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Halloween Corgi Beach Day

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Late Season Heat Wave Expected to Scorch SoCal; Santa Ana Winds Bring Fire Danger

World baseball eyes on Los Angeles this week. A vendor shelters from the sun while selling umbrellas, beach towels and boogie boards along the boardwalk near the Santa Monica Pier in this file photo. #LAweather #CaWx
— NWS Los Angeles (@NWSLosAngeles) October 23, 2017

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‘Very Hot’ Weather, Fire Danger Expected in Southern California
Gusty Winds Hit SoCal; Predicted Record Heat Is on the Way Please enable Javascript to watch this video
A sweltering heat wave will blanket Southern California through the middle of the week, elevating the risk of wildfires and potentially breaking heat records, forecasters said. (Credit: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)
The National Weather Service on Monday issued a red flag warning through Wednesday, saying the high temperatures and Santa Ana winds will “bring the most dangerous fire weather conditions that Southwest California has seen in the past few years.”
The hottest and driest conditions are expected Monday and Tuesday, with record-breaking triple-digit heat and humidity lowering into single digits. Read the full story on Here are the expected game time conditions. Should a fire break out, “there will be the potential for very rapid fire spread… and extreme fire behavior that could lead to a significant threat to life and property,” the weather service said.

‘Haunted Places’: Historian Explores World’s Most Spine-Chilling Spots in New Book

The disused building evokes a bygone, forgotten era. (Credit: Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
From Gothic mansions to creepy cemeteries to eerie islands, paranormal places attract our attention, even as we resist the urge to cower indoors. And even Grenville admits occasionally getting scared. Cemeteries and islands
Grenville also suggests plenty of eerie outdoor attractions. “It’s not hard to get your heart in your mouth visiting some of these locations,” he says. Grenville’s book, published by Amber Books, delves into some of the world’s terrifying tales. It was apparently the site of a bloody duel, the victor beheaded his victim — and hid the evidence in a well. This once-grand 1889 opera house is now disused. “The beheaded French soldier […] emerges from the well his body was dumped in by his killer,” says Grenville. In Canada, similarly spooky happenings have been spotted at Banff Springs Hotel. It’s a grisly tale that makes a visit to the fortress all the more spine tingling. From the inspiration for Charlotte Brontë’s “mad woman in the attic” in “Jane Eyre” to the Scottish castle that inspired Bram Stoker’s “Dracula,” there’s no shortage of spooky spots to explore in Grenville’s pages. The trees on the nightmarish isle are adorned with hanging dolls, said to embody the spirits of young girls. Allegedly the empty chairs — no longer filled with enthusiastic patrons — are instead frequented by ghostly beings. The author admits he has yet to visit every location in the book. Things that go bump in the night
“Arriving at dusk or after dark heightens the senses, but there’s an almost-tangible sense of something that defies precise definition — the same feeling you get when your hairs prickle on the back of your neck,” says Grenville. Graveyards such as Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and London’s Highgate Cemetery are included in the book, thanks to their ghostly grave wanderers. Take Sterling Opera House, in Derby, Connecticut. A particularly chilling spot is the Island of the Dolls in Xochimilco, Mexico City. With its vast marble staircase and Gothic exterior, it’s not hard to imagine otherworldly beings walking the hotel’s halls. The one-time honeymoon destination of Marilyn Monroe, who had her own fair share of tragedy, it’s the supposed home of The Bride — the specter of a young woman who fell to her death wearing her wedding dress. “What’s striking when you visit a haunted site is the atmosphere you can encounter,” says Grenville. “But there are also many positive encounters, too.”
But one of Grenville’s favorite stories concerns Old Fort Niagara, the imposing former French fort in New York state. “There are a number of tragic tales, especially when young children were lost, and of malevolent spirits,” says Grenville. The striking pictures were sourced by Amber’s picture manager, Terry Forshaw. In many cases, it’s the striking buildings, with their mysterious aura, that are the true draw. Strange phenomena
“Haunted Places” is a globe-spanning exploration of ghostly locales — with striking photos of these spooky spaces. When the city’s more glamorous Royal Exchange, now Edinburgh City Chambers, was built in the 18th century, the street was closed off — its tragic past buried along with the plague victim’s bodies. A relic from another time, it’s no wonder there are rumors of haunting. But in 1992, a visiting Japanese psychic touring the area is said to have encountered the ghost of a young girl named Annie — supposedly left behind to die by her family. “Abandoned buildings have a feeling of loss about them that a haunting only exaggerates and amplifies,” he reflects. The Close opened as a tourist attraction in 2003 and visitors can now venture below Edinburgh’s thoroughfares and explore this forgotten, ghostly world. “I think we all like to be a little bit scared, don’t we?” says author and historian Robert Grenville, whose book “Haunted Places,” explores some of the world’s most spine-chilling spots. This 17th century Scottish close was a plague-ridden cesspit in the 17th century. “Compiling this book has added a few more destinations to my ‘must-see’ list!” he says. “The aim was to get a broad span of places from around the world to show that strange phenomena are common experiences for us all,” says Grenville, who is based in London. This globe-spanning book will offer plenty of inspiration for Grenville and other ghost hunters. “There’s a timelessness to telling spooky stories round a camp fire, and the book is in that tradition,” Grenville tells CNN Travel. Grenville thinks the appeal of paranormal places is linked to the idea of abandonment and ruin. Forgotten worlds
Other creepy spots include Edinburgh’s Mary King’s Close. The majestic Banff Springs Hotel in the snowy mountains, near Alberta in Canada, one of the luxury resorts opened in 1888 by the Canadian Pacific Railroad (CPR) to encourage tourism.

