Anker PowerHouse 200 review: Portable power done right

That’s not to say that everyone should go out and buy a full gasoline-powered generator. How many watt-hours of juice are stored up in those little plastic housings? They’re good for charging phones, for sure. It’s a big-arse battery, really, with the ability to charge via USB-C (and Power Direct, at that), USB-A (with Anker’s IQ+ charging), a three-pronged AC plug, and a 12-volt car charger. This is overkill for your basic charging needs. … If it doesn’t use something USB-based, you’re probably SOL. And maybe a USB-powered laptop, if you’re rocking something recent. We need something in between, right? That’s where the Anker PowerHouse 200 comes in. But that’s about it, right? Now think about just how limited those things are. They’re important products, to be sure, but they’re also noisy, need regular maintenance, and aren’t exactly portable. How many portable batteries do you have in there? But it’s a godsend for some real on-the-go juice. Dig through your gear bag real quick.