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2 Dead, 3 Injured After Car Crashes Into Yorba Linda Home

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Two people were dead after their vehicle crashed into a home in Yorba Linda late Saturday night, officials said. Both fire and sheriff’s officials are investigating the incident, according to Horner. A family of five home at the time, Horner said, though officials had previously said six people were present. Before approaching the home the car also blew a stop sign on Lakeview Avenue and left tire marks leading up to a nearby fence, which it went directly through before launching off a dirt mound on the other side and striking the home, investigators said. Two adults and one child from the home were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. An SUV traveling at a high rate of speed veered off the side of the road, flew into the air and crashed into the side of a home in the 5600 block of Lakeview Avenue around 11:45 p.m., according to Stephen Horner, a public information officer with the Orange County Fire Authority. Please enable Javascript to watch this video

-117.816144 They were within feet of the impact as the car struck the kitchen and front room area of their home, firefighters said, but were able to extricate themselves with only minor injuries. Footage from the scene showed the car on its side with the home’s walls and roof caved in around it. Though officials have determined speed was a factor, they are still looking into whether alcohol played a role. Both the vehicle’s occupants were declared dead at the scene, officials said.