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Southern California Likely to See Record-Breaking Heat on Thanksgiving Day

Read the full story on (Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

Those turkeys won’t be the only animals roasting on Thanksgiving Day. (Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)

Southern California Likely to See Record-Breaking Heat on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day will feel like August 2017, when Jasmine Ejan cooled off with an ice cream cone at Venice Beach. Thanksgiving Day will feel like August 2017, when Jasmine Ejan cooled off with an ice cream cone at Venice Beach. Mother Nature will be serving up one of the hottest Thanksgivings on record in Southern California, with potentially record-breaking temperatures 25 degrees above normal, according to forecasters. 26, 1903, he said. The record high for Thanksgiving Day in downtown is 90 degrees, set on Nov. Record breaking heat expected today and #Thanksgiving Day, with highs 15-25 degrees above normal for most areas! #cawx #LAheat
— NWS Los Angeles (@NWSLosAngeles) November 22, 2017


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Nearly 4 Million Southern Californians to Travel for Thanksgiving Holiday: AAA A high of 90 degrees is predicted in downtown Los Angeles on Thursday, said Joe Sirard, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard. #cawx #caheat #SoCal
— NWS San Diego (@NWSSanDiego) November 22, 2017

Record breaking heat will peak today, with only a slight decrease tomorrow. Oxnard and Camarillo have already broken record highs this morning at 91 and 93 respectively. Expect more records to be broken this afternoon.

Questions Remain After Border Patrol Agent’s Death in Texas

After they responded, Martinez’s partner reported that they were both injured and needed help, according to CBP. “It looks like he’ll make it, but very badly hurt.”
On Sunday, Trumped had tweeted, “We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. Texas Sen. His partner arrived minutes later to find Martinez unconscious — apparently after being struck multiple times, possibly with a rock, according to Cabrera. Remembering who he was and all those good memories that we have of him. Responding agents found both officers incapacitated. Help us catch this killer.”
The FBI added another $25,000 to the reward pot on Tuesday. The strong person he was,” Rosie Esteban, a close friend, told the station. Law enforcement has not explained the exact cause of Martinez’s injuries. CBP officials would not say what type of activity. “We’re celebrating him. “As you heard, we lost a Border Patrol officer just yesterday and another one was brutally beaten and badly, badly hurt,” Trump said Monday. Martinez had recently gotten engaged, and bought a house and a new vehicle, friends told CNN affiliate KFOX. “This has been a sad week for our nation, for the CBP family and specifically for the agents of the US Border Patrol,” Velasquez told reporters. “If they support that the incident was caused by something else, then we’ll present that.”
What we know
Martinez and his partner had been on patrol near Interstate 10 in the Big Bend Sector, which runs along the US-Mexico border, when they responded to activity, US Customs and Border Protection said. The results of Martinez’s autopsy are pending. Ted Cruz — have described the incident as an “attack.” Chris Cabrera, a spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council, described the incident as an “ambush.” And President Donald Trump said the injured agent had been “brutally beaten” as he called again for the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico. A Customs and Border Protection spokesman said Martinez had not been shot. “The evidence is not obvious as to what happened out there,” Sheriff Oscar Carrillo told the paper. Details remain scant in what the FBI describes as a “tragic incident” that left one Border Patrol agent dead and another in serious condition. Accident? (Credit: John Moore/Getty Images)
The FBI said both men were found injured late Saturday in a culvert area — a tunnel structure used for water drainage — in southwest Texas. Emmerson Buie Jr., the special agent in charge of the FBI’s El Paso division, said on Tuesday the agency is investigating a “potential assault on a federal officer.”
“If the facts support that, then we would pursue it legally,” he said. Saturday, according to the FBI. “It was a brutal attack,” said Cabrera, speculating. They were found about 12 miles east of the town of Van Horn at 11:20 p.m. Jose Martinez said he was later told at the hospital his son had suffered three cardiac arrests, the paper said. The border fence between the United States and Mexico stands at an international bridge between the two countries on March 14, 2017 in Hidalgo, Texas. Attack? His partner, who hasn’t been identified, remains hospitalized in serious condition. He tweeted: “I’m offering a reward to help solve this murder of a Border Patrol Agent in Texas. Rogelio Martinez, 36, died from his injuries at a hospital Sunday morning. Greg Abbott and Sen. Even so, President Donald Trump cited the incident as a reason why the US needs to build a wall along the border with Mexico. A rabid sports fan, Martinez “loved the Raiders and he loved USC,” Rudy Marin, a friend, told KFOX. Martinez had planned a get together at his El Paso home to watch his Raiders play the New England Patriots in Mexico City on Sunday, his father Jose Martinez told the El Paso Times. Early Sunday morning, Jose Martinez said his son’s supervisor called to tell him Rogelio Martinez was in accident about 120 miles east of El Paso, the paper reported. On Monday, Abbott’s office announced a reward of up to $20,000 through Texas Crime Stoppers for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever killed Martinez and wounded his partner. Martinez told the paper his son’s head was “destroyed.”
“I would tell him, ‘Son, that job is too dangerous.’ But he would say, ‘Dad, it’s the job I like. They executed their plan.”
Cabrera said the surviving Border Patrol agent is having trouble remembering the incident. The two Border Patrol agents suffered traumatic head injuries and other wounds such as broken bones, according to the FBI, which is leading the investigation. “This was something well thought out and planned. He had been a border patrol agent since 2013, officials said. Ted Cruz said the attack was “a stark reminder of the ongoing threat that an unsecure border poses to the safety of our communities and those charged with defending them.”
Mexico expressed its regret regarding the incident, its willingness to collaborate with the US Department of Homeland Security and condolences to the families of the two agents. Although there hasn’t been an explanation of what happened, Texas politicians — including Gov. But in Culberson County, where the two officers were injured, the local sheriff painted a different picture, suggesting to the Dallas Morning News that investigators are considering the possibility that the agents fell into the culvert in a nighttime accident. We will, and must, build the Wall.”
Cabrera, the union spokesman, said that Martinez was the first to arrive at the site of the reported activity. 31.968599

