon through a tidy west San Bernardino neighborhood when a white sedan pulled up next to them and someone inside began shooting, hitting them both and sending Bojorquez’s Honda crashing into a yard. Bojorquez died there. Nor did they appear to be connected to any other recent slayings. Ariel Bojorquez, 19, had graduated from high school and was talking about joining the Army.

Former Mexican President Tells Trump to ‘Be Clear With US Tax Payers’ in Series of Candid Tweets

They will pay for it. taxpayers for his campaign promise to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. “Sr Trump,the intelligence report is devastating. Fox on Friday slammed Trump after he said that he is planning to have Mexico reimburse U.S. During Trump’s campaign, he called him a “false prophet” and said the then-Republican nominee heralded the return “to the era of the ugly American” during an interview in May. Think a little!”

To @realDonaldTrump : The more jobs you destroy in México, the more immigrants the American people will have. Sr Trump,the intelligence report is devastating.Losing election by more than 3M votes and in addition this.Are you a legitimate president? While discussing Trump’s border wall proposal on live television last February with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Fox said “I’m not going to pay for that f—ing wall. Fox was not the only former Mexican president tweeting at Trump on Friday. FMR PRES of Mexico, Vicente Fox horribly used the F word when discussing the wall. Be clear with US tax payers. 23.634501

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Vicente Fox Slams Donald Trump’s Expected Visit With Mexico’s President
Former Mexico President Vicente Fox Responds to Donald Trump’s Lunch Invitation
Ex-Mexican President Vicente Fox Slams Donald Trump Over Clothing Line Fox tweeted, “TRUMP, when will you understand that I am not paying for that f—— wall. They will pay for it.”

TRUMP, when will you understand that I am not paying for that fucken wall. — Vicente Fox Quesada (@VicenteFoxQue) January 6, 2017

Trump lost the popular vote to Clinton by 2.9 million votes — not more than 3 million votes, as Fox said in his tweet — which has been something of a touchy subject for Trump, who has cited his Electoral College lead to highlight his win. He should pay for it.” Trump responded quickly on Twitter, but only objected to Fox’s choice of words. — Vicente Fox Quesada (@VicenteFoxQue) January 6, 2017

And on Thursday, Fox tweeted, “Trump may ask whoever he wants, but still neither myself nor Mexico are going to pay for his racist monument. president-elect has waffled on his pledge to have Mexico pay for a border wall and amid questions about Russian interference in the election. Felipe Calderon tweeted, “To @realDonaldTrump : The more jobs you destroy in México, the more immigrants the American people will have. Fox was one of Trump’s harshest critics during the 2016 election. intelligence community that concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an “influence campaign” aimed at hurting Hillary Clinton and helping Trump. — Felipe Calderón (@FelipeCalderon) January 6, 2017

Trump’s transition team did not immediately respond to CNN’s request to comment on the tweets. If I did that there would be a uproar! — Vicente Fox Quesada (@VicenteFoxQue) January 6, 2017

Trump is still insisting that Mexico will ultimately pay billions for the construction of a massive wall along the southern border. Think a little! Be clear with US tax payers. Another promise he can’t keep.”

Trump may ask whoever he wants, but still neither myself nor Mexico are going to pay for his racist monument.Another promise he can't keep. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox is back to jabbing Donald Trump on Twitter, particularly as the U.S. If I did that there would be a uproar!” he tweeted. He must apologize! — Donald J. “FMR PRES of Mexico, Vicente Fox horribly used the F word when discussing the wall. Losing election by more than 3M votes and in addition this.Are you a legitimate president?” Fox tweeted Friday night. He must apologize! Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 25, 2016

Fox also on Friday commented on the declassification of a report from the U.S.

