Are you getting bored with the Galaxy Note 9?

However, even with all of that said, rumors about the upcoming Galaxy Note 10 have gotten some of our AC forum members a bit bored with their current flagship. Here’s what they have to say. Its AMOLED display still looks great, its internal specs remain powerful, and there really is nothing quite like the S Pen. Louis in the middle of… Blues Fan
05-21-2019 12:59 AM

I love my Note 9 and glad I held off on the S10 Plus just like last year BUT I need Note 10 and I need it now. Released last August, the Galaxy Note 9 continues to be one of the biggest and most capable Android phones on the market. My problem is as everyone knows bad luck getting my phones on time due to stuff such as hurricanes and such! Rumors of the Note 10 have some people itching for something new. Im thinking about switching my case up and see if that helps. This time around I’m taking a vacation and going up to St. I’m getting bored.