Apparently I like a wallet case on my phone now

With that transition taking hold, the folks at Silk made a case for people who think they can get away with leaving the house with three or fewer cards. Slim wallets are increasingly appealing, especially since I rarely take cash with my anywhere anymore. Silk Wallet Slayer

… Yet here I sit, early 2019, and that flap of leather still rests in my back right pocket ready to be summoned at a moment’s notice. Simplicity is what makes this work, and I like it. What has happened in the last couple of years is a general streamlining of my card carrying system. Tech companies have been telling me for almost a decade now that we’re all right around the corner from leaving the traditional wallet behind. And while I was skeptical at first, it turns out I am exactly the person this case was made for. There have certainly been times where I could get away with using my phone for payments, but I still have a few other cards that have to be physical cards for right now.