San Diego Congressman Removes Student Painting From Capitol Hill Wall After Complaints it Was Offensive

of California and the Fraternal Order of Police also put out statements in support of Hunter, he said. 38.907192
-77.036871 William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.), who had sponsored the student competition won by the painting’s creator. A controversial painting that depicts police officers as animals was removed Friday from a Capitol Hill wall by Rep. (Credit: Congressional Art Competition)
Joe Kasper, chief of staff for the congressman, said Hunter personally took down the painting and delivered it to the Washington office of Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) following complaints that it was offensive. Law enforcement agencies had called for the painting’s removal, and several officers came to Hunter’s office Friday to thank him, Kasper said. The Peace Officers Research Assn. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) following recent complaints that it was offensive. “It made a very strong statement today, and there’s been an outpouring of support,” Kasper said of his boss’ action. Click here to read the full story on A painting by a student that depicted a police officer as an animal had hung on a Capitol Hill wall for months before it was removed by Rep.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooter ‘Came Here Specifically’ to Attack, FBI Says

“We continue to look at all avenues, all motives.”
People wait at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport after a shooting took place near the baggage claim on Jan. Esteban Santiago, the suspected attacker, went to baggage claim Friday afternoon to pick up his one piece of checked luggage: a case with a handgun inside, authorities said. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Authorities “continue to look at the terrorism angle” as a possible motive for the shooting rampage that left five people dead at the Fort Lauderdale airport, Miami FBI Special Agent George Piro said Saturday. 6, 2017. “We have not ruled out anything,” he said. Olga Woltering, a grandmother from Marietta, Georgia, who was in Fort Lauderdale with her husband to go on a cruise; and Terry Andres of Virginia Beach, Virginia, who was on vacation with his wife to celebrate his 63rd birthday, were among five people who died when a gunman opened fire in a baggage claim area of the airport. CNN has confirmed the names of two victims in Friday’s deadly shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. 26.122439

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Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting Suspect Served in Iraq War, Had Handgun in Baggage
LAX Beefs Up Security Following Mass Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport
Mass Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport Leaves 5 Dead, 8 Injured; Suspected Gunman in Custody (Credit: Joe Raedle / Getty Images)
The suspected gunman who opened fire at the Fort Lauderdale airport “came here specifically to carry out this horrific attack,” Miami FBI Special Agent George Piro said Saturday. Check back for updates on this developing story. Santiago — who just a few months ago reportedly had a mental evaluation after a bizarre visit to an FBI office in Alaska — allegedly took the gun out of its case and fired at other passengers, killing five and wounding eight others. “We have not identified any triggers that would have caused this attack,” he said.

Dozens Killed, More Injured After Deadly Car Bomb Rocks Rebel-Held Syrian City

37.048084 There has been no claim of responsibility so far, but ISIS car bombs have targeted the city, near the Turkish border, in the past. 7, 2017, shows people gathering amidst debris at the site of a car bomb attack in the rebel-held town of Azaz in northern Syria. Another local resident told CNN the explosion occurred around 11:40 a.m. local time near the courthouse and grocery market, and that it was caused by a truck bomb. (Credit: Stringer / AFP / Getty Images)
An earlier report from the Aleppo Media Center activist group put the death toll at 21, with dozens injured. “My house is near the explosion area, and the sound of the blast was so huge,” said Rahhal, who asked that his full name not be used for safety reasons. (Credit: Stringer / AFP / Getty Images)
Rahhal said he had seen at least seven dead bodies before medics moved him away. Around 50 people have been killed and 80 more injured in a massive car bombing Saturday in the rebel-held city of Azaz in northern Syria, local activist Mahmoud Hassano told CNN. 30. An image grab taken from an AFPTV video released on Jan. An image grab taken from an AFPTV video released on Jan. The reported violence comes despite a nationwide ceasefire, brokered by Russia and Turkey, that has largely held since coming into force Dec. He also said he blamed the rebel Free Syrian Army — which controls the area — for not taking enough security precautions despite having many checkpoints. 7, 2017, shows people gathering amidst debris at the site of a car bomb attack in the rebel-held town of Azaz in northern Syria.

‘State of Panic’ Grips Northern California as Widespread Flooding, Heavy Snow Expected; Rainstorms Roll Into Southern California

-118.972079 A colder storm two days behind will drop yet more heavy snow. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

The first band of what officials predict will be the most powerful storm in a decade moved into Northern California on Saturday, with officials warning of widespread flooding and epic snowfall. “We’re concerned about the melt increasing waterways and all the lakes.”
Click here to read the full story on “People are definitely in a state of panic right now,” said El Dorado County sheriff’s Sgt. The rain moved in late Friday and continued into Saturday morning, with the most powerful punch expected later in the day. Todd Hammitt. “We’re expecting heavy, heavy rain. It’s the general pandemonium of not knowing what’s coming.”
Up to 12 inches of rain is expected below 8,500 feet, and massive amounts of snow — up to 6 feet — above that elevation across the Sierra Nevada. It starts out as snow then turns to rain then turns to snow again,” Hammitt said. “We’re getting a lot of calls asking if we’re going to be able to deal with everything.

