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Cellphone Device That Tests Male Fertility Is 98% Accurate: Study

The hardware cost is under $5, he added, and the team believes the final product should be able to go on the market at less than $50. The new technology measures sperm concentration and motility using a phone’s camera. Men are estimated to be solely responsible for up to 30% and to contribute to up to 50% of cases overall, according to one study. “This is another area where this technology is really needed,” Shafiee said. If sperm concentrations are below 15 million per milliliter or motility below 40%, that signals to the user that his sperm may have some fertility issues, at which point he should see his clinician. The test works using a combination of hardware and software technology, Shafiee explained, in combination with a disposable kit and chip used to collect a man’s sperm sample. “Fertility is a big problem. It was able to identify abnormal sperm samples, based on sperm concentration and motility, and determine infertility with roughly 98% accuracy. He added that the test should also benefit urologists, helping them monitor success among vasectomy patients, who can check whether their procedure has worked from the comfort of their homes — rather than an awkward room at the clinic. “So any man who struggles with infertility for a significant length of time (say more than 12 months) should consider getting their test repeated in a specialist laboratory, regardless of what the phone app might have concluded.” “The results don’t mean that if there is a negative result, the person is infertile,” Shafiee said. Hadi Shafiee, assistant professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, who led the study. “Clearly, this technology will need to be evaluated by other people, and in other locations, but I am impressed by its potential.”
But Pacey further highlighted the fact that the size and shape of sperm — morphology — is not tested. “It will help couples,” he said. “The development of an easy, cheap and accurate method to evaluate the sperm present in a sample of semen would be very welcome, particularly if it could be carried out by someone without specific training and in any location,” he said. “This is going to be the first fully automated device to make infertility testing as simple as home pregnancy tests for women,” he said. … Men are embarrassed to go to their urologist for infertility testing,” said Dr. The inexpensive nature may also help it be of use in developing countries, where infertility testing is not as common and often culturally problematic, according to Shafiee. Shafiee’s team tested its device on 350 unwashed and unprocessed semen samples from a fertility clinic to evaluate semen quality based on World Health Organization guidelines. “There could be enough for IVF or other treatment technologies.”
The team now plans to conduct further tests and file for FDA approval of the technology, which Shafiee believes “shouldn’t be long,” given the simplicity of the device. More than 45 million couples were estimated to be infertile globally in 2010, about 15% of all couples worldwide. “For a small number of men whose sperm are badly made (and have poor morphology), it would be important to get this diagnosed correctly,” he said. Allan Pacey, a professor of andrology at the University of Sheffield who was not involved in the new technology, welcomed the findings. The app records a short video of the sperm as they move around inside the chip and uses an algorithm to measure the total number of sperm, to track their movement (motility) and then to calculate the total numbers that are moving. Infertility is defined clinically as a couple being unable to conceive after 12 months of trying. A new smartphone attachment can evaluate a man’s semen and determine his level of fertility with up to 98% accuracy, a new study has showed. Shafiee hopes his test will mean couples can get answers sooner than that. (Credit: Vignesh Natarajan)
The new technology — consisting of an external accessory in which sperm samples are inserted and an app that analyzes them — could make testing as straightforward as a home pregnancy test, the scientists say. The only factor not observed is the sperm’s morphology, or shape, which is considered during official tests at a clinic. “The lenses align with the phone’s camera,” Shafiee said. The new technology is still a few years away, but the team behind it hopes this new form of testing will make infertility testing both easier and cheaper for men, avoiding the need for them to go to a clinic. Samples are inserted into the chip, which is in turn inserted into an accessory case containing lenses and an LED to illuminate and magnify the sample for capture by the phone’s camera.

World War II Veteran Wins $300,000 in Michigan Lottery on 94th Birthday

For his 94th birthday, the WWII vet’s goodwill effort turned into $300,000 of cold, hard cash. Even though he now is quite a bit richer than before his win, Smolinski has no extravagant plans. “Every month, I buy some instant tickets and send them as gifts to family members who have birthdays that month,” Smolinski told MLive. (Credit: Michigan Lottery)
It started when he began buying his family tickets as birthday presents, and they started returning the favor. Smolinski explained to MLive: “I’m pretty frugal, I always shop sales and take care of my money and that won’t change.”
“The only thing that will change is I won’t have as much stress in my life worrying about money,” he added. 44.466682
-83.888879 What better way to celebrate your 94th birthday? He said he is going to buy a new shed and a better used car. Ervin Smolinski has a birthday tradition — he gets lottery tickets as presents. “It’s turned in to a bit of a tradition, and now everyone sends me scratch-offs and chocolate for my birthday.”
The WWII vet from South Branch, Michigan, got the ticket from his daughter-in-law. Ervin Smolinski won $300,000 in the Michigan Lottery on his 94th birthday. The $300,000 payout was the biggest prize that Smolinski could have won from the lottery. He collected his winnings on Tuesday, MLive reported. The rest of it, he said, he’s going to invest.

Former Chino High School Student Arrested for Allegedly Threatening Violence on Campus

He was arrested at his home on suspicion of making criminal threats and taken to the San Bernardino County Juvenile and Assessment Center. The teen posted two messages about 2:30 p.m. After spotting the threats, his group notified Chino High officials, who called police. His identity was not released because he is a minor. A school bus is seen in a file photo. The Chino Police Department identified the teen as an Ontario boy who had been expelled from the high school, said Tamrin Olden, a department spokeswoman. 34.021895
-117.684736 A 15-year-old former student was arrested Tuesday after allegedly tweeting that Chino High School “needs a good shooting” and suggesting that he would repeat the Columbine massacre, according to authorities. Click here to read the full story on on Twitter, saying, “I am recreating Columbine!” and “Chino needs a good shooting,” said Bob Dowling, founder and president of the Tactical Institute, a Washington, D.C., organization that monitors social media for threatening statements and notifies law enforcement agencies and other organizations and institutions.

Gov. Jerry Brown Warns of $6 Billion Yearly Hit to California Under GOP Health Care Plan

Most of those receive health benefits through Medi-Cal, the state’s version of the federal Medicaid program for the poor. Click here to read the full story on Calling the Republican congressional leadership’s healthcare proposal an “insult to democracy itself,” Gov. “This is devastating,” he said. California Gov. Jerry Brown speaks during an event on health care at the House East Front of the Capitol March 22, 2017 in Washington, D.C. (Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)
“It’s real when you, all of a sudden, send a $6-billion tax bill to the state of California,” Brown said in an interview after he delivered remarks alongside Democrats who were on Capitol Hill to mark the seventh anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare. California embarked on one of the most aggressive implementations of the ACA, with some 4 million residents now covered under its provisions. Jerry Brown warned Wednesday that the proposal would shift $6 billion in costs a year to California’s state government by 2020. 38.907192

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Officials said Padilla fired four shots at the substation’s window and fled the scene. The damage to the substation was estimated at nearly $1,000. He was arrested later that day, prosecutors said. A man has been charged with allegedly firing a BB gun at a Huntington Beach Police Department substation, officials reported Wednesday. According to prosecutors, Padilla is accused of shooting a BB gun at the HBPD substation located in an outdoor strip mall on Thursday. File photo of a Huntington Beach Police Department patrol car (credit: City of Huntington Beach)
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