O.C. Man Who Killed Girlfriend Then Himself in Joshua Tree National Park Was Trying to End Her Pain, Uncle Says

Couple Found in Joshua Tree National Park Brings Grief, Questions From Family and Friends
O.C. Investigators recovered a handgun at the scene, Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Cindy Bachman said. Man Who Was Reported Missing After Hike in Joshua Tree Killed Girlfriend, Then Himself, Detectives Believe
Bodies Found in Joshua Tree National Park Believed to Be Missing Hikers, According to Father   33.873415

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Murder-Suicide of O.C. “It was explained to us by the investigators on scene, with the circumstances and positioning of the bodies, that they believe this was a sympathetic murder-suicide,” he told the newspaper. Son Nguyen, Rachel’s uncle, told the Desert Sun that it appears Nguyen was hurt and that Orbeso was trying to end her pain. Joseph Orbeso, 22, shot and killed his girlfriend, Rachel Nguyen, 20, and then turned the gun on himself, according to a news release Friday from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Morongo Basin station. An uncle of the woman found dead in Joshua Tree National Park reportedly said investigators believe her boyfriend may have killed her in a “sympathetic murder-suicide” after she suffered a head injury. Rachel Nguyen, right, and Joseph Orbeso are seen in photos posted to a fundraising page. Read the full story on

Mend App Aims to Heal Heartbreaks

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Mend App which was featured on Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’ is hoping to be heal heartbreaks every step of the way by offering audio training’s and a variety of exercises.

California-Based Vegetable Supplier Recalls Products Contaminated With Listeria

Listeria is shown in a file photo. Pregnant women are 10 times more likely than other people to become infected, and the bacteria can be passed on to the developing fetus, the CDC says. The infection can cause miscarriages, stillbirths and premature labor. In response, Meijer has recalled several dozen products, including broccoli, cauliflower and asparagus, that were sold in six states: Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin. 36.677737
-121.655501 The affected items were listed as “best if used by” October 11 to October 20. While the bacteria may cause fever and diarrhea, just like other foodborne bugs, certain people are at greatly increased risk: the elderly, people with a weak immune system, pregnant women and their newborns. “Mann Packing is issuing this recall out of an abundance of caution,” the company said in a statement, adding that it is cooperating with US and Canadian health officials to recall the products. The contamination risk was picked up by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency through random sampling. The Signature Farms brand – sold at Vons and Albertson’s – is also affected. Customers should not consume these items but should discard them or return them to the place of purchase. A leading vegetable supplier in California, Mann Packing, voluntarily recalled products that might have been contaminated with a harmful bacteria called listeria, the company announced last week. The recall affects packaged produce at multiple supermarkets across the United States and Canada including Walmart, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Meijer. No illnesses have been linked to the products, the company said. About 1,600 people become infected with listeria each year, and about 260 die, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Bright Star Giveaway

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Can’t see the entry form? Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Award winning Steve Martin and Grammy Award winner Edie Brickell have brought their Tony nominated new Braodway musical Bright Star to the Ahmanson Theatre.