Saturday “Gayle on the Go!”, Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Free! Planes of Fame Air Museum
Chino Airport
7000 Merrill Avenue, #17
909 597 3722
We can learn the history of skywriting at the Planes of Fame Museum. The U.S. The Chino museum is having a dedication for the first day of issue, new LOVE SKYWRITING stamp, plus a skywriting demonstration. Gayle Anderson, KTLA 5 News. As spring temperatures warm your garden, your rose bushes will have a cozy environment in which to heal wounds and produce fresh flowers. PLEASE SEND YOUR INFORMATION TO: Please be sure to provide video with your request. The deadline for your information is EVERY Tuesday 5pm. The exhibit DIAMONDS: RARE BRILLIANCE at the Natural History Museum features “The Juliet Pink.” It’s more than 30 carats. And, “The Victorian Orchid”, which is a two carat fancy, vivid purple diamond. Fruit Tree Pruning & Planting 9 a.m. Rose Pruning & Planting 11 a.m. -0-
The Life of a Swiss Guard
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
555 West Temple Street
Los Angeles
213 680 5200
Time is running out to see this! Riders of all skill levels are invited to enjoy a 15-mile or a 35-mile ride through Griffith Park. -0-
Diamonds: Rare Brilliance
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
900 Exposition Boulevard
Los Angeles
213 763 3466
Four of nature’s rare, colorful diamond masterpieces are in town. Enjoy! “THE LIFE OF A SWISS GUARD: A PRIVATE VIEW” is the first ever exhibit revealing the daily lives of the members of the military force that for centuries has guarded the Vatican and the Pope. Regarded at the greatest writer in the English language, learn how the “Bard of Avon” has impacted American life at this largest of its kind in the world collection of documents and artifacts. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

Happy First Saturday of the New Year! -0-
Love Skywriting Stamp
USPS First Day of Issue Stamp Dedication @ 9 a.m. This Petersen Automotive Museum exhibit brings together five vehicles painted or drawn on by the late Pop Artist Keith Haring. And, the Planes of Fame Museum is having a flight demonstration of the Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, used for mail delivery during World War Two. -0-
America’s Shakespeare: The Bard Goes West
Los Angeles Public Library
Getty Gallery
Central Library
630 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles
213 228 7000
And, celebrate the legacy of English poet, playwright, and actor William Shakespeare at the Central Library in downtown Los Angeles. Get some guidance from Ron Serven, Environmental Services Manager/City Arborist for the City of San Marino. In conjunction with the doll show at the William Grant Still Arts Center, there are Saturday Dollmaking Workshops January 21 and February 4th, from 2pm to 4pm. To ensure that rose bushes can heal from damage without the threat of frost damage, you should wait until the temperature is far above freezing — which means waiting until late winter is usually appropriate. -0-
HOW TO GET ON THE “GAYLE ON THE GO” list! The day includes a bike skills and safety clinic for new riders, a fitness festival with local businesses, healthy food, music, and a chance to win a new bike. Library officials say they will make Lego blocks available at the daylong event in the Children’s Area for youngsters four and older. Crowell Public Library
Barth Community Room
1890 Huntington Drive
San Marino
Gardening experts at the University of California say one of the safest times to prune most rose bushes is NOW, during the dormant period in winter, between December and the end of February. Here’s the link:
-0-0-0- Postal Service will offer the new stamp and other stamp collector items. Haring is famous for his trademark style of simple lines first popular in New York City’s underground art community, which now easily fetch millions of dollars. “The Argyle Violet”, which is a nearly three carat deep gray, blue violet diamond. -0-
4th Annual Resolution Ride – Los Angeles @ 7:30 a.m. -0-
Free! “The Rainbow Necklace” containing extremely rare blue-grey, green-yellow, orange-pink, purple-pink, and brown-orange diamonds. -0-
TheFitExpo Los Angeles
Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles
213 741 1151
Keep your New Year get healthy resolution on target at THEFITEXPO LOS ANGELES.
Free rose pruning and planting as well as fruit tree pruning and plants classes are happening Saturday at Armstrong Gardens Centers. The Los Angeles Convention Center event includes group exercise, bodybuilding, a kids zone, a healthy eating and living pavilion, as well as fitness gear fashion shows. Don’t forget you can always post your information on the KTLA Community Calendar. Rose Pruning Made Easy @ 9 a.m. THE UNCONVENTIONAL CANVASES OF KEITH HARING. He’s conducting his 24th annual two hour, rose pruning workshop Saturday for free at Crowell Public Library in San Marino. If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to “get-out-and-about” more, here are some Saturday “GAYLE ON THE GO!” suggestions. -0-
Celebrate Saturday! According to the Library of Congress, the Pepsi-Cola Corporation was one of the first companies to use skywriting for advertising from 1931 to 1953. The free exhibit at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels closes Sunday, January 15th. To find a location near you, take a look at the website:
36th Annual Black Doll Show @ Noon
The William Grant Still Arts Center
2520 West View Street
Los Angeles
323 734 1165
Learn how local artists have been influenced by African artists to create dolls from recycled materials at the 36th Annual Black Doll Show. -0-
Building Bricks Club
Los Angeles Public Library
Edendale Branch Library
2011 West Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles
213 207 3000
Test your creativity with Lego blocks at the BUILDING BRICKS CLUB at the Glendale Branch of the Los Angeles Angeles Public Library. Griffith Park
Crystal Springs Picnic Area
4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles
If your New Year’s Resolution is to get more exercise in 2017 – try the Fourth Annual Resolution Ride. -0-
The Unconventional Canvases of Keith Haring
Petersen Automotive Museum
6060 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles
323 930 CARS
Here’s another first!