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$20,000 Reward Offered in Killing of Texas Border Patrol Agent I want to defend my country from terrorists … I want to prevent terrorists and drugs from coming into the country,’” Jose Martinez told the paper. Victor Velasquez, acting chief of the Border Patrol’s Big Bend Sector, said Martinez also had a son and three stepchildren.

Oil Spikes to Highest Prices in 2 1/2 Years After Keystone Pipeline Spill

“We’re in the very late stages of this global rebalancing act. Oil prices jumped 2% on Wednesday, touching $58.09 a barrel, the highest since July 2015. OPEC, the Saudi-led oil cartel, has been forced to slash production in an attempt to rebalance supply and demand. The U.S. fracking during the shale revolution. Wiping out the oil glut has taken longer than many expected, especially in the United States, where higher prices have only encouraged shale companies to start drilling away. is the last place to rebalance,” said Tran. OPEC is expected to announce an extension of these production cuts next week. Crude is only up 8% so far this year, but it’s accelerated recently, advancing six of the past seven weeks. The Keystone Pipeline is seen in a file photo courtesy of TransCanada. 43.969515

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Trump Administration Approves Keystone XL Pipeline “There are few other ways to move barrels from Canada into the U.S.,” said Michael Tran, director of global energy strategy at RBC Capital Markets. The shutdown of the Keystone pipeline following an oil spill has lifted crude oil prices to levels not seen in two and a half years. The cleanup took about two months. The average gallon of gas fetched $2.53 on Wednesday, compared with about $2.13 a year ago, according to AAA. It’s not the first leak for the Keystone oil pipeline in South Dakota. Keystone, which is run by TransCanada, can carry 590,000 barrels of oil each day. About 5,000 barrels of oil, or roughly 210,000 gallons, spilled in South Dakota after the leak last Thursday. The Keystone spill occurred just days before Nebraska approved the path for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline, a sister project that environmentalists fiercely oppose. TransCanada declined to comment on the report, but said in a statement that it’s working with regulators to determine a date to restart the pipeline. Despite this week’s rally, crude oil prices remain modest compared with the $100 prices of three years ago. Related: America’s oil and gas output could soar 25% by 2025
The key question for the oil market is how long the pipeline will be offline. The pipeline is a key artery that carries crude into the United States from the oil sands of Alberta. Crude has been on the rise for much of the fall, but last week’s leak and shutdown of the pipeline have raised concerns about this vital source of supply. TransCanada has told some customers it will cut deliveries by 85% or more through the end of November, according to Reuters. In April 2016, part of the pipeline was shut for three days after the release of about 400 barrels. Tran, the RBC analyst, said the shutdown of the Keystone pipeline may accelerate the drawdown of excess oil stockpiles in the United States. The pipeline provides about one-fifth of Canadian pipeline imports into the United States, according to the energy research firm Genscape. “It’s critical,” said Dylan White, an oil markets analyst at Genscape. For American drivers heading into this holiday travel weekend, this means gas prices remain affordable — though they are higher than last Thanksgiving. Crude crashed to as low as $26 a barrel early last year because of a glut in supply, caused mostly by U.S. ×
Oil Spikes to Highest Prices in 2 1/2 Years After Keystone Pipeline Spill

