5 problems that will keep the Galaxy Fold from true success

The screen ‘crease’

You can’t have a discussion about foldable phones without talking about the “crease” created by the phone’s main feature. The Samsung Galaxy Fold marks the start of a new evolution of smartphones that have foldable displays aimed at providing a balance between capabilities and size with an amount of flexibility that just wasn’t possible before. But as a first-generation product, it faces an uphill battle of convincing people to look past notable compromises in order to get a taste of the future today. It’s a truly unique and fascinating device. This isn’t meant to be a device for the masses, but it still has compromises that even diehard fans can get hung up on. At this point the foldable display panels themselves have reached excellent quality levels, but they just can’t get around the fact that the flexible plastic covering the pa… There are five problems the Galaxy Fold is facing that have the potential to get in the way of it being a success on any level.