Amazon fires delivery providers following allegations of poor safety

Three of the company’s delivery partners reportedly were involved in various public safety incidents. The three companies in question have been engulfed in scandal due to pedestrian deaths. The three firms in question were recently … Amazon has begun attempting to more directly control the provision of delivery services for its products through the use of an expanding network of delivery service providers like those above. What you need to know

Amazon uses smaller ‘delivery service providers’ for last-mile deliveries to its customers. The company controls most aspects of their operations and accounts for an overwhelmingly majority of the small firms’ business. The move will lead to as many as 2,000 layoffs. Three of Amazon’s delivery service providers — Inpax Shipping Solutions, Sheard-Loman Transport, and Letter Ride LLC — will be laying off more than 2,000 employees combined, reports BuzzFeed News, as the retail giant decides to take its business elsewhere.