The Keystone Pipeline is seen in a file photo courtesy of TransCanada.

Gadgets to Make Your Holiday Cooking Easier

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Digital Lifestyle Expert Carley Knobloch joined us live with gadgets to make your holiday cooking easier. For more information on Carley, click on her website or follow her on social media.

Recent Hollywood Sex Assault Claims Sends LAPD Into Uncharted Territory

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Recent Hollywood Sex Assault Claims Sends LAPD Into Uncharted Territory

The flood of sexual assault allegations coming out of the Hollywood entertainment industry has the Los Angeles Police Department negotiating uncharted territory. Never before has the department received so many sexual assault allegations involving high-profile figures at one time, including many complex cases that are years old with multiple alleged victims, officials say. The department has re-engineered its detective staff to deal with the influx. The LAPD has established five teams of two detectives to exclusively investigate allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood. They know how to jog peoples’ memories,” said LAPD Capt. “They know where to go. The team includes members of the cold-case unit, because these detectives are experts in dealing with old criminal allegations that lack physical evidence. “We’ve get an unprecedented number of calls.”
Read the full story on Billy Hayes, who oversees the Robbery-Homicide division and is managing the task force.

Singer Accuses Backstreet Boy Nick Carter of Raping Her at His Santa Monica Apartment 15 Years Ago

Schuman added that her experience with Carter left her “traumatized,” and she lost interest in pursuing a recording career. I wanted to believe it was some sort of nightmare I was dreaming up.”
Carter denied the allegations in a statement provided to CNN. “I went limp, turned my head to my left and decided I would just go to sleep now. Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys performs onstage at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York on June 3, 2017. According to Schuman, she and Carter were working together on a TV movie when he invited her and a friend to hang out at his Santa Monica apartment. CNN has reached out to Schuman for additional comment. “It is contrary to my nature and everything I hold dear to intentionally cause someone discomfort or harm.”
Schuman addressed the duet in her blog post, writing that she wondered if Carter’s influence was the reason things never moved forward with the song. She said the singer tried to entice her by saying “I could be your husband.”
Actress Melissa Shuman attends the premiere of “Swimfan” at UCLA’s Sunset Canyon Recreation Center on August 19, 2002 in Westwood. Backstreet Boy member Nick Carter has been accused by former pop singer Melissa Schuman of raping her 15 years ago. In the post, Schuman wrote of an incident she said occurred when she was an 18-year-old member of the girl group Dream and Carter was 22. 34.019454
-118.491191 (Credit: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for iHeart Media)
Schuman shared the allegations in a detailed blog post earlier this month and tweeted a link to her story this week. She said she felt “scared and trapped.”
“He was stronger and much bigger than me, and there was no way I would be able to open that door or have anyone help me,” Schuman wrote. Schuman’s accusations.”
“Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time since that anything we did was not consensual,” Carter said in the statement. (Credit: Robert Mora/Getty Images)
“The one thing I had held as a virtue had been ruined,” Schuman wrote of her feelings after the alleged incident. He said he was “shocked and saddened by Ms. She alleges that after Carter took her into his office to listen to some music he was working on, they began kissing and he led her into a bathroom. “We went on to record a song and perform together, and I was always respectful and supportive of Melissa both personally and professionally.”
“This is the first that I am hearing about these accusations, nearly two decades later,” he added. Schuman wrote that Carter performed oral sex on her, despite her refusals, and forced her to perform it on him. “My friend couldn’t help me, I didn’t even know where she was.”
After the bathroom incident, Schuman wrote, Carter took her into a bedroom and despite her pleas that she was a virgin and saving herself for marriage, raped her.