Fort Lauderdale Shooting Suspect Spoke of Mind Control and Being Forced to Join Islamic State

7, 2017. (Credit: CNN)
Esteban Santiago, 26, was in custody following the attack, being questioned by local and federal law enforcement. Click here to read the full story at In addition to the eight people hurt in the shooting, 37 others were injured in the chaotic aftermath, authorities said. Authorities identified the Fort Lauderdale gunman as Esteban Santiago, who allegedly brought the firearm in his checked luggage on Jan. The country’s largest mass shooting of the new year threw the busy Florida airport into chaos, with thousands of travelers and airport staff fleeing onto walkways and the tarmac as emergency responders and law enforcement officers, many heavily armed and in tactical gear, rushed to the scene. Eyewitnesses described an eerily calm assailant who fired bursts from a semiautomatic handgun at fellow airline passengers as they clustered around a baggage carousel – and then just as calmly tossed his weapon away and positioned himself spread-eagle on the ground, waiting for police to arrest him. The young Iraq war veteran suspected of fatally shooting five people and wounding eight others at Fort Lauderdale’s international airport Friday had become mentally agitated in recent weeks, family members said, despite his happiness over the birth of a son less than four months ago. 26.122439

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Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting Suspect Served in Iraq War, Had Handgun in Baggage
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Mass Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport Leaves 5 Dead, 8 Injured; Suspected Gunman in Custody

2 Shot Dead, 2 Wounded as Gunfire Erupts on Pasadena Street

The shooting was reported just before midnight in the 100 block of West Claremont Street, a statement from Pasadena Police said. Just after the shooting, a single-vehicle crash occurred at the intersection of California Boulevard and St. John Avenue, the police report said. 34.166665
-118.152895 Click here to read the full story on Two more gunshot victims were found at the scene: a black male, 23, who was found fatally wounded in the car; and a black male passenger who sustained a non-life threatening wound and was taken to a hospital. Two men were shot dead and two others were wounded as gunfire erupted and two men trying to flee crashed their car late Friday in Pasadena, police said. Officers found a black male, 23, fatally shot in the 70 block of Pepper Street. She was taken to a hospital in critical condition. Minutes later, paramedics from Pasadena Fire Station 36 reported that they were treating a black woman, 38, for a gunshot wound.