Android phone makers should be nervous about the $699 iPhone 11

Apple regularly gets criticized for the high prices of its iPhones, but in 2018, the company shook up its formula of only offering high-cost flagships with the introduction of the $749 iPhone XR. This year’s iPhone event has wrapped up, and along with the flagship iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, we were also introduced to the XR’s spiritual successor in the form of the base iPhone 11. The XR quickly became Apple’s most popular and best-selling iPhone, but when compared to the XS, things like the single rear camera, worse water resistance, and 720p HD LCD display made it look like a tough sell when compared to similarly-priced Android devices. Along with a greatly simplified naming scheme (thank God), the iPhone 11 adds a few welcome features that were missing from the XR while also lowering the price by $50. It’s still not a perfect “budget” iPhone, but Android OEMs that are also trying to make a dent in th… Apple’s budget iPhone is better (and cheaper) than last year’s.