Senator Claims Top Economic Adviser Faked Bad Connection to Get Trump Off Phone; White House Denies Account

I don’t think Gary Cohn abruptly hung up on the President, but it was a challenge to transition him off the call. “And then we went back to having the kind of conversation where we needed to, where they asked the right kind of questions, looking for consensus and common ground and I think we identified a little bit.”
But the White House, and multiple sources, are disputing Carper’s initial recollection of the event. Chris Coons, a fellow Delaware Democrat who was in the meeting, said that he also remembers the events “a little differently.”
“It was a long call. “I do remember Senator Carper making that suggestion. “I’m obviously talking about Gary Cohn and some other people, that if you don’t like what he’s doing, and you don’t agree with it, you have an obligation to resign,” he told CBS’ “60 Minutes.”


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Leaked Documents Show Russian Financial Ties to Trump Cabinet, American Tech Companies: Reports Carper’s description of the incident appeared to put Cohn at odds with the President. A senator’s claim that the White House’s chief economic adviser faked a bad connection to get President Donald Trump off the phone during a long call drew immediate pushback Wednesday from the White House and multiple people in the room. Cohn then walked away from the table while still talking on the phone and left the room, the source said. It was clear that there was some eagerness in the room for us to resume our conversation. However, as to whether Cohn hung up the call in that moment or whether he simply took the group off speakerphone and continued the conversation privately, Carper does not recall that exact detail, according to his spokeswoman. “Senator Carper’s claim is completely false,” said Raj Shah, the White House’s principal deputy press secretary. U.S. Tom Carper made the claim Wednesday morning during an interview with CNN that chief economic adviser Gary Cohn abruptly ended a conversation about tax reform that the President had called into while he was traveling in Asia earlier in November. A source in the room also disputed Carper’s recollection of the events, telling CNN that while Carper did say Cohn should “tell (Trump) he’s brilliant and hang up,” he did not suggest faking a bad connection. 21, 2017. “Gary Cohn left the room and continued to speak with the President privately for several minutes before they concluded the call.”
Sen. We heard a lot from the President,” he explained to CNN’s Jim Sciutto. President, you’re brilliant, but we’re losing contact, and I think we’re going to lose you now, so good-bye,’ ” the lawmaker recounted on “CNN Newsroom” with Poppy Harlow and John Berman. Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon said at the time that Cohn should have resigned after that public rebuke of the President. (Credit: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)
Carper noted that it was “nice of him” to call, but claimed that “15 minutes later, the President (was) still talking.”
“I said, ‘Gary, why don’t you do this, just take the phone from, you know, your cell phone back and just say, ‘Mr. Sen. The Delaware Democrat said that he had been meeting with Cohn, White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short and other members of the Trump administration, as well as moderate Democrats, when the President called in from his Asia trip. According to Carper, Cohn then wrapped up the conversation. A spokeswoman for Carper later told CNN that the senator maintains that he urged Cohn — in front of the whole group — to tell the President he’s brilliant but they were losing the connection and to hang up. In the wake of racially charged deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, Cohn seemed to break with Trump when he told the Financial Times that the President’s handling of the protests caused him “distress.” He said the administration “can and must do better” to condemn hate groups. And I think Gary Cohn handled it appropriately,” Coons continued. President Donald Trump talks to reporters as he departs the White House Nov. “That’s what he did, and he hung up,” Carper continued.

‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Ratko Mladic Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for 1990s Genocide

