All the Exotics in Dauntless and how to get them

Exotic armor and weapons have a few main reasons to exist; Power level, special abilities, and a unique look are the main three, but they are never easy to get. Each one requires you to not only be good at the game — Exotics are endgame content so don’t go looking for… You too can look unique with these powerful new Exotics in the world of Dauntless! There is no simple way to get Exotics in Dauntless. Having unique items in MMO’s is important and the Dauntless exotics are pretty great. That’s my salesman pitch for Exotics and why you might want them. Free-to-play fun


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Take down monstrous Behemoths with friends

Tired of all the new free-to-play games being battle royales? There are plenty of Behemoths across the Shattered Isles waiting for you to find them and fight them. Hop into Dauntless and get a little taste of the Monster Hunter experience without spending a dime. Tired of looking like everyone else in Ramsgate? How do you get Exotics?