11 People Claim Justice Dept. Is Prosecuting Them Selectively Because They’re From Central America

At issue is the claim from 11 people facing charges of illegal entry into the U.S., typically a routine misdemeanor charge, that they are being singled out for prosecution by the Justice Department because they are from Central American countries. A few hours earlier a second, smaller group of seven was arrested by another agent not too far away. 32.715738

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DHS Secretary Defends Separating Migrant Families at Border During Senate Hearing The arrests were not unusual for a Friday night at the border. But since the arrests, which came as a a caravan of Central American migrants arrived at the border in Tijuana, a legal battle over some of those who were charged with illegally entering the country has been shaping up in San Diego’s federal court. It was just after 9 p.m. on April 27 when Border Patrol Agent Jamie Renteria spotted a group of 18 people walking north from the fence that marks the international border between the U.S. Read the full story on LATimes.com. A caravan of Central American asylum seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border on April 29, 2018. (Credit: Alejandro Tamayo/San Diego Union-Tribune)
Within a few minutes, Renteria had arrested all of them — 13 from Honduras, one from Guatemala, one from Mexico and three from India. and Mexico in an area called Goat Canyon.