At a news conference following the verdict, Mladic’s son Darko said that his father felt sorry for every victim of the conflict. More than 10,000 people, mostly civilians, perished. 22, 2017, when UN judges announce the life sentence in the trial of former Bosnian Serbian commander Ratko Mladic. Mladic was accused of orchestrating a campaign of ethnic cleansing, including the slaughter of thousands of Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica in July 1995. The ex-general — accused of being “the Butcher of Bosnia” — was in command of the Bosnian Serb army that entered the town of Srebrenica in July 1995. My call to all citizens of Serbia is to start looking at the future today. “Everything that you have said is pure lies. “General Mladic cannot accept responsibility for things he did not do,” Darko Mladic said. Former Bosnian Serb army leader Ratko Mladic was sentenced to life in prison Wednesday after being found guilty of genocide for atrocities committed during the Bosnian war from 1992 to 1995. Shame on you. The trial, which opened in 2012, took place at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, Netherlands. Mladic’s lawyer, Dragan Ivetic, said it was “certain” Mladic would appeal. The late Bosnia peace negotiator Richard Holbrooke once described Mladic as “one of those lethal combinations that history thrusts up occasionally — a charismatic murderer.”
Mladic faced charges over his actions during the siege of Sarajevo, where his heavily armed forces cut the city off from the outside world. Before the case was adjourned last December, prosecutors recommended a life sentence. Who is Ratko Mladic? It’s all lies.”
Mladic’s legal team had asked for proceedings to be halted or for the summation of the case to be skipped, which the Judge refused. It is the worst massacre to have taken place in Europe since the Second World War. “But it’s getting worse from year to year and it will get especially worse after this verdict.”
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein called Mladic the “epitome of evil” and labeled his conviction a “momentous victory for justice.”
“Mladic presided over some of the darkest crimes to occur in Europe since World War II, bringing terror, death and destruction to thousands of victims, and sorrow, tragedy and trauma to countless more,” Zeid said in a statement. I feel so hurt, I can’t describe it.”
Amela Meduseljac, who said she was raped by Mladic’s soldiers at Visegrad, said that victims will struggle to get over the judgment. 25 years ago Fikret Alic was photographed in a concentration camp in Bosnia. “Let’s think about where and how our children will live. The trial of Mladic, who was arrested in 2011, has lasted 530 days and included more than 500 witnesses and nearly 10,000 exhibits. How and in what way will we preserve peace and stability in the region”
In a separate development, Serbia’s Minister for Justice Nela Kuburović urged that Mladic be released to undergo medical treatment. Today he’s in The Hague awaiting the verdict on his tormentor, Ratko Mladic
— Matthew Price (@BBCMatthewPrice) November 22, 2017

Prosecutor Serge Brammertz told reporters that Mladic will be remembered by history “for the many communities and lives he destroyed.”
“Today’s judgment is a milestone in the tribunal’s history and for international justice,” he added. There was particular frustration that Mladic was acquitted on one charge of genocide in Bosnian municipalities outside of Srebrenica. Mladic had previously referred to the court as “satanic” and labeled the charges against him as “obnoxious.”
At a center for the association of women victims of war in Sarajevo, there was an outpouring of emotion during the judge’s summation. “Our mission as a rape survivor association was to stop victims from feeling like victims,” she said. Former Bosnian military chief Ratko Mladic appears for the pronouncement of the Trial Judgement for the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia on Nov. Mladic’s judgment day comes more than a year after Bosnian Serb political leader Radovan Karadzic was sentenced to 40 years in prison for his role in the 1990s conflict. Serb forces pounded the city from higher ground each day, trapping Sarajevo’s residents in the valley below. “His conviction is a testament to the courage and determination of those victims and witnesses who never gave up hope that they would see him brought to justice.”
In Serbia, the country’s president, Aleksandar Vučić, urged his people to look forward to the future. (Credit: Michel Porro/Getty Images)
Verdict proceedings had been interrupted earlier when the 74-year-old’s legal team claimed that his blood pressure was too high to continue. In the days that followed, 8,000 Muslim men and boys were systematically slaughtered by troops under his leadership. Though he was carrying two handguns, he surrendered without a fight. After the war ended in 1995, Mladic went on the run before being found 16 years later when police burst into the garden of a small house in northern Serbia. “The international community made me a victim a second time,” she said. “Today is not a day for joy, nor for sorrow, but to see what kind of future we want,” he told reporters. Former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic was arrested in 2001 but died before his trial could be completed. After outbursts from Mladic, Judge Alphons Orie, who was delivering a summation of the case, ordered the removal of the ex-general, telling him he could monitor proceedings by audio and video. 22, 2017, in The Hague, The Netherlands. (Credit: DIMITAR DILKOFF/AFP/Getty Images)
Meliha Mrdzic, who said her father and brother were killed and thrown into the Drina River in Visegrad, told CNN she was left humiliated by the decision. He was extradited for trial in the Netherlands. He argued that what had happened in Srebrenica was “legitimate.”

4.300700 “They make it seem like we killed ourselves, raped ourselves, slaughtered ourselves. “We all knew that the judgment would be like that. In 2011, a tribunal judge entered pleas of not guilty for Mladic after he refused to cooperate and was forcibly removed from the courtroom at the judge’s order. Victims’ relatives react as they watch a live TV broadcast from the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in a room at the memorial in Potocari, near Srebrenica on Nov. “I am very distraught,” Mladic shouted inside the courtroom. Mladic was charged with two counts of genocide and nine crimes against humanity and war crimes for his role in the conflict in the former Yugoslavia from 1992 to 1995, during which 100,000 people were killed and another 2.2 million displaced. He was found not guilty on one charge of genocide, but received a guilty verdict on each of the other 10 counts. There is no one who did not know it in advance. The ad hoc court was established to prosecute crimes committed during the Balkans conflict.

