1 Dead, Suspect Arrested After 4 Men Overdosed on Unknown Substance at Newport Beach Bar American Junkie

Police say a man arrested Friday was an employee at the bar where he allegedly supplied a drug that caused the overdose of four men, one of whom has since died, police said. 33.611573

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4 Men Hospitalized After Overdosing on Unknown Substance at Bar in Newport Beach But officers said they still haven’t been able to identify the narcotic that caused the men, all is their 20s, to be hospitalized after they were found unconscious and suffering respiratory arrest around 1 a.m. Three of the men have recovered and were released from the hospital, while the fourth succumbed to injuries caused by ingesting the unknown narcotic and passed away, officials said. and booked at Newport Beach jail on involuntary manslaughter charges, according to a statement from the Newport Beach Police Department. Friday at American Junkie on Newport Boulevard. Aliso Viejo resident Sean Robert McLaughlin, 42, was arrested around 8:45 p.m. Detectives also plan to search McLaughlin’s home and the bar in attempt to uncover further evidence.