7 tricks for using Gmail more effectively on the desktop

Stop hackers by using two-step verification

Make sure no one is sneaking into your account and using your address to send spam messages. In this era of instant messaging, video chat and texting, email is still an important staple. At the bottom of your inbox is an indicator that shows the last time someone used your account. 1. Clicking on it will show you the IP addresses and devices used to send email from your account. If you don’t already have it enabled, two-factor authentication can be the thing that prevents your account from being overtaken by an unwanted intruder, since even if your password is compromised, a hacker likely won’t have access to your phone to authorize e… From here you can block IP addresses from accessing your account again. Here are seven tips for using your Gmail account more effective. But even the most vigilant users can still get overwhelmed by excessive spam messages, having their account compromised or accidentally sending a note to the wrong person.