Are you ordering a OnePlus 7 Pro today?

The OnePlus 7 Pro is now available for purchase, and this beautiful phone has given many of us a lot of screen envy, and a plethora of features to consider. The debate over whether or not to buy the 7 Pro has been raging all week in our forums, and while there’s not much debate over which color to buy — Nebula Blue, obviously — there has been some debate over which spec configuration is better worth your money:

05-16-2019 05:26 PM

You’d probably be better off with the 8GB version, all the extra 4GB of RAM will really do is let you say “I have 12GB of RAM!”. If you’re British then definitely don’t get the 12GB, biggest rip-off I’ve seen in a whi… Whether the cameras still leave something to be desired or you can’t stand not having that gigantic, gorgeous Fluid AMOLED screen, only you can make the decision of it this powerhouse is right for you. It’s launch day for the OnePlus 7 Pro!