Florida Couple Finds 65 Pounds of Marijuana in Amazon Order

Police are investigating after an Orlando, Florida, couple found 65 pounds of marijuana in their Amazon order, according to WFTV. No arrests have been made. The customer and her fiancé ordered 27-gallon storage containers, so they could put some items away in storage. Can you imagine?Amazon customers in Orlando got unexpected marijuana delivery 📦-65-pounds! #WFTV at 6pm
— Jeff Deal (@JDealWFTV) October 20, 2017

-81.379236 The couple said they feared for their safety following the shipment. Police seized the order and launched an ongoing investigation. When the couple opened the containers, they were immediately hit with the marijuana’s strong odor. Amazon has issued a statement saying it worked with the customers to ensure their safety and will assist law enforcement investigating the case. They told WFTV the containers were heavier than they thought they should be. “We love Amazon and do a lot of shopping on Amazon,” the customer, who was not identified.

Ozzfest meets Knotfest Giveaway

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Utah Couple Charged With Murder, Child Abuse in Connection With Death of 13-Day-Old Baby

Maria Elena Sullivan and Dylan James Kitzmiller are shown in a photo obtained by KSTU. She pinched the boy to try to get him to respond and said she heard the baby gasp a few more times before the child stopped breathing. The boy also suffered a spinal fracture and a broken rib along with a “massive” amount of swelling in his brain. Please enable Javascript to watch this video
A Utah man has been charged with murder and child abuse in connection with the death of his girlfriend’s 13-day-old boy and the child’s mother also faces charges because she did not do anything to stop the abuse, officials said. On the day of the child’s death, Sullivan told police she was on the phone with a friend and speaking about her desire to “get away from Kitzmiller’s abuse” of her and her son. Charging documents state Sullivan was aware of the injuries but never sought medical care for her son. She said Kitzmiller would abuse the boy, including grabbing him by the shoulder and throwing him in the air, swaddling him face down and on one occasion covering the boy’s mouth and nose with his hand as the baby cried. While officials don’t think Sullivan caused any of the abuse directly, she still faces a murder charge because she was aware of the abuse and took no steps to stop it or take the child to safety. The child was born September 4 with no known health problems, and on September 17 the child was pronounced dead by medical responders. Charging documents say Sullivan told police that Kitzmiller was rough with the baby, but she continued to leave him in his care. A doctor examined the boy and found he had lost 14 percent of his body mass in weight in the 13 days since his birth, going from 5 pounds 6 ounces to 4 pounds and 8 ounces at death. Prosecutors allege Kitzmiller was abusing the child regularly and that Sullivan knew about the abuse, but did nothing to stop it or to get treatment for the injuries. The couple went upstairs to use a relative’s phone to call 911. 40.609670
-111.939103 She picked him up and he seemed calmer, but later that night she heard the boy making noises and gasping for air. She said he once threw the baby back and forth between his hands and also slapped him in the face and bite his hands. When Sullivan went downstairs, she found the baby wearing only a diaper while Kitzmiller moved the boy’s legs “in a rough weird bicycle thing.” Kitzmiller told Sullivan the boy would be fine and to just put him to sleep, she told police. Kitzmiller was arrested in a West Jordan, Utah, where the couple lived with a relative. She also said she had learned the man was using heroin daily and said he was verbally abusive toward her. As this call was occurring, the baby was in Kitzmiller’s care. First responders performed CPR but life-saving measures were ultimately unsuccessful. Police said Kitzmiller told officers that Sullivan and a relative had yelled at him for being too rough with the baby and that Sullivan did not cause any of the boy’s injuries. Maria Elena Sullivan, 26, and Dylan James Kitzmiller, 21, were charged with one count of first-degree murder and three counts of child abuse in the death of Sullivan’s infant son, according to court documents filed on Friday, KTLA sister station KSTU reported. He had abrasions and bruises on his face and body. Sullivan was arrested at a Georgia hospital where she was seeking treatment and will face a judge to determine if she will be extradited back to Utah.