Embattled President of Zimbabwe Resigns as Government Moved to Impeach Him

The crisis began on November 6 when Mugabe fired his Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa, in an apparent attempt to clear a path for his wife, Grace, to succeed him. Over the decades, Mugabe and his wife faced fierce criticism for leading lavish lifestyles as the country was plunged into economic ruin. Grace Mugabe has not been seen since the day of the military takeover, and her husband’s last appearance was during a television statement on Sunday night. The announcement came minutes into a joint session of the Zimbabwean Parliament in Harare, convened to prise the 93-year-old from power. After nearly four decades of unimpeded rule, Mugabe’s political downfall unfolded in just two weeks. End of an era
Mugabe’s resignation marks the end of an era in Zimbabwe. The prospect of Grace Mugabe in power horrified the generals and other senior elements in Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party, who despise the First Lady’s lavish lifestyle and were suspicious of her political ambitions. Mnangagwa has not been seen in the country since his dismissal on November 6, but he broke his silence on Tuesday to add his voice to those calling on Mugabe to resign. “We were in crisis for a long time, and this is a new day for Zimbabweans.”
In his letter, Mugabe insisted that his resignation was voluntary. In his absence, the Speaker of Parliament would ordinarily step in. -19.015438

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Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Emerges From House Arrest, Remains President Amid Political Uncertainty “We think that this is the work of God,” one young man told CNN in Harare. By dawn it was clear that Mugabe was under house arrest, and his grip on power was over. There was no immediate announcement of who would take over from Mugabe. As the Speaker read out a letter from Mugabe, lawmakers broke out in thunderous applause and cheers. In reality, he lost his grip on power six days ago when the country’s top generals launched what amounted to a military coup, placing the veteran leader under house arrest. In the streets outside, crowds erupted in rapturous celebrations, dancing and cheering in joy, some raising their fists and waving Zimbabwean flags. “Kindly give public notice of my decision as soon as possible.”
Mugabe’s decision was an acknowledgment of the inevitable. Mugabe’s political demise is the consequence of a struggle over who would succeed him in ZANU-PF, a party split between those loyal to Mnangagwa and supporters of Grace Mugabe. It was a humiliating departure for Mugabe, who clung onto power for a week but eventually buckled to pressure. On Tuesday, tanks were seen outside Harare and in the early hours of Wednesday morning, an army spokesman appeared on state TV to declare that a military operation was under way. He ruled the country with an iron fist for almost four decades and is the only leader the nation has known since it achieved independence from Britain in 1980. Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has resigned after 37 years of autocratic rule, finally succumbing to the pressure of a military takeover and the humiliation of impeachment. The party he co-founded to usher the country into independence ousted him, the military that he commanded placed him under house arrest and his most powerful allies abandoned him. Mugabe’s hardline policies also pushed the country into poverty. Mugabe rose to power as a freedom fighter and was once regarded as Zimbabwe’s own Nelson Mandela, but he quickly waged a campaign of oppression to shore up his authority, extinguishing the political opposition through violent crackdowns. Its flourishing economy began to disintegrate after a program of land seizures from white farmers, and agricultural output plummeted and inflation soared. Mnangagwa, who enjoys widespread support in the military, was widely believed to be in touch with senior generals behind the scenes. Mnangagwa was named leader of ZANU-PF on Sunday, and at the very least, Mugabe’s resignation paves the way for him to stand for the presidency in elections planned for 2018. Mnangagwa had not been fired, he would have served as interim leader. The whereabouts of the former President and his wife were unknown on Tuesday. “I have resigned to allow smooth transfer of power,” he wrote, according to Reuters.

At Least 50 Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack at Mosque in Northern Nigeria

In the three most affected states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe, almost 7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, more than 50% of whom are children. local time, said Othman Abubakar, a police spokesman. Many more people were injured and taken to nearby hospitals. Boko Haram, whose name translates roughly as “western education is forbidden,” frequently uses children to carry out the bombings. The inhabitants of the area are mainly subsistence farmers and herders from the Fulani tribe who trade at Mubi’s regionally prominent cattle market. “We call for calm as security has been stepped up in Mubi and environs. A map shows the approximate location of a mosque bombing in northern Nigeria. May the souls of the departed rest in peace.”
Tuesday’s attack comes a day after US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan made an official visit to Nigeria and promised $45 million in aid to the government to improve living conditions in the north of the country. The attack happened in the town of Mubi in Adamawa State as worshipers were gathering for the “fajr” dawn prayer at around 5:20 a.m. Since violence erupted in 2009, tens of thousands of people have been killed and more than two million have fled their homes, with 1.9 million internally displaced as of June 2017, according to the UN. We will not rest until those behind this wicked act are brought to book. Boko Haram briefly overran Mubi in 2014 before it was liberated by Nigerian soldiers. “We have engaged all security agencies … take all necessary measures,” said the Adamawa state governor, Muhammad Jibrilla, on Twitter. The bomber was about 17 years old, Abubakar added. At least 50 people were killed on Tuesday in a suicide bomb attack at a mosque in northern Nigeria on the border with Cameroon, police told CNN. More than 200,000 people are still in Cameroon, Chad and Niger, after having been forced to flee. Tuesday’s attack is the worst in a spate of suicide attacks in the Mubi area in recent months. So far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but over the past eight years, jihadist group Boko Haram has carried out hundreds of deadly attacks on mosques, schools, markets and churches in northern Nigeria. The town is near the Sambisa forest where Boko Haram fighters are believed to be hiding out, and where they took more than 270 schoolgirls they had kidnapped from a school in nearby Chibok in 2014, shocking the world. 9.081999

Tuesday Forecast: Big Warmup Headed Our Way

Henry DiCarlo has KTLA’s forecast on Nov. 21, 2017. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
Look for a big warmup in Southern California temperatures as we head toward Thanksgiving.

California Toddler Is 8th Child to Die From Fallen IKEA Dresser, Prompting Recall Reminder

Some additional chests and dressers included in the recall were sold between 1985 and June 2016. The company set up a website to help consumers identify dressers that have been recalled. It also noted that “tip-over incidents often occur when curious kids climb on furniture in an attempt to access TVs, toys, remotes or other desired items.”
In July 2015, IKEA offered repair kits and warned owners of the dressers to anchor them to the wall following reports of two children’s deaths in 2014. “While the threat is serious, the solution is simple. In all, eight children have died from injuries from recalled dressers since 1989, according to IKEA. The recall included all Malm dressers and chests and some additional dressers. The most recent death was in May, when a 2-year-old boy from California who became trapped by an IKEA Malm three-drawer chest that was not fastened to the wall. Amid reports of another child death, IKEA is reminding customers who purchased some of its dressers that they need to be fastened to the wall or they may tip and fall. There have been 186 reports of Malm dressers tipping; 91 of them resulted in injuries. After additional reports of injuries and deaths from these dressers tipping, the company issued a recall in June 2016. Anchor TVs, furniture and appliances in the home. Owners of the recalled dressers should stop using them if they are not attached to a wall and should contact IKEA. The MALM 4-drawer dresser (left) and 3-drawer dresser (right) are shown in photos from IKEA's website. This death prompted Tuesday’s reminder from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and IKEA. And when product recalls are announced, act on them immediately,” the recall announcement proclaims. 34.180839

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Ikea’s ‘Deathtrap Drawers’ Get Fix After Killing Two Toddlers In addition, there have been 113 reports of other dressers tipping, 53 of them causing injuries. The reminder is part of the company’s reannouncement of a 2016 recall of many of its dressers and chests following reports of injuries and deaths of children. IKEA is offering free pickup for those who want to return dressers or free in-home anchoring service on request. They can choose between a refund or a free kit to fasten the furniture. The 17.3 million recalled dressers sold in the United States included child dressers taller than 23.5 inches and adult dressers taller than 29.5 inches. (IKEA previously estimated a larger number of dressers as part of the recall but has adjusted that number.) All were sold online and in IKEA stores between January 2002 and June 2016 for $70 to $200 each. ×
California Toddler Is 8th Child to Die From Fallen IKEA Dresser, Prompting Recall Reminder

The MALM 4-drawer dresser (left) and 3-drawer dresser (right) are shown in photos from IKEA's website.