8,400 Homes Destroyed in Wine Country Wildfires

(Credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

The wine country wildfires destroyed at least 8,400 homes and other buildings, authorities said Monday, a significant increase in the already staggering property loss. 38.440429

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‘Everyone Has to Start Over’: NorCal Wildfire Survivors Now Face Crisis of Finding New Housing
After Sonoma County Wildfires, One Out-of-Work HR Director Finds Jobs for Her Colleagues
NorCal Residents Return to Burned Homes as Deadly Wildfires Leave Billions in Damage; 200 Still Missing The estimate of structure losses jumped from 7,700 reported over the weekend. Officials said 5,000 firefighters remain on the lines, battling 10 different fires across Northern California. The death toll as of Monday remained at 42, making the fire series the deadliest in California history. (Credit: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images)

8,400 Homes Destroyed in Wine Country Wildfires

A resident who declined to give her name walks near flipped cars at her burned property in Santa Rosa, California on October 20, 2017. About 100,000 people were displaced by the fires, and some evacuees are wondering whether they can stay in the region for the long term. Read the full story on A resident who declined to give her name walks near flipped cars at her burned property in Santa Rosa, California on October 20, 2017. Efforts continued by firefighters to gain control of the fires and by searchers looking for more victims.

General Gives Update on Circumstances of Niger Incident

One soldier, Sgt. “I didn’t know there was 1,000 troops in Niger,” Graham said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday. It’s unclear how many staff briefings the Senate committee has received. Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain has criticized the Pentagon and Trump administration for not being forthcoming about the attack — threatening a subpoena last week — and Defense Secretary James Mattis went to Capitol Hill on Friday to meet with both McCain and South Carolina Republican Sen. La David Johnson, was separated from his 12-member team as it was ambushed by 50 ISIS fighters, and his body was recovered 48 hours later nearly a mile away from the central scene of the ambush in Niger, four administration officials familiar with the early assessment of what happened told CNN on Friday. Breaking news update, 1 p.m.: General Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gave a briefing on the circumstances of the Niger incident. La David Johnson at the Memorial Gardens East cemetery in Hollywood, Florida on October 21, 2017. 38.907192

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‘He Couldn’t Remember My Husband’s Name’: Widow Breaks Silence on Trump’s Condolence Call
Congresswoman Says Niger is ‘Trump’s Benghazi’ Following Dispute of What President Said to Fallen Soldier’s Widow
Timeline Reveals Actions of White House Following Deadly Niger Ambush The anticipated briefings for lawmakers signals a more active role for Congress surrounding the circumstances of the Niger incident, in which four US service members were killed. In the aftermath of the ambush, several key lawmakers have said they didn’t know the US had troops in Niger. Lindsey Graham. Thomas Waldhauser, testified to the Senate armed services committee in March there were “approximately 1,000 personnel conducting 12 named operations across a nine-nation region.”
The Senate briefing will come during a swirling political debate over the circumstances of the deaths of the soldiers. But the Pentagon and White House have previously notified Congress about the US mission in Niger several times this year. And the head of Africa Command, Gen. McCain pleads for unity in the wake of Niger attack
The White House sent a letter to Congress in June stating there were 645 US military personnel in Niger and 300 in Cameroon. The House committee has been briefed six times, including notification on the day of the incident, according to one committee source. “One of the fights I’m having with the administration is the armed services committee is not getting enough information,” McCain said Monday on ABC’s “The View.” “We deserve it.”
Both the House and Senate armed services committees have received staff-level briefings since the October 4 ambush. (Credit: Gaston de Cardenas/AFP/Getty Images)
The House armed services panel is also working to get a similar briefing for its members this week, according to a House source. Previous story, posted at 12:30 p.m.:
Senators on the armed services committee are expected to receive a classified briefing from Pentagon officials Thursday on the Niger incident, according to two Senate sources. Myeshia Johnson is presented with a folded US flag by a military honor guard member during the burial service for her husband US Army Sgt.